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  1. turn the music up
    An Oral History of Rihanna’s Debut Song, ‘Pon de Replay’Fifteen years ago, a dancehall riddim and a Bajan teenager laid the groundwork for a pop icon.
  2. russell simmons
    Russell Simmons Responds to Rape Accusations With ‘#NotMe’“My intention is not to diminish the #MeToo movement in anyway, but instead hold my accusers accountable.”
  3. new music
    Listen to Common’s New Song, ‘Home’The track, featuring Bilal, dropped tonight.
  4. label drama
    Tricky Stewart Talks Frank Ocean Label Drama“He just treated them how he was treated.”
  5. explainers
    Did Frank Ocean Pull a Fast One on His Label by Going Indie? An ExplainerOcean’s coup could land him in some legal trouble with Universal Music Group.
  6. frank ocean
    Endless Was Frank Ocean’s Final Def Jam AlbumThe artist may have used his visual album to game the system.
  7. the elusive recruiter
    Mariah Carey Told L.A. Reid to Hire Jay Z as Def Jam’s PresidentEverything always leads back to Mariah Carey.
  8. candy
    Cut Saturday Night Live Sketch: Def Jam Ted TalksAfter Def Comedy Jam and Def Poetry Jam, we needed something.
  9. vulture lists
    The 21 Best Def Jam Releases of All TimeThirty years of hip-hop classics, from the Beastie Boys to Frank Ocean.
  10. garfield
    Watch the Garfield Def Comedy Jam“Lemme tell you ‘bout this cat named Heathcliff. Just kidding, y’all!”
  11. lawsuits
    Rihanna and David LaChapelle Settled Their LawsuitRihanna allegedly copied LaChapelle’s images in her “S&M” video.
  12. rihanna
    Rihanna Aiming For Her Thriller With Next Album’It’s already giving me the feel of a timeless album, and right now is her time.’
  13. the industry
    Diane Lane Is Off to the RacesPlus: The Roots go back to the studio.
  14. jay-z
    Jay-Z Reportedly Signing Deals With EverybodyHe’s either close to a deal with Epic or close to a deal with Warner — or both! — depending on whom you believe.
  15. jay-z
    Jay-Z Escapes From Record CompanyHe says he’s bought out of his contract with Universal.
  16. sad
    Def Jam Boss Commits SuicideShakir Stewart died on Saturday from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
  17. studio woes
    Why Can’t You Just Let Jadakiss Work?He’s trying to finish his album, but Def Jam keeps distracting him with “denim parties.”
  18. the industry
    Natalie Portman Set for New ‘Heights’Plus: Colin Farrell signs on for ‘Triage’ and Jermaine Dupri signs on to run a hilarious new record label.
  19. in other news
    Jay-Z’s Record Deal Questioned on Happiest Day of His Life?Industry insiders tell the ‘Post’ that Jay isn’t worth the $150 million he got from Live Nation. But what does he care: He might be getting married today!
  20. countdown
    Who’s Ready for Another Secret Jay-Z Album?There’s a new Jay-Z song!
  21. gossipmonger
    Jay-Z Had to Break Up to Make UpJay-Z stepped down as CEO of Def Jam because it didn’t pay enough. (Instead, he wants to open a boutique hotel called The Jay.) Amy Fischer is D.J.-ing tonight at Retox, and her sex tape will be on display. Justin Timberlake and Alpha Dog co-star Amanda Seyfried left the Pink Elephant after just fifteen minutes. VH-1 exec Michael Hirschorn, wife and St. Martin’s editor Elizabeth Beier, New York Times scribe Bob Morris, and agent Ira Silverberg spent New Year’s Eve at the Mexican villa once occupied by Pablo Escobar. There are a bunch of historical inaccuracies in Denzel Washington’s The Great Debaters, namely the fact that Harvard was not involved in the real-life proceedings. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are supposedly expecting twins: one boy and one girl.
  22. in other news
    Def Jam Wants Its Turn to Retire Jay-ZThe true story of what is going on with Jay-Z at Island Def Jam seems to be unfolding in the gossip pages. Murmurs that the hip-hop impresario was set to leave the label have been buzzing since last year. In July, Ben Widdicombe’s “Gatecrasher” column reported that “he is in negotiations to jump to rival Columbia,” citing this year’s appointment of Jermaine Dupri to head up Island’s Urban group as one cause of strife. At that point, it looked like it was all Jay’s idea to look for a new job. But now, in “Rush & Molloy,” we learn that maybe the Island Def Jam brass aren’t that happy with their 2005 hire: Island/Def Jam CEO L.A. Reid and his boss, Doug Morris, are said to have found Jay’s demands “excessive” in light of the time he’s been spending on tour. “People have lost count of how many times he’s come out of retirement,” the source says. “Everybody knows he’s not around the office much. Everybody at Universal loves him, but they can’t justify paying him the money he wants when so many people have been laid off.” His contract is said to expire at the end of this month. Friends of the rapper, who last night was celebrating his 38th birthday in Paris, scoffed at claims that Reid and Morris had thrown in the towel. We’ve heard a lot on this topic: That Jay’s longtime girlfriend, Beyoncé, wants him to quit. That Jay’s singles are tanking. That L.A. Reid is tired of Jay getting all the attention. Which makes us want to yell about something we’ve been wondering for years: When will Jay make an honest woman out of Beyoncé!? Jay-Z in Jam over Contract [NYDN]
  23. the industry
    Michael Bay Is the Alfred Hitchcock Our Era DeservesAlso: Nas responds to Def Jam in a totally reasonable manner!
  24. the early-evening news
    Stephen Colbert Announces His Candidacy for President of Our HeartsPlus news about Nas, Sam Raimi, and the Man Booker Prize.
  25. apropos of nothing
    Russell Simmons Gives a Bleep About You