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  1. double surfboards
    How P-Valley Pulls Off Its Gravity-Defying Pole-Dance PerformancesIt’s a whole different kind of stunt work.
  2. memes
    The Dance of Freedom. The Death Bells. The Meme-ing of the Joker[insert sad clown emoji here]
  3. return of the mac
    Not Even Lizzo Can Teach Macaulay Culkin How to DanceWhy are men great till they gotta be great?
  4. why america why?
    Oh No, Sean Spicer Dressed as Woody From Toy Story on Dancing With the StarsDance like no one’s watching and there’s a snake in your boot.
  5. science of us
    Dancing Is the Best ExerciseEveryone is good at it, everyone is bad at it.
  6. roll clip!
    Please Enjoy This Video of Young Offset Dancing Backup for Whitney HoustonCheck out those moves.
  7. i wanna dance with some doggy
    Is This Corgi the World’s Best Dog Dancer?Or is he just one of the best?
  8. dance!
    There Might Be an Ice Battle Between Adam Rippon and Tonya Harding on DWTSNext season is all about athletes.
  9. second acts
    George W. Bush Dances Like Nobody’s WatchingBreaking: War criminal filmed cutting loose at nephew’s wedding.
  10. king of instagram
    Will Smith Lets You Watch Marc Anthony Teach Him How to SalsaTwo dads, moving as one.
  11. reputation
    Taylor Swift Has Found Her One Dance MoveWe all need a signature move.
  12. dad moves
    Barack Obama Once Shook What His Mama Give Him in Front of PrinceSasha made him do it.
  13. bans
    New York Is Finally Repealing Its 91-Year-Old Law That Bans Dancing in BarsOnly 97 of the city’s 25,000 bars and restaurants have a special license that allows dancing.
  14. pleasant things
    This Video of Armie Hammer Dancing Is What Everyone Looks Like When They DanceAccept it, we all flail on the dancefloor.
  15. dance like nobody's watching
    Enjoy Some GIFs of Haim’s Dance Moves in Their ‘Little of Your Love’ VideoThe Paul Thomas Anderson video feels like a sequel to “Want You Back.”
  16. nice things
    Watch Channing Tatum Break Into Dance in a Gas StationWherever Channing goes, dancing follows.
  17. another one
    They Don’t Want You to Watch This Supercut of DJ Khaled’s Dance MovesHe’s not that good at dancing, but that doesn’t stop him from shining.
  18. dance like everybody's watching
    Here Is a Nice Mental Image: Al Gore Quietly Dancing the Night Away at CannesThe former vice-president reportedly cut loose at the film festival.
  19. J.Law Responds to Leaked Pole-Dancing Video, Mostly to Defend Her Dancing Skills“It was one of my best friend’s birthdays and I dropped my paranoia guard for one second to have fun.”
  20. roll clip!
    Watch Hugh Grant Re-create His Love Actually Dance Sequence With DrakeHe’s still prime minister!
  21. bad science
    Sometimes It’s Good to Shame Researchers a BitA set of studies purportedly showing which sorts of dance moves are sexiest show how researchers benefit from shoddy work.
  22. super bowl li
    Lady Gaga Teases Super Bowl Halftime Dance Moves“This is where I’m supposed to be.”
  23. Hillary Clinton Reveals Plan for a ‘Big, National Dance Party’It’s her proposal for closing America’s “fun deficit.”
  24. niche drama
    Dance Moms Star Criticizes Kendall Jenner and Mom, Kris, for Ballet VideoAbby Lee Miller doesn’t hold back.
  25. Please Enjoy This Video of an Army of Robots Setting a Dancing World RecordLook at them go.
  26. last night on late night
    In a World Gone Mad, Idris Elba Dances for You He also DJs for you, but that’s mostly on his own schedule.
  27. oh my god
    I Can’t Stop Watching Bradley Cooper DancingAnd I hope you can’t, too.
  28. i ain't sorry
    Even Serena Williams Got Sore From Dancing to Too Much LemonadeSame.
  29. roll clip!
    Watch Stormtroopers Dance to ‘It’s Raining Men’Let the vogue be with you.
  30. everybody dance now
    Let Oscar Isaac’s Dancing Hypnotize You Until It’s the WeekendDance, Oscar, dance!
  31. I Didn’t Know That When I Taught This Town to Dance They’d Give Up on […] When I arrived at this Podunk town, there wasn’t a single butt a shaking or hip gyrating in the whole darn county. These folks had nothing […]
  32. This Baby Gorilla Is a Pretty Good Dancer, Even If It Doesn’t Understand RhythmScientists disagree on whether animals can keep a beat. Humans agree that this ape is adorable either way.
  33. summer weddings 2016
    11 Wedding Gowns That DanceParachute skirts, wispy sleeves, and ostrich feathers that are made to move.
  34. the industry
    Tatums Working on Dance Competition Show for NBCIntroducing, Judge Jenna.
  35. dad dance
    Kanye Finally Got to Boogie to Justin Bieber’s ‘What Do You Mean?’ LiveWhat a date night.
  36. wellness theories
    Julianne Hough on Lunchables and Going to Bed Early“I know people are going to see this and be like, Who is this chick getting nine hours of sleep?”
  37. You Have to Watch the Unbelievable Dance Moves of ‘Malaysian Drake’It’s time for a dance-off.
  38. #drakealwaysonbeat
    The Best of #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat, Your New Favorite MemeMaybe Drake’s “Hotline Bling” dancing isn’t so bad after all.
  39. dance debate
    Bernie Sanders Dances on EllenThe presidential candidate also reveals that he has been in handcuffs — but he doesn’t “know exactly what you mean by that.”
  40. roll clip!
    Watch J. Stewart Dance, Break Himself for CancerDid we know he was such a big fan of classic Drake?
  41. be yourself
    Bill Nye Had a Ball on Whose Line Is It Anyway?The man loves to dance.
  42. music
    Dwayne Johnson Shares His ‘Ball-Out Playlist’ and Dances in the GymJohnson’s gym-entrance song is Willie Hutch’s “Mack Man.”
  43. so that's how that happened
    Here’s How the Fresh Prince Carlton Dance Came to BeAlfonso Ribeiro explains his inspiration.
  44. kanye west dancing
    Kanye West Doing the Robot Is Your New Favorite MemeYou can never unsee it.
  45. biology
    Some People Are Biologically Incapable of DancingIt’s called beat-deafness. 
  46. dancing
    Here’s Ad-Rock Dancing With Bridget Everett on Inside Amy SchumerWith Bridget Everett.
  47. The Important Science of Adorable Dancing BabiesI mean, what else do you have going on right now?
  48. A GIF Guide to Beck’s Greatest Dance MovesConfused running man, playing invisible drums, and more.
  49. trailer mix
    Ellen Leads the Dancing Masses in New Oscars TrailerHey, have you guys ever noticed Ellen is super charming?
  50. yoko ono
    Yoko Ono’s New Music Video Would Make Her an Internet SensationIf she wasn’t already.
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