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David Wojnarowicz

  1. art
    David Wojnarowicz’s Whitney Retrospective Is Overdue, But Couldn’t Be TimelierThis is an astonishingly relevant, urgently important show that reflects on what it means to be human in a time of encroaching political darkness.
  2. ask an art critic
    Ask An Art CriticJerry Saltz answers your questions about bad art, good biographies, and the Smithsonian controversy.
  3. culture wars
    Warhol Foundation Threatens to Cut Smithsonian FundingBecause, unlike Boehner, the Warhol Foundation actually paid for it.
  4. scary things
    U.S. Representative John Boehner Is Now a CuratorJohn Boehner and Eric Cantor successfully encouraged the removal of a gay-themed art piece at the Smithsonian today.
  5. art candy
    Masked and AnonymousIn his late-seventies series Arthur Rimbaud in New York, David Wojnarowicz seems to have airlifted the legendary poet from late-nineteenth-century Paris and dropped him into a crappy Manhattan walk-up.