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  1. delays
    No Time to Die Has Another New Time to Not DieDaniel Craig’s final James Bond film has been postponed to October 8, 2021.
  2. vulture sports
    Japan Reportedly ‘Privately Concludes’ to Cancel the 2021 Tokyo Olympic GamesHowever, the IOC is singing a different tune, declaring that “there is no plan B” for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.
  3. delays
    Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, CBS Delay TV Production in Los AngelesA bevy of shows set to resume production on January 4 have been delayed due to surging COVID-19 cases in L.A. County.
  4. delays
    The Batman Will Return Eventually, But Not Until 2022Luckily, Neo will be around, because Matrix 4 is actually arriving a few months earlier than expected.
  5. delays
    Dune Release Date Reportedly Pushed to October 2021Denis Villeneuve’s epic will be out in time for Halloween … next year.
  6. [snaps in a circle]
    We Won’t Feel Pretty Until 2021 Because the Coronavirus Delayed West Side StoryDisney also pushed back several other movies, including Black Widow.
  7. mulan
    Disney Postpones Mulan and French Dispatch Release Dates IndefinitelyThe news comes days after the indefinite delay of Tenet.
  8. delays
    XO, Oh No: HBO Max’s Gossip Girl Now Won’t Arrive until 2021Due to the you-know-what..
  9. the cw
    Supernatural Will Finish Up Its Final Season This FallThe show’s shooting schedule was cut short by the coronavirus.
  10. right click
    Weezer Pushes Back New Album, Releases Quarantine Music Video to Hold You OverVan Weezer was set for May 15.
  11. bad news
    The New Dixie Chicks AlbumOur Last Shred of Hope, Is Now PostponedNo.
  12. the city
    All the Dogs, Raccoons, and Turkeys Delaying Your Morning CommuteIt’s not just signal problems and sick passengers that slow the subway.
  13. tech
    Bandersnatch Delayed Black Mirror Season 5, or Did You Choose the Wrong Ending?This would never happen at Tuckersoft.
  14. delays
    Lionsgate Cuts John Travolta’s Gotti Biopic Just 10 Days Before ReleaseThe studio hasn’t said why they sold the movie back to the production company at the last minute.
  15. freak accidents
    Ryan Phillippe Injured in ‘Freak Accident,’ Which May Affect Shooter ProductionThe actor is still wrapping up production on season two of his USA drama.
  16. delays
    Laura Poitras Cancels Assange Doc Screening to Add Jeff Sessions UpdateRisk’s May 5 release date is unaffected.
  17. delays
    Terry Gilliam’s Don Quixote Delayed As God Smites Filmmaker Yet AgainThanks to a financing problem.
  18. delays
    Is the Gambit Movie Avoiding Suicide Squad’s Failings?It’s taking its time, which could be a good thing.
  19. subway week
    How a Single Mechanical Failure Sparked 625 MTA DelaysA problem at Union Square cascaded into hours of underground hell, revealing just how fragile the subway really is.
  20. mta
    One Day, 625 DelaysA mechanical failure at Union Square cascaded into hours of underground hell, revealing just how fragile the subway really is.
  21. Sick Passengers Caused 3,000 Train Delays Per Month in NYC This YearMany were vomiters.
  22. verifiably late
    129,000 Subway Riders Requested Late-for-Work Excuse Slips From MTA Last YearDelays are up, and so are requests for official delay-verification forms.
  23. delays
    James Cameron Says the Avatar Sequels Are Delayed Until at Least 2017Cameron’s trying to write the scripts for all three movies at the same time.
  24. delays
    Nicki Minaj Pushes The Pinkprint to DecemberHer new single drops tomorrow.
  25. delays
    Nicki Minaj Has Delayed the Release of ‘Anaconda’She included a racy workout photo to soften the blow.
  26. delays
    The Wachowskis’ Jupiter Ascending Has Been Delayed Until 2015It was supposed to come out in July.
  27. movies
    Ben Affleck’s Live by Night Pushed to 2016Because of Batman stuff.
  28. delays
    Production for Fast & Furious 7 on Hold IndefinitelyIt was scheduled to hit theaters on July 11.
  29. Coming Soon
    Park Slope Calexico Finally Opening in JanuaryMore tacos and Cal-Mex burritos for the neighborhood.
  30. delays
    Kanye Had to Postpone Another Yeezus ShowBecause of “production logistics.”
  31. mansplaining
    George Clooney Explains The Monuments Men’s DelayCGI demands and other junk.
  32. delays
    George Clooney’s The Monuments Men Pushed BackUntil early 2014.
  33. release dates
    Wolf of Wall Street Will in Fact Come Out in 2013It was almost delayed until 2014.
  34. Delays
    Lenox Lounge Reopening Pushed to Spring of 2014Take the A train, but slowly.
  35. delays
    The Steve Carell–Starring Foxcatcher Delayed Until 2014Another Oscar hopeful bites the dust.
  36. delays
    Grace of Monaco’s Release Delayed to Spring 2014Good-bye, Nicole Kidman’s second Oscar.
  37. delays
    Pixar Delays The Good Dinosaur, Won’t Have a Movie in 2014Delaying Finding Dory to 2016.
  38. Delays
    Calexico’s Park Slope Expansion Held Up by Permit IssuesThey’ll start wrapping burritos just as soon as that paperwork gets the official stamp.
  39. delays
    Spike Lee’s Oldboy DelayedTo Thanksgiving.
  40. Brrrr
    Finally: Minus5 Ice Bar Opens Next WeekLet’s hope there aren’t any power outages in July.
  41. delays
    Beyoncé’s Album Still Isn’t Done, Says Ne-YoHmmm.
  42. delays
    Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Delayed to 2014Is it ever actually going to appear?
  43. delays
    Jurassic Park 4’s Release Date Pushed BackSome more time in the amber won’t hurt anybody.
  44. delays
    Tina Fey-Steve Carell Comedy Delayed Another YearSorry, Date Night superfans.
  45. delays
    You’ll Have to Wait Another Week for the New Vampire Weekend AlbumIt’s May 14 now.
  46. delays
    jOBS Release Postponed IndefinitelyUpdate your iCals.
  47. delays
    Spielberg Scraps Robopocalypse for NowIt’s “too important and the script is not ready, and it’s too expensive to produce.”
  48. delays
    M.I.A.’s Album Delayed Thanks to Too Many Good VibesInterscope told her that Matangi is “too positive.”
  49. delays
    Carrie Remake Delayed to OctoberTelekinesis takes time.
  50. Brrrr
    New York’s Upcoming Ice Bar Pushed Back Until SpringMinus5˚ Ice Bar won’t open till spring.
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