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  1. movies
    Broadway Musical Jekyll and Hyde Is Becoming a MovieThis *is* the moment.
  2. castings
    Michael Fassbender Will Fight Hitler As a Time-Traveling Cop in Kung FuryThe feature will be a sequel to the Kickstarter-funded short film from 2015.
  3. box office
    Baywatch Is Doing Great in Germany, Where They Still Love David HasselhoffThe Rock thanked the film’s German fans on Instagram.
  4. baywatch watch
    Hasselhoff Didn’t Want Anderson on BaywatchHe may have had ulterior motives.
  5. baywatch
    The Hoff Visits the Set of BaywatchMore like Baewatch.
  6. the industry
    Hoff Joins Baywatch Movie; All Is Right in WorldHey, Mitch.
  7. week in culture quiz
    Vulture’s Week in Culture QuizWere you paying attention?
  8. what's in a name?
    David Hasselhoff Changes Name to David HoffCan’t wait for Elisabeth Hasselbeck to changed her name to Beck.
  9. trailer mix
    The Sharknado 3 Trailer Gets Political, Sort OfBut does Vice-President Ann Coulter get eaten?
  10. don't hassle the hoff
    Watch Kung Fury, the Best ’80s Action Movie of 2015Featuring David Hasselhoff as Hoff-9000.
  11. videology
    David Hasselhoff Kickflips a Car, Is a ‘True Survivor’In the music video for Kung Fury’s lead track.
  12. David Hasselhoff Is Starring in His Own ‘Curb’-Style Show and No This […]Do you love Curb Your Enthusiasm, but daydream about it focussing on a different famous person other than Larry David? To get more specific, is […]
  13. yes we cannes
    Cannes Day Two: Emma Watson, Sofia Coppola, and MoreIt was Bling Ring day at the festival.
  14. yes we cannes
    Cannes Day One: Nicole Kidman, Carey Mulligan, Freida Pinto, and MoreNo one’s going to let a few raindrops come between them and their longest, fanciest train.
  15. hairy situations
    Look at These Dudes Owning Their Man-Curls If you got ‘em, flaunt ‘em.
  16. fashion yearbook
    The Best and Worst Outfits at the MTV European Music AwardsDavid Hasselhoff, Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys, Lana Del Rey, and more.
  17. Crimewatch
    Cumberland Farms to Thieves: Go Ahead, Hassle Our Hoff AdsDavid Hasselhoff iced-coffee cutouts are a hot commodity at Cumberland Farms.
  18. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Stephen Colbert on Being Maxim’s No. 69 HottestPlus: David Hasselhoff gave Chelsea Handler a life-size cutout of himself, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  19. trailer mix
    Piranha 3DD Trailer: Watch Gary Busey Bite a Piranha in HalfDavid Hasselhoff gets in on the action, too.
  20. Celebrity Settings
    Mila Kunis Drinks and Dines at SmithHouse; Hasselhoff Shows Off at Maggiano’sMeanwhile, we find out where Manny Pacquiao goes for Thai food in Hollywood.
  21. clickables
    See David Hasselhoff Catcall Women in SpanishWomen, beware.
  22. trailer mix
    Piranha 3DD Teaser: Will David Hasselhoff Survive?Odds are slim!
  23. overnights
    Big Brother Recap: Alliances Split, and the Word Gameplay Is Liberally SpokenJulie Chen: “Wow, you guys are serious gamers.” Me: “This is the least fun game in the history of gaming.”
  24. casting couch
    David Hasselhoff Cast on Sons of AnarchyAs a former porn star.
  25. clickables
    Watch David Hasselhoff Lick Himself[Shudder.]
  26. Celebrity Settings
    Larry King Meets Gene Simmons at CPK; Paris Hilton Grubs With The Pirates of theWe probably don’t want to know what these two legendary pervs have in common besides a shared passion for sesame ginger chicken dumplings.
  27. reality tv
    CBS Reality Team Apparently Out of IdeasWatch celebrities behave like normal humans!
  28. exclusive
    A&E Pulls The Hasselhoffs Off Its ScheduleTwo little-seen episodes is all the Hoff will have.
  29. clickables
    Watch a Baby With Chest Hair Run Like David Hasselhoff in BaywatchIn a promo video for the new reality show ‘The Hasselhoffs.’
  30. politics
    Bristol Palin and ‘the Situation’ on Dancing With the StarsA much better couple than Snooki and John McCain.
  31. gossipmonger
    Jason Sudeikis Has Definitely at Least Seen January Jones NakedBut they may or may not be dating.
  32. chat room
    Lisa Lampanelli on Last Night’s David Hasselhoff Roast“The Queen of Mean” chats with us about the ins and outs of roasting and insult comedy, and why she doesn’t like to make fun of people she hates.
  33. the hoff
    Inside Comedy Central’s Roast of David HasselhoffThe Hoff gets hassled at the soon-to-air show’s taping.
  34. tv
    See David Hasselhoff Arrive at Comic-Con Dancing Atop His Own Party BusThe man travels in style.
  35. gossipmonger
    Surprising Friends, Family, Fans, Miley Cyrus Decides Not to Go to CollegeChild stars these days!
  36. quote machine
    Lindsay Lohan and David Hasselhoff Just Weren’t Made for These TimesPlus: Whitney Houston’s crappy singing is all her friend’s fault.
  37. David Hasselhoff Prepares to Make His Triumphant Return to TelevisionHe’s headed to A&E for a reality show.
  38. howards
    Howie Mandel Is America’s Newest Judge of TalentNo more grimy hand shaking.
  39. There Will Be One Less Way to Hassle the Hoff in 2010That’s the bad news. The good news? He’s getting his own show! Allegedly!
  40. the most important people in the world
    Casey Johnson’s Death May Be the Death of the Wild and Crazy CelebrityAll of our beautiful crazies are dying.
  41. gossipmonger
    Michelle Obama Was Tired of Women Grabbing Barack’s AssA new book claims to have behind-the-scenes dish from the First Family’s marriage.
  42. gossipmonger
    Kylie Makes Dreams Come True for NYC Gay YuppiesShe went to Beige on Tuesday night. And she got in a FIGHT.
  43. Brocabulary
    Grub Street Editor Daniel Maurer’s ‘Brocabulary’ Pubs TodayWords you can use next time you’re at an impresstaurant and you bust out your shred-it card (a credit card that will likely be shredded by the maître d’ when it fails to cover the chef’s tasting).
  44. the industry
    Yippee-Ki-Yay, Mother DirectorBruce Willis is a director now, we guess!
  45. quote machine
    David Hasselhoff Uniting World Through Shared Love of David HasselhoffPlus: Felicity Huffman test-drives Madonna’s underpants.
  46. apropos of nothing
    At Last David Hasselhoff Gets His Own Social-Networking WebsiteFinally, the Hoff goes Web 2.0.
  47. quote machine
    ‘Baywatch: The Musical’ Scuttled by Idiots, Says David HasselhoffPlus: Steve Carell on his workout regimen, and Anne Hathaway on finger painting.
  48. quote machine
    If Not for Colin Powell, That Moldy Peaches Reunion Might Never Have HappenedPlus: Alec Baldwin on why he’ll be nicer on the phone to rude little pigs these days.
  49. gossipmonger
    ‘Post’: Barbara Bush Attends Hockey Game, Therefore Must Be Dating PlayerPlus, what’s going on with celebrities like Woody Allen, Heather Mills, Lindsay Lohan, and Lauren Hutton in today’s gossip roundup.
  50. in other news
    Scottish Isle Waits for The Donald Ex MachinaThere are some Americans for whom true success is found overseas. David Hasselhoff, for instance, is revered in Germany. Kelly Rutherford, who plays Lily on Gossip Girl, is a megacelebrity in Turkey. Not to brag or anything, but Intel is huge in Durbuy, Belgium. And, as the Wall Street Journal tells us today, Donald Trump is practically worshipped in Lewis, the tiny island off the coast of Scotland where his mother was born. The people of Lewis are not only not revolted by The Donald’s values and smarmy attitude and limited vocabulary, they would actually like him to live among them and would love nothing more than for The Donald to knock aside their prehistoric ruins and build a glittering megaplex on their heathered moors. “He can play golf here, do a bit of fishing, shooting, a bit of relaxation,” one local councilor, who wrote Trump asking him to turn a crumbling castles into a luxury hotel, told the Journal, which suggests that Lewis waits for The Donald as the Sahara waits for the rains. “It will come suddenly,” one resident said, as if expecting a golden Donald to one day descend from the sky. But others are more pragmatic: “The weather isn’t bouffant friendly,” one councilman said. Bonnie Donny, The Isle o’ Lewis Is Pining for Ye [WSJ]
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