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  1. vision 2020
    Tulsi Gabbard Unlikely to Win Her Defamation Lawsuit Against Hillary ClintonIt’s tough to win this kind of case against a public official, but Gabbard probably cares more about the publicity.
  2. bill cosby
    Bill Cosby Settles Defamation Case Brought by 7 AccusersHe still has a countersuit.
  3. true crime
    Retired Detective Sues Netflix and Making a Murderer Filmmakers for DefamationManitowoc County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Andrew Colborn says the Netflix docuseries exposed him to “worldwide ridicule, contempt and disdain.”
  4. Judge Tells Trump He Can Be Deposed in Summer Zervos Sexual Harassment SuitTrump’s lawyers are appealing and will likely seek delays, but his claim he can’t be sued as a sitting president has taken another hit.
  5. stormy daniels-donald trump scandal
    Stormy Daniels Sues Donald Trump for DefamationAfter he called the sketch she released of the man who allegedly threatened her in 2011 “a total con job.”
  6. lawsuits
    Sandy Hook Parents Are Suing Alex Jones for DefamationThe popular conspiracy theorist has spent years claiming that the mass shooting in which 20 children died was a false-flag operation.
  7. lawsuits
    Roy Moore Is Now Being Sued for DefamationFor claiming the sexual-assault charges against him were “completely false.”
  8. defamation
    Charlie Sheen Sues National Enquirer Over Corey Haim Rape AccusationThe actor denied claims that he had sex with 13-year-old Haim on the set of the 1986 film Lucas.
  9. Bill O’Reilly Is Being Sued for Defamation by Woman Who Settled Harassment ClaimA new lawsuit alleges that O’Reilly and Fox News violated a harassment settlement agreement.
  10. the swift pr machine
    Taylor Swift in Trouble With the ACLU After Threatening CriticThe album rollout is not going as planned.
  11. lawsuits
    Lady Gaga Will Testify in Dr. Luke’s Defamation Case Against KeshaThe singer was subpoenaed in July for deposition regarding 2013 texts between her and Kesha.
  12. drama
    Joanna Krupa and Brandi Glanville Settle Lawsuit Over Smelly P*ssy CommentThe Real Housewives alums reached a settlement over Glanville’s comment.
  13. wedding drama
    Beauty Blogger Must Pay $1 Million for Bad-mouthing Her Wedding PhotographerA jury found they defamed the photographer over a $125 wedding-album fee.
  14. Trump Is Not Going to Win a Personal Credibility Contest With James ComeyComey’s Senate testimony leads inevitably to a he-said/he-said dispute over facts. Trump’s lawyer took the bait in responding.
  15. Melania Trump Settles Defamation Suit Against BloggerTrump’s lawyers say the blogger will pay a “substantial sum.”
  16. lawsuits
    Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Seek to Get Janice Dickinson Defamation Suit Thrown OutThe filing suggests that Cosby is not responsible for what past lawyers have said about Dickinson.
  17. lawsuits
    JonBenét Ramsey’s Brother Sues CBS for $750 MilA theory on the special posited that Burke Ramsey killed his sister.
  18. lawsuits
    Ciara Drops Defamation Suit Against FutureIt’s awfully hard to sue for defamation if you can’t prove damages.
  19. lawsuits
    Bill Cosby Drops Defamation Suit Against Beverly Johnson; Others Still ActiveHe dropped his lawsuit against model Beverly Johnson.
  20. lawsuits
    Ciara Sues Future for DefamationShe’s asking for $15 million.
  21. lawsuits
    Lee Daniels Fights Sean Penn’s Defamation Lawsuit by Quoting Jeff SpicoliCalling it “bogus.”
  22. lawsuits
    Bill Cosby Wins in Court, Gets One Defamation Lawsuit DismissedA judge ruled that Cosby’s statements were “pure opinion.”
  23. defamation
    Lee Daniels Files Motion to Dismiss Sean Penn’s Defamation Suit“The First Amendment is not for sale.”
  24. lawsuits
    Four More Women Join Federal Defamation Suit Against Bill CosbyBringing the total up to 10 women who are now suing Cosby for defamation.
  25. scandals
    K. Ruehli Sues Cosby for DefamationShe and her legal team filed the suit Monday in Massachusetts.
  26. lawsuits
    Sean Penn–Lee Daniels Slander Suit Moves to N.Y.Daniels said Penn has a history of abusing women.
  27. unpopular opinions
    Curvy Women File Lawsuit Against Karl LagerfeldLoose lips get sued.
  28. Objection!
    Gorilla Coffee Case Is Now a Defamation Case StudyOverruled!
  29. equal rites
    Calling Someone Gay Is No Longer Slander in New YorkAn appeals court reversed decades of rulings today.