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Daniel Martin

  1. why is your skin so good
    How Meghan Markle’s Makeup Artist Gets His Skin So GoodIt’s all about hydration.
  2. getting ready with
    Nina Dobrev Prepped for Paris Fashion Week With CroissantsGetting ready with the actress and former vampire before Dior’s spring 2020 show.
  3. let’s makeup
    Meghan Markle’s Makeup Artist Designed a Makeup BagIt’s actually two bags in one.
  4. pretty simple
    How to Do ‘No-Makeup-Makeup’ for Darker Skin TonesLook glowy, not flat.
  5. pretty simple
    How to Do ‘No-Makeup-Makeup’ When You Have Uneven Skin ToneDon’t spackle it on!
  6. pretty simple
    The Best, Easiest Way to Apply EyelinerWithout jabbing yourself in the eyeball.
  7. pretty simple
    How to Do ‘No-Makeup Makeup’ When You Have FrecklesDon’t hide them!
  8. pretty simple
    The Best, Easiest Way to Apply HighlighterAccording to Meghan Markle’s wedding-day makeup artist.
  9. pretty simple
    How to Get Perfect EyebrowsTips from Meghan Markle’s makeup artist, Daniel Martin.
  10. the skin we’re in
    25 Cult Classic Skin-Care Products You Need to KnowFrom the cleanser that provides perfect hydration to the serum that feeds your skin.
  11. royal wedding 2.0
    How to Get Meghan Markle’s Wedding Makeup LookHere are the products most likely used to get her look.
  12. royal wedding 2.0
    Meghan Markle Wore a Messy Bun To Her WeddingAnd freckles!
  13. far and wide
    28 Sleeping Hacks From Salma Hayek and Other Frequent TravelersTips for fighting jet lag and more.
  14. it’s getting hot in here
    How to Wear Makeup Even When You’re MeltingSave face.
  15. beauty gif
    How to Contour Easily Without Going Too FarBlend, blend, blend. 
  16. beauty gif
    How to Contour Your Face Without All the WorkEasy does it. 
  17. let’s get glossy
    4 Ways to Get Rihanna’s Glossy Eye From the ‘FourFiveSeconds’ VideoBad girl gone glossy.
  18. gif tutorial
    GIF Tutorial: An Understated Liquid Liner LookThe trick is in the flick.
  19. gif tutorial
    GIF Tutorial: How to Properly Contour Your FaceTo do this, it’s important to know where your cheek “hollow” is located.
  20. gif tutorial
    GIF Lesson: How to Cover Up Under-Eye BagsIt’s all about lightly tapping the product on with your finger.
  21. gif tutorial
    GIF Lesson: How to Correctly Apply BronzerA sun-kissed look without the sun.
  22. gif tutorial
    GIF Lesson: How to Apply Individual False LashesIt’s easier than you think.
  23. Making Blue Eye Shadow Work: A GIF TutorialSoft and muted, yet completely wearable.
  24. gif tutorial
    A Step-by-Step Tutorial on Lip Liner, Using GIFsTo help you ensure a Peggy Bundy–free mouth.
  25. beauty kit
    The Ten Makeup Sticks Professional Artists UseSome of them look like mini-deodorants, but they still work great.
  26. Lunchtime Beauty Q&A: Which Goes on First, Foundation or Concealer?There’s no wrong way, but makeup artist Daniel Martin certainly has a preference.
  27. Beautygram: Chris Benz Likes Pink ThingsHe has pink hair; his models have pink faces.
  28. tete-a-tete
    Elettra Wiedemann’s BFF Makeup Artist: ‘I Call Her Titty’The model and the makeup artist are bosom buddies.
  29. behind the scenes
    Video: Hair and Makeup Trial at Chris BenzThe swinging sixties are the inspiration behind the look.