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David Beckham

  1. male gaze
    Male Gaze: David Beckham Lifted His Shirt to Show InkNo pain, no glory.
  2. kids these days
    Watch Harper Beckham Watch David Beckham Play SoccerA real nail-biter, this one.
  3. quotables
    David Beckham Can Recognize His Own Bum, ThanksAnd backside and crotch.
  4. lies lies lies
    Those Aren’t David Beckham’s Pert Buttocks in H&M AdGolden Balls, no!
  5. daily male
    Scoring David Beckham’s New Underwear Ad, in Light of Matthew Terry’s ExistenceHe runs through Beverly Hills in his underwear, but can he top Matthew Terry’s six-pack?
  6. the beckhams
    Modeling Industry Loses Oldest Beckham Boy to SportsBrooklyn is going to play soccer, for now.
  7. daily male
    Photo: David Beckham’s New Ad for H&MJust. Wow.
  8. gratuitous pictures of hot people
    Photos: On Set With David Beckham in His H&M UnderwearGolden Balls at his finest.
  9. kids these days
    Romeo Beckham Is Quite a Little HamEvidenced in the video version of his Burberry ad.
  10. zigazig ha
    Victoria Beckham Had a Hard Time Getting DatesAnd other personal reflections from the Spice Girls documentary.
  11. 'tis the season
    Christmas Gift Spoilers for Victoria Beckham, Suri CruiseIt’s rough being a celebrity during the holidays.
  12. kids these days
    Romeo Beckham Is the Adorable New Face of BurberryTurns out last week’s Burberry family photo op was just a teaser.
  13. pregnant princesses!!
    Video: Kate Middleton’s First Post-Hospital AppearanceSurprise! She didn’t look pregnant at all.
  14. Familia Beckham, or Russian Nesting Dolls?David, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz, all in matching Burberry.
  15. tru wuv
    The 50 Best Couples in Fashion’s HistoryMarc and Sofia, Karl and Choupette, Mary-Kate and Ashley — plus 47 other symbiotic unions worth celebrating.
  16. The Spotted Prick
    Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Spotted Pig’ Is a Project With David BeckhamA Spice Girls-themed restaurant would likely be more exciting.
  17. daily male
    Five Fantastic Years of David Beckham’s HotnessA look back now that he’s retiring from the Los Angeles Galaxy.
  18. daily male
    H&M Releases Yet More Photos of David Beckham in His UnderwearWho’s going to tell them to stop, ever?
  19. Celebrity Settings
    Axl Rose Rides The Jäger Train at Tropicana; Dolly Parton Plays Dress-Up atThe singer chases his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel with a pool party at Hollywood Roosevelt.
  20. baby rumors
    Victoria Beckham’s ‘Strange Food Fads’ Can Only Mean She’s Pregnant … or NotWhat if she just likes strange foods?
  21. brief encounters
    Tourists Crash David Beckham’s Latest H&M Underwear ShootWho can blame them?
  22. fugging it up
    Fug Girls: David Beckham Elicits Shrieking, Mind-Losing at Y-3“I totally can’t even see him.”
  23. loose threads
    DVF Didn’t Know About the Smithsonian; Magnolia Bakery Makes Swarovski CupcakesPlus, let Naomi Campbell be your Russian tour guide.
  24. loose threads
    Tom and Gisele Are ‘Very Affectionate’Plus, Emma Watson covers T magazine.
  25. daily male
    Spot the Difference: David Beckham’s Bodywear AdsOr just stare at the pictures. That works, too.
  26. daily male
    How David Beckham’s Shirtless Statue Compares to His Shirtless SelfExamining these specimens side by side.
  27. but is it art?
    H&M to Erect Its Own Versions of DavidAs in, David Beckham.
  28. 2012 london olympics
    Celebs Dancing at Last Night’s Closing CeremonyA final roundup of royal appearances at the Games.
  29. 2012 london olympics
    Kate Middleton Returns to the Olympics, Practices Her Royal WaveDid you miss her?
  30. kids these days
    Harper Beckham’s First Commissioned Artwork Is a Damien HirstPaid for by her parents.
  31. hot shots
    This David Beckham Ad Is a Real Cliffhanger!Dun dun dun.
  32. 2012 london olympics
    See More Recent Royal Appearances at the London OlympicsPrince William wore a bright-red baseball cap — and he pulled it off.
  33. 2012 london olympics
    Keeping Up With the Royals (and Other Celebrities) at the London OlympicsFamous people like to watch sports, too.
  34. Celebrity Settings
    Richard Dreyfus Chowed Down at R2L; Miley Cyrus Carded at Woody’sAnthony Bourdain wasn’t the only star shining on Philly this week.
  35. Beef
    Jamie Oliver Now Has a Bone to Pick With David BeckhamOne role model to another: Why endorse Pepsi?
  36. kids these days
    Harper Beckham’s Clothing Choices Are Already Worthy of Media AlertsTo be fair, she is quite stylish.
  37. a rare post on sports
    Slideshow:The Middletons, Wintour at WimbledonPlus, Prince William almost made out with Steffi Graf! Almost.
  38. kids these days
    Since You Won’t Be Invited to Harper Beckham’s First Birthday Party …“Special pink bunnies.”
  39. grooming
    Victoria Beckham Is Really Enjoying Her New Marc Jacobs ToyShe even combs his hair.
  40. cover girls (and boys)
    David Beckham’s Shirtless British Elle CoverHe appears to have fallen in the pool — oops!
  41. slash jobs
    President Obama in the Know About David Beckham’s Underwear LineSo, that’s awkward.
  42. Slideshows
    Gratuity Included: A Quick History of Big Celebrity TippersWill these generous gratuities change your opinion of Russell Crowe and Naomi Campbell? Possibly …
  43. the other beckham
    Enjoy This Video of Shirtless David BeckhamOuttakes from his British Elle cover shoot.
  44. the beckhams
    Someone Pointed a Camera at Victoria Beckham and She Did Not ScowlShe and David smooched for the Kiss Cam.
  45. kids these days
    Nine-Month-Old Harper Beckham Offered Her Very First Modeling ContractThey grow up so fast.
  46. not cake
    Here Is Victoria Beckham’s Birthday Fruit PlatterPsh, cake.
  47. loose threads
    Beckham’s Elle Cover; Frankel’s ‘Real’ CampaignPlus, Gia Coppola for DVF, Olivia Palermo’s trademarking spree, and more fashion news.
  48. loose threads
    Ugg’s New ‘Upscale’ Men’s Collection; Abercrombie’s ‘Gay’ KissPlus, Tracy Reese on Trayvon’s hoodie, workout advice from Ice-T’s wife, Coco, and more fashion news.
  49. daily male
    David Beckham Had a Thing for Hosiery As a ChildThis means only one thing: Beckham-branded mantyhose!
  50. Celebrity Settings
    Mac and Cheese and In-N-Out Burgers Ruled Oscars After-PartiesMeanwhile, Cat Cora cooks sea bass and tenderloin for Elton John’s annual fund-raiser.
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