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  1. american idol
    9 Former American Idol Contestants Reminisce“When you get off the show, you expect to be given a lot, and man, you’re not. “
  2. Celebrity Settings
    Ruth Reichl Holds Court at Mozza; Jane Lynch Chases Emmy’s at Fig & OliveWhile Ray Romano ate Italian, L.A.’s food world heavyweights ran the private room.
  3. american idle
    David Archuleta Dropped From JiveHis last album didn’t sell well.
  4. gossipmonger
    Barney Frank Made Uncomfortable by Hundreds of Shirtless Fire Island BoysWe didn’t believe this story could be true, but it was in “Page Six,” so it must be.
  5. math
    David Archuleta Massacres David Cook on Albums ChartArchuleta’s No. 2, but Cook could only manage an embarrassing No. 3.
  6. leak of the week
    Warning: David Cook’s Album Leaked to InternetAll those coming in contact with the album should be advised that it contains high levels of dour post-grunge, middling radio rock, and pitchy caterwauling.
  7. gossipmonger
    Madonna Insists on Kabbalah Water; Leighton Meester Prefers TequilaMadge’s divorce details and the antics of ‘Gossip Girl’ stars continue to amuse us in today’s gossip roundup.
  8. earsores
    Hillary Gets CookedAt a ceremony last night, Clinton ‘was treated to a rendition of ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ by David Cook,’ reports the ‘Post.’
  9. leak of the week
    New David Archuleta Album Predictably Terrific!Top this one, Cook.
  10. parades
    David Archuleta to Save ThanksgivingRightful ‘American Idol’ winner David Archuleta will appear in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on November 27.
  11. politics
    Barack Obama to Meet David Cook on ‘SNL’If Obama can withstand the pitchiness without running from Rockefeller Center screaming and covering his ears, it is our firm belief that he will win the presidency.
  12. earsores
    Hit the ‘Mute’ Button! David Cook to Play ‘SNL’Cover your ears!
  13. art
    David Archuleta Immortalized in CornThere’s no word yet on a competing David Cook corn maze.
  14. earsores
    Cover Your Ears! New David Cook Single PremieresDon’t worry! It won’t get stuck in your head.
  15. apropos of nothing
    America Admits Mistake As David Archuleta’s Single Makes Historic Chart DebutWronged ‘American Idol’ runner-up David Archuleta may have lost out to balder, pitchier competition on the show, but he’s having revenge on the ‘Billboard’ singles chart.
  16. apropos of nothing
    David Archuleta’s First Single Premieres! Is David Cook’s Album in Trouble?With still no word yet on a record from Cook, Archuleta’s wonderful first single debuted on the radio this morning.
  17. apropos of nothing
    What Will the David Cook–Endorsed Sneaker Look Like?The oft-pitchy ‘American Idol’ winner has just signed an endorsement deal with Skechers. What will his shoe look like?
  18. apropos of nothing
    Travesty: ‘People’ Names David Cook One of World’s Hottest Bachelors’People’ hilariously implies that Cook is fit to stand alongside such highly coveted single gentlemen as Bret Michaels and Britney Spears’s brother.
  19. quote machine
    Anne Hathaway Is KindPlus: David Cook on butchering the national anthem, and the naked guy from ‘Sex and the City.’
  20. the take
    Has America Turned Against ‘American Idol’?Was this season’s American Idol chosen by haters?
  21. apropos of nothing
    Vulture Reviews the ‘American Idol’ Finalists’ Future AlbumsHow is David Archuleta’s rapping, anyway?
  22. countdown
    Could David Archuleta Actually Lose?It pains us to say this, but one Website is using science to suggest that he might. We hate and fear science!
  23. the take
    ‘American Idol’: Abandon the Songwriting Contest AlreadyDavid Archuleta had no problem selling “In This Moment,” in the way that Mickey Mantle would have no problem hitting a 22-mile-per-hour fastball.
  24. overnights
    ‘American Idol’: Archuleta Clearly the Superior DavidNot that it makes any difference to the show’s cheat-happy producers.
  25. countdown
    Vulture Casts the Inevitable Movie Version of Tonight’s ‘American Idol’ FinaleObviously Philip Seymour Hoffman should play one of the Davids — but which?
  26. countdown
    It’s On! Our Predictions for Tonight’s All-David ‘American Idol’ FinaleTonight, a winner is picked. Will America make a wise decision — or will they go with David Cook?
  27. the water cooler
    Has ‘Idol’ Turned on David Archuleta? Vulture’s Comment Section RespondsMore than 300 people responded to our post earlier this week. Here are a few of the most special comments!
  28. apropos of nothing
    David Cook: What Happened?David Archuleta, that’s what.
  29. countdown
    ‘American Idol’ Preview: Is It David Cook’s Night?Plus: What is David Archuleta’s dad punching into the Manipulatron 5000?
  30. the early-evening news
    Major Cover-up Suspected on ‘American Idol’Plus: Andrew W.K.!