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  1. dc metro
    Surprise! The Entire D.C. Metro System Will Be Shut Down All Day WednesdayNo, apparently it can’t wait until the weekend.
  2. scary things
    One Dead, Dozens Hurt After Mysterious Smoke Fills D.C. Metro CarInvestigators still don’t know where it came from.
  3. omg shoes
    Ladies Only Want to Chat Footwear in This Casually Sexist Public Transit AdEnough about subway schedules from you, can we just talk about how annoying brassieres are?
  4. music
    Man Performs Passionate Dance While Riding the D.C. SubwayWonder what he’s dancing to. Maybe the new Eminem?
  5. sad things
    Faulty Circuit Likely Caused D.C. Metro CrashA signal system that was functioning everywhere else in the area should have stopped Monday’s crash.
  6. sad things
    Seven Confirmed Dead in D.C. Metro CrashRescue teams are still working to free trapped passengers.