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  1. power
    Ex-Cop Sentenced to 10 Years for Murdering Her Black Neighbor in His Own HomeIn September 2018, Amber Guyger killed Botham Jean in his own apartment.
  2. crime
    3 Trans Women Have Been Killed in Dallas This Past YearPolice are now investigating the death of Chynal Lindsey, whose body was discovered on Saturday.
  3. crime
    Dallas Cop Who Killed Botham Jean in His Apartment Has Been Indicted on MurderHere’s everything we know about the ex-cop who shot and killed her black neighbor.
  4. big d
    Emojis, Inflatable Whales, and Blade Runner Rodeo at Dallas Art FestivalThis year’s Aurora brought in curators from around the globe.
  5. gun rights
    NRA Urged a Boycott of This Restaurant — Instead It Raised $15K for Gun ReformPotential donors have been “calling us from South America, Asia, from countries all around the world.”
  6. roundtable
    9 Mayors on What Washington Can Learn From Local GovernmentOur national political environment might be paralyzed by partisanship and erratic leadership, but our cities tend to be resilient.
  7. health concerns
    Chipotle Had to Close a Store Overrun by MiceThe closure comes three weeks after a video of the infestation went viral.
  8. job shuffles
    Controversial Dallas Restaurant Critic Resigns to Join Restaurant GroupLocal meat chef John Tesar once got a group of chefs to ban her from their businesses.
  9. Public Opposition Kills Plan for Trump Hotel in DallasThe developer, who calls himself the “Turkish Trump,” said he’ll work with a different hotel company.
  10. select all
    Hackers Set Off 156 Emergency Sirens in DallasThey went off 15 times in the middle of the night.
  11. select all
    Mr. Zuckerberg Goes to Dallas“We got him a cowboy hat,” Price said. “He’d never had a cowboy hat.”
  12. going high
    LGBT Advocate Buys Gay-Bashing Christians’ Dinner to Teach Them About LoveOn the receipt she wrote: “Happy holidays from the very gay, very liberal table sitting next to you.”
  13. Here’s What a $70 Million High-School Football Stadium Looks LikeIt seats 12,000 and has high-definition screens bigger than those in some NFL stadiums.
  14. the body politic
    What History Teaches Us About Today’s Political and Racial TurmoilThe stew of instability, fear, and hate is chillingly familiar. 
  15. black lives matter
    Hundreds Arrested As Black Lives Matter Protests Continue NationwideDemonstrations over the weekend left officers injured and activists complaining that the police response was overly aggressive.
  16. dallas
    Mother Wounded in Dallas Vows to Protest AgainShe wants to show her boys that they shouldn’t be afraid, and that she isn’t a quitter.
  17. dallas
    Dallas Shooter Seemed Delusional, May Have Been Planning Larger AttackDisturbing new details are emerging about the gunman who ambushed and killed five Dallas police officers during a Black Lives Matter protest.
  18. black lives matter
    After Dallas, Protesters Return to StreetsFriday night saw demonstrations large and small in at least 18 cities, and while some arrests occurred, the vast majority of the protests were peaceful, with no injuries were reported.
  19. scary things
    5 Officers Killed in Sniper Attack at Dallas Protest Over Police ShootingsTwelve officers and two civilians were shot.
  20. race
    What to Do When They Don’t Want You to ExistMinorities are fighting for their lives.
  21. The Dallas Police Force Is Evidence That ‘De-escalation’ Policing WorksSeriously, there’s good news about American policing.
  22. Dallas Protest Shooting TimelineA comprehensive timeline.
  23. awful things
    Civilian Mom Shot in Dallas While Shielding Her 4 SonsShetamia Taylor was one of two nonpolice victims.
  24. Video Feed
    World’s Most Dapper Starbucks Robber Is Still at LargeDallas police are on the lookout for a guy “wearing a navy sweater over a white Oxford shirt, slacks, a trilby and dress shoes.”
  25. Critical Backlash
    When Chefs Go to War With Critics Over StarsSome Dallas restaurateurs are boycotting their local critic — but they’re right to complain about an outdated system.
  26. jerks
    Airport Strangers Unite to Take Down Violent, Glassy-Eyed HomophobeHe’s also a racist.
  27. ebola
    Another Dallas Health-Care Worker Has Ebola; Hospital Was Woefully UnpreparedThose who treated Thomas Eric Duncan didn’t have the right gear.
  28. ebola
    Dallas Officials Aren’t Dog Killers, Will Save Ebola Nurse’s PupJustice.
  29. Rants
    Chefs Versus Critics: Why Public Rage Attracts the Wrong Kind of AttentionWhat are the lasting effects of chefs who lash out at critics?
  30. The Chain Gang
    Taco Bell Parent Company Testing Bánh Mì Restaurant ConceptDallas gets the company’s first foray into more exotic fare.
  31. ‘Conan’ Will Air a Week of Shows in Dallas Featuring Adam Sandler, Seth […] Here’s a promo for Conan’s week of shows in Dallas, which will take place at the Magestic Theater from March 31st through April 3rd, right […]
  32. Beef
    Dozens of Armed Gun Advocates Protest Gun-Control Moms in Restaurant Parking LotWith semi-automatic rifles.
  33. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Bonding With Ballers and Dadshaw at NauticaIt was all about the menfolk in the Nautica front row.
  34. Fair Food
    Deep-Fried Cuban Roll Wins Top Award at State Fair of TexasIt defeated a deep-fried ball of Thanksgiving food.
  35. Cronut and Desist
    Texas Chef Najat Kaanache Claims She Invented Cronuts in FebruaryThe cronut truth is out there.
  36. tributes
    Seitz: A Requiem for Dallas’s J.R. EwingFarewell to a great soap-opera villain.
  37. obits
    Seitz on Dallas’s Larry HagmanThe actor died at 81, having pulled off one of the most unlikely reinventions in American TV.
  38. obits
    Larry Hagman, Dallas’s J.R. Ewing, Dies at 81He played the oil baron for more than a dozen years.
  39. tv ratings
    The Big Losers (and Rare Winners) of Summer TVAside from the Olympics and Hatfields & McCoys, things were very grim across the cable box.
  40. tv ratings
    TNT’s Dallas Reboot: Who Watched J.R.?Also: Bunheads and The Glee Project are kinda tanking.
  41. matt zoller seitz
    TV Review: Old Faces Outshine the New on TNT’s Dallas RebootLarry Hagman is as ferocious as ever. Unfortunately, the rest of the show is a snooze.
  42. upfronts 2012
    Mysteries of the Absurd Dallas Poster Revealed“I’m sure there was some Photoshopping done, but yeah, we all posed in towels,”
  43. twisters
    Destructive Tornadoes Sweep Through Dallas–Fort Worth AreaThere’s been widespread damage and reports of injuries but not fatalities.
  44. advertising
    We Must Discuss the Key Art for the Dallas RemakeSo much unwarranted near-nudity.
  45. the sincerest form of flattery
    GCB: A Breakdown of Its InfluencesPlus Dallas and Mean Girls.
  46. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: It’s Not Always the Best Chef Who Makes It to theThis week’s episode set a new record for fighting.
  47. Overnights
    Top Chef Recap: I’m Gonna Need Someone to Look That Up on TheirTom thinks that maybe he picked the wrong finalists for this season.
  48. trailer mix
    Dallas Trailer: Welcome Back to Southfork RanchThings are just as melodramatic as ever.
  49. 24’s Carlos Bernard Joins the New Dallas in a Recurring RoleCan he be looking for a mole? He was always good at finding moles. 
  50. Jennifer Rubell
    Jennifer Rubell Presents ‘Nutcrackers’ and ‘Made inNaturally, it’s a little naughty.
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