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  1. scandals
    David Mamet Really Wants You to Give William H. Macy, Felicity Huffman a Break“Admissions policies are an unfortunate and corrupt joke.”
  2. the fan club of knowledge
    The Modern Fan Club of Knowledge: David Mamet on 30 Years’ Talk With Ricky JayDavid Mamet on 30 years of talking with Ricky Jay.
  3. obits
    Ricky Jay, Actor and Celebrity Magician, Dead at 72He frequently collaborated with David Mamet and wrote for The New Yorker.
  4. Well, David Mamet Has Written a Play About Harvey WeinsteinIt’s currently called Bitter Wheat and there’s an actor interested in the lead role.
  5. books
    In His First Crime Novel, David Mamet Revives a Vanished Version of His HometownThe author discusses his latest project, his love of James Cain, and his desire to eat dinner with Pancho Barnes.
  6. theater reviews
    Theater Review: The David Mamet Flameout Is Now CompleteEven the Mamet dialogue now misfires.
  7. behind the movies
    Alec Baldwin’s Role in the Movie Glengarry Glen Ross Was a Repaid FavorThe film’s writer David Mamet reveals why he was indebted to the actor.
  8. theater
    Theater Review: Pacino in Mamet’s China DollHow much sympathy do you have for billionaires? 
  9. theater
    On the Scene at the Flub-Filled First Night of Lindsay Lohan’s Stage DebutAct two was a mess, but the audience seemed to be rooting for her.
  10. always be closing
    David Mamet Developing a Miniseries for FoxAbout the seven deadly sins.
  11. casting couch
    Cate Blanchett to Star in David Mamet’s JFK Thriller BlackbirdIt’ll be “Hitchcockian.”
  12. tv review
    TV Review: Phil SpectorWriter-director David Mamet’s movie stars Al Pacino as the titular record producer.
  13. trailer mix
    Phil Spector Trailer: Al Pacino As Al Pacino–As–Phil SpectorFeaturing more wigs than a Wiggles concert. 
  14. stage dive
    Theater Review: Glengarry Glen Ross Is Selling Its Stars HardPacino in middle-register Hoo-wah, and John McGinley flashing his canines.
  15. closings
    Mamet’s Anarchist to Close After Seventeen Performances“F*ck.” —David Mamet.
  16. Theater Review: David Mamet’s The Anarchist“Something extremely simple is being said in the most luxuriantly gnomic academese available.”
  17. reboots
    David Mamet Reviving Have Gun — Will TravelWesterns, you guys.
  18. theater
    Al Pacino Attached to Glengarry Glen Ross Broadway RevivalBut he wouldn’t play the same role he played in the film version.
  19. Zosia Mamet Tells Conan that David Mamet Was Exactly the Dad You’d Expect Nepotism shmepotism. People have complained about how the stars of Girls have famous parents, which is a dumb thing to complain about, but […]
  20. tv
    Helen Mirren Subs in for Bette Midler in HBO’s Phil Spector MovieUpgrade?
  21. video
    Ed O’Neill Calls Out the Cheapskates at HBOAlso, watch Rob Lowe drop a line from ‘Wayne’s World.’
  22. always be closing
    David Mamet Will Take On Affirmative Action in His Next ScreenplayAlso Harvard.
  23. Chinese-and-a-Movie
    Mamet Cartoon: Chinese Restaurateurs Thank Jews of America“We do not completely understand your dietary customs, but we are proud and grateful that your god insists you eat our food on Christmas.”
  24. motive
    David Mamet Convinced of Phil Spector’s InnocenceThe writer/director sheds a little light on why he chose to take on an HBO biopic of the imprisoned producer.
  25. stage dive
    Theater Review: A Very Chilly Life in the TheatreDavid Mamet’s play is performed, word perfect, by Patrick Stewart and T.R. Knight. And that’s the problem.
  26. casting couch
    Al Pacino to Play Phil Spector for HBOIn a movie written and directed by David Mamet.
  27. David Mamet Directs a Half-Naked Danny DeVito Dressed as Ghandi From famed writer David Mamet comes this new Funny or Die video, featuring Danny DeVito doing Inside the Actor’s Workshop on the set of Ghandi […]
  28. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Miley Cyrus Might Sound Like ‘Crap,’ But She Doesn’t Lip-Synch Plus, David Mamet explains to Stephen Colbert why he won’t eat carbohydrates or watch ‘Mamma Mia!,’ on our regular late-night roundup.
  29. movies
    See Kristen Bell in David Mamet’s Wonderful New Short Film, Lost Masterpieces of PornographyFunny or Die takes it up a notch.
  30. the industry
    Industry, Bacon, Footloose, Patton OswaltPlus: Chris Rock takes on Kurosawa for his next remake.
  31. leaks
    Leaked David Mamet Memo to Writers of The Unit Will Only Add to Mamet’s LegendKeep watch for shows with two characters talking about a third. Mamet hates those shows.
  32. sensitive topics
    Kerry Washington Assumes Her Most Daring Role, in David Mamet’s Race“I feel really excited to be alive at this point.”
  33. broadwaypocalypse
    Julia Stiles Fails to Save BroadwaySurely there must be some way to pin some of the blame for the failure of ‘Oleanna’ on Jeremy Piven, right?
  34. the industry
    Jason Lee to Try On Blue Suede ShoesPlus: Winnie Mandela gets a biopic! The Mol strikes again! And it’s curtains for ‘Oleanna’!
  35. david mamet
    Mamet’s Anne Frank Dumped by Disney“It’s not a film version of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank.’ The story evolved into something more intense.”
  36. treasured cultural documents
    Anne Frank’s Diary, as Interpreted by David MametANNE: When I write I can shake off all my cares. PETER: Then the machine gets a hold of you. You know they want rewrites?
  37. the industry
    Warner Bros. Is Playing With LegosPlus: Ed Helms, international spy.
  38. broadway
    Julia Stiles Set to Save Broadway!She’ll be starring alongside Bill Pullman in ‘Oleanna.’
  39. the industry
    Amy Poehler to Serve Up Mashed Potatoes, Salisbury Steak — and JusticePlus: ‘Fela!’ moving to Broadway.
  40. the industry
    Uma Thurman and Pierce Brosnan Ascend to Mount OlympusPlus: Rashida Jones, screenwriter.
  41. the industry
    Danny DeVito Is Slashing PricesPlus: alien mating.
  42. sushi
    Victory: Jeremy Piven’s Mercury-Filled Tears Sway Jury of His Peers“At times I was incapable of getting enough oxygen to get my lines out on stage.”
  43. sushi
    Piven-less Plow RecoupsDespite outrageous claims from producers that Jeremy Piven’s departure would prevent the play from turning a profit, it’s recouped its initial investment.
  44. For Your Health
    What to Believe About Jeremy Piven’s Sushi Sickness?He’s not the only celebrity to have been felled by tuna.
  45. drama
    Mamet Kills BuffaloGreat playwright David Mamet plugged ‘Speed-the-Plow’ like a maniac — why not ‘American Buffalo’?
  46. closings
    ‘American Buffalo’ Goes Way of the BuffaloIt didn’t even last a week.
  47. the industry
    Robert Downey Jr. and Jon Favreau Are Going to Be So Sick of Each OtherPlus: Yep, they’re doing a new ‘Melrose Place.’
  48. countdown
    Haley Joel Osment, on Leave From NYU, to Hit BroadwayIt’s official: ‘American Buffalo’ has the weirdest cast ever.
  49. the industry
    Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro Hire Each Other to Write ‘The Hobbit’Plus: Yet another bastard joins ‘Inglorious Bastards,’ and James McAvoy to play a CGI gnome in most horrible movie ever.
  50. the industry
    Jon Favreau Will Direct ‘Iron Man 2,’ Thanks to AmericaPlus: Who will play opposite Jeremy Piven in the Broadway revival of ‘Speed-the-Plow’?
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