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  1. debates
    Comedy’s Crowd-Work Clip Civil WarExploring the very heated debate around stand-up’s latest social-media trend.
  2. debates
    Hamantaschen Are Perfect, Thank You Very Much“I was actually surprised that there’s a smear campaign…”
  3. debates
    New York Loves Its Bodegas, But What Are They Officially?How the city keeps track of its most beloved stores.
  4. our streaming future
    Is It a Movie or Is It TV? And Does Anyone Really Care?After nearly a year of watching everything on the same damn screen, four critics attempt to talk through an unkillable debate.
  5. last night on late night
    John Oliver Calls Trump’s Debate Performance ‘Still Absolutely Appalling’“Unless you set the bar at ‘nobody caught fire,’ Trump will always find a way to disappoint.”
  6. vision 2020
    What We Know About the Final Trump-Biden Debate: Time & How to WatchA brief guide to watching the final presidential debate, plus the latest batch of controversies.
  7. 2020 elections
    Joni Ernst Bombs on Must-Know Soybean Question in DebateRepublican Ernst became famous for her 2014 ads bragging about her experience castrating hogs on an Iowa farm. She seems to have lost touch.
  8. presidential debates
    What the Hell Is Going on With the Next Presidential Debate?Organizers say it will take place remotely — in which case Trump says he won’t participate at all.
  9. power
    Anyone Else Feel Sick?The spectacle of a Trump debate and the dread it now evokes.
  10. vision 2020
    In the 2020 Race, Uncertainty Is All Trump Has Going for HimMost of the developments that could produce a Trump comeback and win are beyond the president’s control.
  11. vision 2020
    The Two Des Moines Debates: Was It a Snoozer or an Epic Clash?Depending on which account you consult, the seventh debate was either all about niceness or open conflict.
  12. vision 2020
    Trump May Be Laying Groundwork to Skip 2020 DebatesHe accused the bipartisan Commission on Presidential Debates of being biased against him, and declared “the debates are up to me.”
  13. vision 2020
    Trump May Skip 2020 Debates: ReportTrump is reportedly more concerned about moderators than fellow debaters. He once bailed on a debate after host Megyn Kelly called out his sexism.
  14. debates
    More Than 6.6 Million People Watched Last Night’s Democratic DebateIt’s the smallest audience this year for a Democratic debate, but it’s common for ratings to slip as the campaign wears on.
  15. democratic primaries
    Pete Buttigieg’s Chicago Fundraiser Debacle Won’t Help Him With Black VotersHe needs black support for his new strategy: capturing Biden supporters if the former vice-president falters.
  16. the national circus
    Frank Rich: There Are 5 Candidates Still Standing After Latest Democratic DebateTuesday night seemed like a death knell for seven of the dozen candidacies onstage — including Joe Biden’s.
  17. debates
    Julián Castro’s Perspective on Gun Violence and Policing Remains Essential“Police violence is also gun violence.”
  18. debates
    Here’s How to Watch the Fourth Democratic Primary DebateYou don’t have to attend Otterbein University to stay democratically informed.
  19. conservatism
    What the ‘Ahmari-French Debate’ Was Really AboutA wonky debate turned into an ugly clash between two visions of conservatism.
  20. tv ratings
    Almost 10 Million People Watched Bernie Sanders Yell at Tim RyanBut compared with recent history, it’s a decidedly disappointing number.
  21. democratic debates
    Was Steve Bullock’s Big Introduction Enough?The Montana governor’s presidential candidacy is built for a normal political world. Unfortunately, he’s running in the real one.
  22. last night on late night
    Kate McKinnon Impersonates Marianne Williamson and More Post-Debate Late Night“My plan is to harness the energy of babies…”
  23. this week in late night
    This Week in Late Night: For the Debates, Late Night Goes Live!Four of the late-night hosts stayed up past their bedtimes to make debate jokes this week.
  24. presidential primary
    Here’s How to Watch the First Democratic Presidential DebateIt’s easier than you’d hope.
  25. politics
    A Guide to Next Week’s Live Late-Night Coverage of the Democratic DebatesSeth Meyers, Trevor Noah, and Stephen Colbert will all host live episodes.
  26. vision 2020
    DNC Makes It Tougher to Qualify for Fall Presidential DebatesIf the 2020 presidential field hasn’t been “winnowed” by the fall, the DNC will take matters into its own hands.
  27. vision 2020
    What Happens If More Than 20 Candidates Qualify for Democratic DebatesCandidates who don’t meet fundraising as well as polling thresholds could be cut from the debates entirely.
  28. rock hall 2019
    Whose 2019 Rock Hall Induction Matters Most? A Totally Serious DebateJoin us in caring way too much about the Rock Hall with this very special episode of the podcast Who Cares About the Rock Hall?
  29. debates
    Should You Open Presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?A festive debate.
  30. Love, Simon? Don’t Love, Simon?: A Debate on the Little Gay Movie That CouldMatt Rogers and Bowen Yang weigh in on the Queer Twitter Drama surrounding the queer romantic comedy-drama.
  31. Queer Eye on Queer Eye: The Case For and Against Antoni PorowskiMatt Rogers and Bowen Yang weigh in on the single issue threatening to destroy the queer community.
  32. Do I Need to See The Room Before I See The Disaster Artist?We argue both sides.
  33. Democrats Could Have a 2020 Presidential Field As Large As an Iowa CornfieldSanders, Biden, or Warren may run in 2020 and clear the field of pretenders. If not, Democrats could have the kind of field the GOP sported in 2016.
  34. Why Did Mitch McConnell Fail, and What’s Next for Health Care?A former staffer for now-retired Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid on the Trumpcare debacle.
  35. debates
    Damien Chazelle on La La Land’s Jazz Nostalgia“You want to extend a tradition, not just repeat it.”
  36. Seth Meyers Moderates the Final Presidential Debate on ‘Late Night’It turns out that last week’s third presidential debate in Las Vegas wasn’t the final debate after all – the real final debate took place on […]
  37. Seth Meyers Moderates His Own Election DebateThe only debate where you’ll learn Trump’s stance on the Hokey Pokey.
  38. last night on late night
    Watch Trump, Clinton Debate on SNL One Last Time“I have personally met with the Mexican president. I forget his name, I think it was something like Mr. Guacamole. I’m sorry, excuse me, Señor Guacamole.”
  39. The Republican Party Owns Trump’s Actions on Election DayThe Republicans who are separating themselves from the candidate are far too late.
  40. Candidates Debate Constitution, Until Trump Says He Might Just Blow It UpThe GOP candidate sounded reasonable for a bit. Then he said something crazy.
  41. Clinton and Trump to Debate SCOTUSIn a rare debate segment devoted to SCOTUS, there will be pitfalls for both candidates, and a chance to explain vast differences in philosophy.
  42. Trump Suggests Clinton Was on Drugs at DebateAt this point, Trump may spend the rest of the campaign “just asking questions.”
  43. Trump on Commission for Presidential Debates: “I’m Done”He’s planning to participate in the third debate, though. For now.
  44. last night on late night
    Colbert Does His Late Show Monologue From Home“I don’t think that’s what Donald Trump’s advisers meant when they told him to reach out to women.”
  45. Even if Hillary Has a Bad Night on Sunday, It Probably Won’t Hurt Her MuchSecond debates don’t usually have a big impact, and the number of persuadable voters is steadily declining.
  46. Many Civic-minded Masturbators Took a Break From Porn to Watch Monday’s DebatePornHub saw a 16 percent drop in its usual Monday-night traffic during the first presidential debate.
  47. Trump Asks Supporters to Tell Him to Attack Hillary MoreIn a very interesting survey he’s sending to backers, the GOP nominee is bringing up many of the lines he failed to use in the first debate.
  48. presidential debates
    Leslie Jones Live-Tweeted the Presidential Debate: ‘It’s Like a Nightmare!!’“I feel like he is not listening at all.”
  49. Did Trump Just Admit He Doesn’t Pay Any Taxes?At Monday’s debate, Trump suggested that, if he paid taxes, it “would be squandered.”
  50. Tonight’s Debate Audience Will Be Huge, But Not Like 1960 — or 1980Over half of the voting-age population watched Reagan-Carter, and three in five watched Kennedy-Nixon.
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