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  1. crime
    Yoga Teacher Kaitlin Armstrong Found Guilty in Murder TrialA jury determined that she’d killed cyclist Moriah “Mo” Wilson in a jealous rage.
  2. please be advised
    What the Prospect Park Loop Really NeedsCompetitive cyclists must be banned from public space and possibly the entire city.
  3. please be advised
    Never Look at Someone While They’re Locking Their BikeThey are vulnerable. And sweaty.
  4. streets
    I Wish I Liked the New Brooklyn Bridge Bike Lane MoreA hard-won symbolic victory that’s a baby step.
  5. hot bod
    The Little Trick Hardcore Cyclists Swear ByEven if you’re more of a runner than a biker, you could probably use this.
  6. 2016 olympics
    Hail Cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten, One ‘Super-Tough’ WomanShe’s on the mend after a terrifying crash.
  7. Spine-Fracturing Crash Leads to Criticism of Rio’s Dangerous Cycling CourseIt wasn’t the only injury either.
  8. urban planning
    How to Solve NYC’s Rude-Cyclist ProblemPublic shaming is tempting. But there might be a better answer.
  9. the sports section
    Former Tour de France Champ Accuses Cyclists of Using Tiny Motors on BikesThe International Cycling Union says they’ve checked for them at the Tour de France and haven’t found them.
  10. look of the day
    Anne Hathaway Wore Enthusiastic Cycling GearA devotion to cult fitness.
  11. elle on wheels
    Women Will Race Part of Le Tour de France for the First Time This YearLe Tour de France will host a separate women’s race.
  12. the sports section
    Handing Out Superlatives From the 100th Tour de FranceEverything that made this year’s race so memorable.
  13. the sports section
    Tour de France: Why a Changing of the Guard Is Exactly What Cycling NeedsMaybe the sport does have a chance to come out from under the dark cloud of the doping era.
  14. safety first
    NYPD Gave More Sidewalk-Cycling Tickets Than Speeding Tickets Last YearBut speeding is deadlier.
  15. the sports section
    Tour de France: Sucks to Be Tom VeelersHe has a pretty thankless job, even without any scary crashes.
  16. the sports section
    What Happens When Teamwork Falls Apart at the Tour de FranceChris Froome crushed the competition in Saturday’s Stage 8, then nearly lost it all.
  17. bike wars
    Yes, Cyclists, the Cops Are Giving You More TicketsEspecially in Brooklyn.
  18. transportation
    Bike Share to Finally Debut Memorial Day WeekendIt’s really starting.
  19. boston bombing
    Five Boro Bike Tour Bans Backpacks, Finish Line Friends After BostonNew security starts now.
  20. sports
    Leitch: Why Armstrong Is Too Good to ForgiveCycling has been eaten inside out by doping over the past twenty years. So why has he in particular been the target of such intense scorn?
  21. confessions
    Lance Armstrong Confesses to Oprah, But His Problems Are Far From OverSources say he might testify against cycling officials.
  22. things that are expensive
    Velodrome Priced Out of Brooklyn Bridge ParkEven rich philanthropists can’t quite afford the neighborhood.
  23. sad things
    Cyclist Killed by Garbage Truck in ManhattanThe woman reportedly died at the scene on East 23rd Street.
  24. Deliver Us
    FreshDirect Mulling Bike-Delivery PlanCould mean fewer noisy, stinky trucks.
  25. tour de france
    A Cycling Fan’s Lament: Working Through the Lance Armstrong Doping NewsErasing his name from the record books doesn’t change the time I spent cheering him on.
  26. lance armstrong
    Lance Armstrong Stops Fighting Doping ChargesYet Armstrong still says he’s innocent.
  27. london games
    Bradley Wiggins Wins Cycling Gold for Britain in Time TrialThis is how it was supposed to be.
  28. london games
    After Winning Tour de France, Bradley Wiggins Wants Olympic GoldThe cycling world turns its attention to London.
  29. 2012 tour de france
    On Final Day in Mountains, Brits Prove They Deserve to Win Tour de FranceWhat a month for the British sporting scene.
  30. 2012 tour de france
    Sabotage! Attack of the Tacks at the Tour de FranceChaos on a single-lane road up the Mur de Péguère.
  31. 2012 tour de france
    Cycling’s Next Generation Announces ItselfChris Froome and Tejay Van Garderen sure seem like the future of the sport.
  32. 2012 tour de france
    Crash-Marred Tour de France Heads Into the Mountains: Still Anyone’s Race?Forgive us for having been less than enthused at the start of this year’s Tour de France.
  33. biking
    Details in Cycling Death of Mathieu Lefevre Look Pretty Bad for the Driver, NYPDNewly released documents cast serious doubts on the department’s initial version of events.
  34. transportation
    NYC Bike Share to Include 600 Stations, 10,000 BikesWay bigger than D.C. or Boston.
  35. 2011 tour de france
    Eight Reasons Why This Was the Best Tour de France in Recent MemoryFrom fallen champions to Cadel Evans’s well-deserved win.
  36. 2011 tour de france
    Tour de France: Cadel Evans’s Strategy Pays OffIn the end, the smartest man won.
  37. 2011 tour de france
    Tour de France: Andy Schleck Makes a Crazypants MoveHe’s now fifteen seconds out of first place.
  38. 2011 tour de france
    The Tour de France Is Still Anyone’s RaceThe Alps are going to be a fight to the death. 
  39. 2011 tour de france
    Freaky Friday TDF: Sprinter Wins a Mountain StageVultures can’t stop a man named Thor.
  40. Can a Battered Contador Mount a Comeback?As we go into Stage 12, where do things stand in this most crash-tastic Tour de France?
  41. tour de france
    Bloody Crashes Mar TourMany injured; contenders affected.
  42. tour de france
    Contador’s Crash Shakes Up Tour FieldA Brit steps up.
  43. bikes
    Here’s a Guy Deliberately Crashing Into Objects Blocking Bike LanesCasey Neistat is making a point.
  44. bicycles
    Marty Markowitz Wants Bike Riders to Take to the SkySounds like a perfectly reasonable solution.
  45. team sports
    Lance Armstrong Accused of Drug UseBy ex-teammate Tyler Hamilton.
  46. bicycles
    Marty Markowitz Is So Mad About Bike Lanes He Sings About ItCity Council has an oversight hearing on bike lanes.
  47. transportation
    New York City Solicits Vendors to Implement a Bike-Sharing ProgramSurely our vandals and thieves can get more creative than the ones in Paris.
  48. transportation
    City’s Solution to Influx of Bikers? ‘Don’t Be a Jerk’Seriously, you’ve been kind of a jerk. You better quit it.
  49. i don’t believe in peter pan frankenstein or superman
    Marty Markowitz Is Not Sure Bike-Lane Enthusiasts Understand the Difference Between Brooklyn and AmsterdamHe knows what you’re trying to do to his borough.
  50. i don’t believe in peter pan frankenstein or superman
    Breaking: City Residents Interacting Poorly With Bike LanesIt’s as if they don’t want to give up part of the road to cyclists!
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