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Deborah Solomon

  1. hilton kramer
    Deborah Solomon on the Cuddly Side of Hilton Kramer (1928-2012)Beyond the truculent public face, a charming mentor.
  2. ink-stained wretches
    Deborah Solomon Fired From New York Times Magazine ‘Questions For’ ColumnMore housecleaning by Hugo.
  3. Steve Martin Responds to ArtWorldInterviewgateSteve Martin gave what amounted to a boring interview about art at the 92nd St Y to Deborah Solomon. The audience didn’t like it, and the Y […]
  4. well excuse me
    Steve Martin Responds to 92Y Debacle“I have no doubt that, in time, and with some cooperation from the audience, we would have achieved ignition.”
  5. clickables
    Read Das Racist’s ‘Real Talk’ Interview With Deborah Solomon“Deborah, chill. Fall back.”
  6. Steve Martin Interview Ruined By ‘Philistine’ AudienceApparently, Steve Martin’s conversation with the New York Times’ Deborah Solomon at the 92nd St Y in NYC earlier this week didn’t go so well. […]
  7. well excuse me
    Steve Martin Fails to Talk Enough About Steve Martin at 92nd Street Y“As for the Y’s standard of excellence, it can’t be that high because this is the second time I’ve appeared there.”
  8. christopher hitchens
    Deborah Solomon Corners Author Christopher Hitchens on His Sexual Ambiguity and His Love of Money“Do you think your basic sexual confusion underlies your political confusions?”
  9. The New York Times Really, Really Likes the New Wilco AlbumThe ‘Times’ thought Wilco’s new album was good enough to warrant two separate interviews with Jeff Tweedy in yesterday’s paper.
  10. ink-stained wretches
    When Journalists Attack … Other JournalistsRemember Alive? The book/early–Ethan Hawke movie where the plane crashes and everyone’s starving so they become cannibals? Okay, whatever we are old. The point is, we’re kind of reminded of that whenever a journalist covers another journalist’s missteps in that over-the-top holier-than-thou tone. Times are tough, and so they’re eating their own in order to save themselves. We thought about this last week when Katie Couric clamped down on Dan Rather’s “sloppy reporting” with her little white teeth, and today, the smell of media blood is in the air again. Over at the New York Press, Matt Elzweig feasted on the flesh of the Times Magazine’s Deborah Solomon in a deeply self-serious “examination of the questionable ethical choices one very prominent reporter made on behalf of the nation’s top newspaper” blah blah blah blah Jayson Blair blah blah.