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  1. rap battles
    Elizabeth Warren Ethering Bloomberg Is the Best Diss Track of 2020A fan edit turns Warren into 2001 Nas.
  2. commuting
    We Solved the Holland Tunnel’s Disastrous Decoration CrisisThe Port Authority is conducting a poll to update the decorations, but we have another suggestion.
  3. french elections
    The French Presidential Debate Was Shades of Trump-ClintonVicious insults, an overwhelmed moderator, and talk about Hitler.
  4. 4 Answers Trump Could Have Given to Question About Accepting Election ResultsThat would have satisfied his base and not further damaged his candidacy.
  5. select all
    28 Funny Tweets That Summarized the DebatePuppets, Putin, and so many pivots.
  6. abortion rights
    Watch Hillary Clinton Passionately Defend a Woman’s Right to Choose“I will stand up for that right.”
  7. select all
    Trump Said ‘Bad Hombres’ and All of Twitter Responded With the Same Hair Joke“We have some bad hombres here and we’re gonna get them out.”
  8. the body politic
    Trump’s One Public Service Was Exposing the Misogyny of the GOPThis weekend, Trump went down in a blaze of revelation, tying his own outsize loutishness to the everyday misogyny of his party.
  9. run away
    Some Creepy Guy Kept Standing Right Behind Hillary Clinton at the DebateLook out, Hillary!
  10. The Top Dictionary Search During the Debate Was ‘Lepo.’ As in, ‘What’s a Lepo?’“What’s a lepo?”
  11. good try
    Watch Anderson Cooper Try to Get Donald Trump to Admit to Groping Women“You bragged about sexually assaulting women. Do you understand that?”
  12. politics
    Will Trump Go Nuclear at the Debate — or Just Melt Down?A wounded Trump seems ready to lash out on Sunday night, but there may be no way for the candidate to avoid disaster.
  13. everyday sexism
    Guess How Many Times the Moderator Was Interrupted During the VP DebateSpoiler: a lot of times.
  14. Kaine Lost the Debate, But May Have Fulfilled His MissionPence met his complex objectives quite well. Kaine had an easier job of hitting Trump’s weak points, which he did without much style.
  15. Pence’s Choice: Defend the GOP or Defend His BossPence has taken positions on foreign and domestic affairs very different from Trump’s. Can he credibly abandon his and his party’s entire record?
  16. Surprising Number of Debate-Watchers Saw What They Wanted To See: A Trump WinKeep in mind the people most likely to watch weren’t the undecided.
  17. last night on late night
    Let Seth Meyers Give You the Play-by-Play of the First 2016 Presidential Debate“American politics can be summarized by these few words: Howard Stern, Rosie O’Donnell, Miss Piggy.”
  18. Donald Trump Interrupted Hillary Clinton Many, Many, Many Times at the DebateI guess he just had a lot to say.
  19. Hillary Clinton Won the First Debate. What If That Doesn’t Move the Polls?It would indicate that American voters are so polarized that the race will come down to one key factor.
  20. Trump Gets Hit, Kasich Gets Boost in Fox DebateThe Fox debate in Detroit provided a good start for the anti-Trump cabal that aims for victory — for somebody — in Cleveland.
  21. early and often
    The Highlights of the 3rd Democratic Presidential DebateClinton once again dominated and Bernie apologized while O’Malley shouted for scraps — but everybody agreed about Donald Trump.
  22. early and often
    Watch the 3rd Democratic Debate With Daily IntelligencerExpect lots of questions about foreign policy. 
  23. GOP Candidates Whine About GreenroomsRepublicans believe in equality of opportunity, not of outcome.
  24. 2016
    Donald Trump Is Keeping His Fingers Crossed for a ‘Very Civil’ DebateUnless, of course, anyone attacks him first.
  25. urban planning
    Which New York Is Yours?Talking to Jeremiah Moss of Vanishing New York and Nikolai Fedak of New York YIMBY, 50 years after the Landmark Law.
  26. debate
    Explaining Ed Sheeran: A Debate About Your Newest Teen IdolHe was on Saturday Night Live this weekend.
  27. Emily Heller Says Her High School Debate Team Trained Her to Do Comedy“One of the things I learned in debate that helped me not just with comedy but with everything is, learning how to make analogies. One of the […]
  28. debate
    Michael Moore Defends Zero Dark ThirtyAnd calls it a “21st century chick flick.”
  29. debate
    Important: Is It Spelled Les Mis or Les Miz?Kyle Buchanan and Amanda Dobbins fight it out.
  30. torture porn
    The Zero Dark Thirty Torture Debate Kept Going This WeekThe issue of whether the film condones torture is far from settled.
  31. video
    A Supercut of Women’s Issues at Last Night’s DebateLorraine? May I call you Lorraine?
  32. deep thoughts
    ‘Already Tired of #Debate’: Celebrity Tweets From the Presidential DebateWhat Iman and Snooki were thinking about during last night’s town hall debate.
  33. How to Be a Good Single Mom, According to Obama and RomneyOnly one requires you to get married before you have the baby so it doesn’t grow up to be a killer.
  34. Debate-Expectations Lowering 2.0: Media Won’t Let Romney WinHe’s a victim of his own success.
  35. Chait and Ponnuru on the Veep Debate “I think it will be brutal.”
  36. impolitic
    Heilemann: Joe Biden Explains His Plan to Defeat Paul RyanBe aggressive, substantive, and don’t forget you’re a proxy for the president.
  37. Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly Are Getting Along Great Ahead of Debate Cable news personalities Bill O’Reilly and Jon Stewart are set to debate each other this weekend in The Rumble 2012, a live event in […]
  38. massachusetts
    Scott Brown Gets in Debate Zinger, Distances Himself Even More From GOPBrown refuses to call himself a “reliable” Romney ally.
  39. In First Debate, Warren Attacks Brown’s Record, He Emphasizes His BipartisanshipPlus: a cameo from his truck.
  40. Jon Stewart and Bill O’ Reilly to Debate Political Things On October 6, Jon Stewart and Bill O’ Reilly are going to square off on the Internet in The Rumble In the Air-Conditioned Auditorium. […]
  41. presidential debates
    Obama Doesn’t Want to Bore Us During the DebatesKeep it simple, Mr. President.
  42. the national interest
    Does the GOP Elite Still Decide? It’s DebatableThe GOP’s drama-filled debates could spell the end of the smoke-filled room.
  43. debate
    Breaking Bad Postmortem: Discussing Last Night’s Episode and the Show’s FutureEmily Nussbaum and Logan Hill hash it out.
  44. masterdebaters
    Video: Watch Highlights From Tonight’s Republican Primary Debate in IowaSpoiler alert: Newt Gingrich really, really hates the debt-reduction super-committee.
  45. debate
    Nazi-Sex Novel The Kindly Ones Polarizes Western CivilizationReactions to the confession of an SS officer, a sort of evil Forrest Gump, who reminisces about sleeping with his twin sister and possibly killing his mother.