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  1. the sports section
    How Darrelle Revis Bets on Himself and WinsThe star Jets cornerback maximizes short-term gains over long-term security.
  2. 2011 nfl playoffs
    Are the Jets a Disappointment This Season? Bill Barnwell From Football Outsiders Breaks Down the NumbersThe smart folks at Football Outsiders take a look at the Jets-Colts game.
  3. 2011 nfl playoffs
    Darrelle Revis Is Getting Kind of BoredBut only because opposing quarterbacks tend not to test him very often.
  4. pro bowl
    Pro Bowl Rosters Announced: Jets and Giants Each Send a FewThe 2011 Pro Bowl rosters include three Jets and four Giants. Not actual jets or giants, mind you.
  5. jets
    The Jets Have Their Last Tough Game for a MonthThe Jets play the Packers in the first game after their bye week.
  6. jets
    Time for the Weekly ‘Will Darrelle Revis Play on Sunday?’ PostThe answer: We don’t know yet!
  7. jets
    Darrelle Revis Won’t Play This Week, EitherHe says he feels “a lot better,” though.
  8. jets
    Darrelle Revis Doesn’t Know If He’ll Play SundayHe’s not saying much, for now.
  9. it’s a hard knocks life
    Hard Knocks Recap: The Men Play on SundayDarrelle Revis returns as the Jets’ season of ‘Hard Knocks’ concludes.
  10. jets
    New York Jets: Team of the CenturyCould the Jets be legendary?
  11. jets
    Darrelle Revis Is Here, and All Is Well in the WorldDarrelle Revis, here.
  12. jets
    Do Not Worry About Darrelle Revis (But Totally Worry About Darrelle Revis)The Jets and Darrelle Revis are running out of time.
  13. jets
    Vaunted Jets Defense Just Hoping to Have Enough Guys to PlayCalvin Pace is another Jets defensive standout who won’t be on the opening-game roster.
  14. jets
    Darrelle Revis Is Still a Name in a HeadlineDarrelle Revis is a public figure who inspires news reports.
  15. jets
    Hey, What’s Up With Darrelle Revis?A report has Darrelle Revis signing with the Jets on Wednesday, but everybody denies it.
  16. holdouts
    Revis Holdout Devolves Into Fight Over Diner-Meeting InviteThere is nothing these sides can’t disagree on right now.
  17. holdouts
    Don’t Worry About Woody Johnson’s Threats, Jets FansDarrelle Revis will sign eventually.
  18. holdouts
    Darrelle Revis’s Holdout Is All Al Davis’s Fault, According to the JetsAnd maybe a little bit Rex Ryan’s, too.
  19. jets
    Darrelle Revis Camp Update: Nope, Still Not ThereRevis, not there.
  20. jets
    The Jets Have a Real Problem With Darrelle RevisDarrelle Revis isn’t coming to camp without a new contract.
  21. training camps
    Kenny Phillips, Darrelle Revis, and the Start of NFL Training CampsBoth the Jets and Giants open camp on Sunday.
  22. jets
    Darrelle Revis Is Being a Bit of a HeadacheThe Jets’ star corner is causing a ruckus at camp.
  23. nfl draft
    So, What Do NFL Rookies Spend All Their Money On?How’d the NFL Draft picks of the past spend their cash?
  24. playoffs!
    All You Might Possibly Need to Know About the Jets-Colts GamePreviewing the tilt in Indianapolis.
  25. playoffs!
    All You Might Possibly Need to Know About the Jets-Chargers GamePreviewing the tilt in San Diego.
  26. playoffs!
    Meet Darrelle Revis, the Main Reason the Jets Are GoodWho is the Jets’ cornerback?
  27. gossipmonger
    Madonna Won’t Stop Texting A-RodAnd more the-stars-are-just-like-us tales, in our daily gossip roundup.
  28. playoffs!
    How About Those New York Jets!The Jets beat the Bengals 24–14 to advance in the AFC playoffs.
  29. playoffs!
    All You Might Possibly Need to Know About the Jets-Bengals GameStorylines for the Jets-Bengals game.
  30. playoffs!
    The Jets Remind You That They Weren’t Supposed to Be HerePreparing for an unexpected playoff week.
  31. funny athletes
    Come Watch Darrelle Revis Be FunnyComedy! Jets! Knicks!