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  1. These Are David Letterman’s Most Contentious and Uncomfortable Interviews▶️ You won’t be able to look away.
  2. vulture cover story
    How David Letterman Became a Gen-X IconHe bailed out of his own jokes and committed to a lack of commitment.
  3. Five of David Letterman’s Best Late Night Donald Trump Takedowns Each time Donald Trump appeared on a late night show during his presidential campaign he often left unscathed. Stephen Colbert made a […]
  4. story time
    Paul Shaffer Reveals the Origins of Bill Murray’s SNL Lounge SingerPaul Shaffer shares new stories about working with Bill Murray, David Letterman, and the Blues Brothers
  5. That Time Dave Did His Show Inside a Hotel Room This week, David Letterman delivered a dispatch from the world of retirement in the form of a lengthy interview with New York magazine. In […]
  6. from the archives
    Revisiting David Letterman’s 1987 Writers RoomThe relatively normal bunch of guys behind what was perhaps the creative peak of Late Night.
  7. David Letterman Talks Fatherhood, Late Night Hosts, Politics, and ‘Trumpy’New York magazine has a great interview out this week with the gloriously bearded David Letterman, and the lengthy chat covers everything from […]
  8. vulture cover story
    David Letterman on Life After TV, Late Night Today, and the Man He Calls Trumpy“How’s this interview going? Do you think you’re talking to a normal person here?”
  9. David Letterman and Tina Fey Talk ‘SNL,’ Why TV Is Better Than Movies, and […]Ahead of receiving this year’s Sherry Lansing Leadership Award, Tina Fey recently sat down with David Letterman to chat about her career, her […]
  10. reading list
    Here’s What Tina Fey Recommends to Survive TrumpThat, or just turn into Alec Baldwin.
  11. the eric andre show
    The Eric Andre Show Was the Only Late Show Weird Enough for 2016It’s powered by its creator’s agonizing awareness of the banality of late-night talk shows and the urgent need to destroy them.
  12. r.i.p.
    The Simpsons Writer Kevin Curran Dead at 59He also wrote for Late Night With David Letterman and Married: With Children.
  13. Jason Zinoman’s Book ‘Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night’ Is Out in […]New York Times columnist Jason Zinoman has a new book out next year about David Letterman that’s currently available for pre-order. Titled […]
  14. David Letterman Talks Late Night, His Future Plans, and His BeardThe New York Times has a great new interview with David Letterman out today, where the former Late Show host reflects on late night, […]
  15. beard news
    David Letterman’s Son Also Thinks His Retirement Beard Is Creepy“My family has given up on the beard.”
  16. david letterman
    David Letterman on Trump, Women Late-Night Hosts“You’ve got two Jimmies and a Stephen, I don’t know.”
  17. David Letterman on Trump: ‘If I Had a Show, I Would Have Gone Right After […]If you’re curious how David Letterman might have treated Donald Trump if he still hosted The Late Show, The New York Times recently spoke with […]
  18. David Letterman Says He Would Have ‘Gone Right After’ Trump as a Late-Night Host“You’re a person to be shunned.”
  19. a little planet saving music
    David Letterman Returns to Stop Climate ChangeTop 10 Ways Not to Destroy the Ecosystem!
  20. From Letterman to Wilmore: Inside Network and Cable Late Night Shows with […] Lee Ellenberg knew he wanted to write for David Letterman when he was a teenager. After watching Letterman’s Late Night show, Ellenberg […]
  21. the talk show host we deserve
    Drew Barrymore Might Become a Talk-Show Host NowRumor is she’s in talks with Warner Brothers.
  22. over it
    Letterman ‘Couldn’t Care Less’ About Late Night“I don’t know why they didn’t give my show to a woman.”
  23. David Letterman Tells Tom Brokaw He ‘Couldn’t Care Less’ About Late Night […]Here’s a sneak peek from Sunday’s episode of On Assignment, where David Letterman chats with Tom Brokaw in his first television interview since […]
  24. retirement goals
    Retirement King David Letterman Drunkenly Takes the Indianapolis 500 by StormViva la Dave!
  25. peabody awards
    Allow David Letterman to Explain Why Retiring Affects ‘Your Self-Esteem’“First of course you must tire, and then retire.”
  26. ‘Master of None,’ ‘Transparent,’ and ‘Black-ish’ Win Peabody AwardsThe 75th annual Peabody Awards’ entertainment category recipients were announced today, and among the winners are Aziz Ansari’s Netflix series […]
  27. peabody awards
    David Letterman and Jon Stewart Will Be Honored at the Peabody AwardsSee the full list of finalists for the 75th annual Peabody Awards.
  28. santa baby
    We Should All Be As Happy As David Letterman’s BeardIt’s having a really good week. 
  29. retirement
    Here Is David Letterman’s Retirement Beard: Vacation EditionDave is modeling this year’s retirement facial hair.
  30. David Letterman Reflects on TV, Retirement, Montana, and FatherhoodMontana’s Whitefish Review has a new interview out this week with David Letterman, and it’s a great read for fans of the former late night host […]
  31. retirement
    David Letterman Still Interviewing, Still GreatAdd this to our Top 10 Reasons We Miss Letterman.
  32. beard news
    Behold David Letterman’s Retirement BeardHis new post–Late Show look.
  33. beardology
    How Do You Tell an ‘Achievement Beard’ From a Loser Beard?It’s so hard to know your beard breeds.
  34. The 32 Greatest Talk-Show Hosts Ever, RankedLet’s be clear: If your favorites aren’t on this list, it’s not because we forgot to consider them.
  35. Watch David Letterman Deliver a Surprise Top Ten List During Martin Short […]David Letterman made a surprise appearance during Martin Short and Steve Martin’s stage show A Very Stupid Conversation in San Antonio on […]
  36. trump cards
    David Letterman Came Out of Retirement to Mock Donald TrumpIn the form of a Top 10 list, naturally.
  37. David Letterman Gave Chris Gethard the Thumbs-Up to Include the ‘Late […]Two of the most memorable parts of David Letterman’s Late Show set have found a new home on the weirdest new show on television right now. The […]
  38. david letterman
    Here’s Why You Can’t Watch Letterman’s Late Show on YouTube AnymoreHis episodes were removed from YouTube and CBS.com on Thursday.
  39. Longtime ‘Late Show’ Showrunner Barbara Gaines Looks Back on 35 Years of […]If you’re still dealing with sadness after David Letterman’s Late Show goodbye, longtime executive producer Barbara Gaines has a new piece out […]
  40. Check Out Todd Barry’s ‘Letterman’ Debut from 1982Here’s a great way for Letterman fans to happily distract themselves from this morning’s Late Show marquee teardown: a clip from Late Night […]
  41. The Iconic ‘Late Show with David Letterman’ Marquee Is No MoreA week after tearing down David Letterman’s Late Show set, crews at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York went to work this morning in the most […]
  42. dust in the wind
    Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust: Letterman’s Sign Comes Down From BroadwayNothing lasts forever but the earth and sky.
  43. party chats
    Howard Stern Gave Letterman a Farewell Painting“They’re definitely works of art.”
  44. A Letterman Superfan Broke Down the ‘Late Show’ Finale Highlight Reel […]At the end of Wednesday night’s Late Show with David Letterman finale, the Foo Fighters closed out the show while a long photo and clip montage […]
  45. ratings
    David Letterman’s Final Show Draws Biggest Audience in Over 20 YearsBut he didn’t beat Leno in the end.
  46. review
    In His Final Bow, Letterman Reminds Us of Late Night’s Illusion of IntimacyTo the end, Letterman was Letterman. 
  47. Conan O’Brien and James Corden Pay Tribute to David LettermanWhile they both aired new episodes last night, late night hosts Conan O’Brien and James Corden dedicated moments of their shows to David […]
  48. Video Feed
    David Letterman’s Final Show Included His Legendary Taco Bell Prank“Wait a minute, I’m not exactly a computer. Slow down.”
  49. last night on late night
    Conan Gives Thanks to David Letterman One Last TimeAnd shows a solid #tbt clip.
  50. farewells
    David Letterman Says Good-bye in True David Letterman Fashion Unsentimental but funny. Definitely funny.
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