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Dakota Access Pipeline

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    South Dakota Gears Up to Crack Down on Keystone XL Protesters in 2020Governor Kristi Noem and the Republican legislature are trying again to pass a new “riot-boosting” law, which is a term they made up.
  2. Trump Administration Gives Final Approval to Dakota Access PipelineThe Army Corps of Engineers has decided to scrap that environmental-impact assessment it promised and just approve the previously proposed route.
  3. The Army Corps Moves to Finish Dakota Access Pipeline ConstructionA week after Trump signed his executive order calling for its construction to be completed.
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    Shailene Woodley Spent Sundance Protesting the Dakota Access PipelineNobody protests harder than Shailene.
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    Musicians, Actors, and Celebrities Celebrate the Dakota Access Pipeline DecisionShailene Woodley is very excited.
  6. standing rock
    Protesters Declare Victory After Construction of Dakota Access Pipeline HaltedThe U.S. Army has decided to deny permits for construction of the oil pipeline while it investigates alternate routes.
  7. dakota access pipeline
    Thousands of Veterans Will Form a Human Shield Around Standing Rock ProtestorsMore than 2,000 veterans will take over the front lines this weekend to give long-term demonstrators “a moment of peace.”
  8. the environment
    Standing Rock Protesters Vow to Remain at Camp, Despite Army Corps OrderNorth Dakota officials are pressuring the federal government to intervene in the seven-month-old protest.
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    This 21-Year-Old Had Her Arm Nearly Blown Off at a Protest in North DakotaSophia Wilansky is said to have been hit by a concussion grenade thrown by a police officer.
  10. Willow and Jaden Smith Joined the Dakota Access Pipeline Protest in North DakotaThe siblings marched with protesters from the Standing Rock Sioux tribe.
  11. Shailene Woodley Got a Standing Ovation for Her Speech About the EnvironmentShe spoke about the need for clean water and the Dakota Access Pipeline.