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  1. vision 2020
    Pete Buttigieg Drops Out of Presidential RaceMayor Pete has called it quits after failing to win over voters in Nevada and South Carolina.
  2. south carolina debate
    Warren Goes After Sanders in South Carolina DebateShe opened last week’s debate with an attack on Bloomberg. This week it was on the front-runner.
  3. vision 2020
    Millennials Have Formed a Human Shield Around the Bernie Sanders CampaignIf centrist Democrats mount a conspicuous effort to take out Sanders, they’ll risk taking down youth turnout along with him.
  4. the national interest
    Maybe Nominating Michael Bloomberg for President Isn’t a Crazy IdeaAll of the candidates are flawed, but only one can outspend Trump five to one.
  5. last night on late night
    The Democratic Debates Take a Maury-esque Turn on SNLWhat if I told you …
  6. the national interest
    Buttigieg Denies Youthful Indiscretion of Cutting Private Insurance CostsThe most ridiculous “scandal” of the primary yet.
  7. last night on late night
    Bernie Sanders Wants to Give the Bottom Half Some Lovin’Time to slow-jam the news on Fallon.
  8. debates
    More Than 6.6 Million People Watched Last Night’s Democratic DebateIt’s the smallest audience this year for a Democratic debate, but it’s common for ratings to slip as the campaign wears on.
  9. vision 2020
    Could Deval Patrick Shake Up the Primary?Intelligencer staffers discuss the latest moderate to dangle a last-minute presidential run.
  10. politics
    Ellen Made a Surprise Appearance at the Debate Last NightAn unexpected end to the three-hour-long affair.
  11. tv ratings
    Almost 10 Million People Watched Bernie Sanders Yell at Tim RyanBut compared with recent history, it’s a decidedly disappointing number.
  12. podcasts
    Alyssa Milano Likens Marianne Williamson to GalileoOh girlfriend, you are so on my podcast.
  13. feuds
    Even the Democratic Primary Is Caught in the Taylor Swift–Scooter Braun FeudIs Katy Perry a defector?
  14. reality tv
    Marianne Williamson Is Every Weirdo Bachelor ContestantThe first Democratic debates were like the early episodes of a dating reality show.
  15. this week in late night
    This Week in Late Night: For the Debates, Late Night Goes Live!Four of the late-night hosts stayed up past their bedtimes to make debate jokes this week.
  16. last night on late night
    How Late-Night Hosts Reacted to the First Democratic Debate“It was an excellent dress rehearsal for tomorrow’s actual debate.”
  17. tv ratings
    The First Democratic Debates for 2020 Probably Won’t Break Any Ratings RecordsMillions will watch, but it’ll be a shock if ratings come anywhere close to matching the 2016 election cycle.
  18. Ocasio-Cortez Proved That ‘Identity Politics’ Is an Asset for BerniecratsSocialists just put Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Congress by exploiting the Democratic base’s hunger for more diverse representation.
  19. Two Transgender Women Win Major-Party PrimariesThey won their respective primary races in Colorado and Utah.
  20. After Meeting With Obama, Bernie Sanders Moves Toward PeaceSanders now says he looks forward to meeting with Hillary Clinton to “see how we can work together to defeat Donald Trump.”
  21. Bernie Sanders Just Gave the First Speech of His Platform CampaignBernie didn’t concede in California Tuesday night, but he attacked Trump instead of Clinton — and framed the fight ahead as one over policies not superdelegates.
  22. President Obama Seeks Diplomatic Resolution to Primary ConflictThe president congratulated Clinton on her win and invited Sanders to the White House to negotiate the terms of his surrender.
  23. The Sanders Campaign Is Divided Over How It Wants to DieOne top Sanders aide wants to find “common ground” with Clinton after the final votes are cast – another wants to fight through the convention. It’s not clear whose side the boss is on.
  24. democratic primary
    NYT Clinton Reporter Is Getting Death ThreatsWay too many death threats during this campaign.
  25. Bernie Sanders’s ‘Scorched Earth’ Strategy Seems to Be WorkingThe socialist senator is driving up Clinton’s disapproval rating with his supporters – and winning concessions to the party’s left flank in the process.
  26. early and often
    Hillary Clinton: ‘There’s No Way I Won’t Be’ the NomineeThe Sanders campaign is not pleased.
  27. Bernie Sanders Wins Indiana, Rages Against the Dying of the Electoral LightLiberal indies still aren’t ready for Clinton.
  28. Bernie Sanders Fires Hundreds of StaffersThe political revolution will be leaner, and likely more issues-focused going forward.
  29. Sanders Wins Rhode Island, Clinton Wins the RestIn her victory speech, Clinton praised Sanders and called for party unity.
  30. Sanders: Clinton Needs to Earn My SupportersSanders has become allergic to the words “I will support Hillary Clinton if she’s nominated.”
  31. Sanders Supporters Aren’t Ready for HillaryA new poll suggests that Clinton’s historically high unfavorability is driven, in part, by her own party’s voters.
  32. Bernie Sanders Finally Gets Some Respect From a Co-workerOregon senator Jeff Merkley gives the democratic socialist his first Senate endorsement.
  33. Bernie Sanders Will Bring His Campaign to the Vatican Next WeekThe democratic socialist will take time away from the New York primary to try to recruit some cardinals to the political revolution.
  34. Bernie Sanders Says ‘of Course’ Hillary Clinton Is Qualified to Be PresidentThe democratic socialist gives peace a chance.
  35. Clinton Extends an Olive Branch to Sanders After Campaign’s Nastiest DayHours after Sanders called her “not qualified” for the presidency, Clinton says she’ll take Bernie over Trump or Cruz “anytime.”
  36. Hillary Clinton Needs a Plan for Tackling Tax HavensThe Panama Papers spotlight a perfect issue for our populist moment.
  37. Bernie Sanders’s Excessive Pragmatism May Have Cost Him the NominationSanders initially thought he had no chance of defeating Clinton and spent much of 2015 running as a protest candidate, the New York Times reports.
  38. Democratic Socialist Still Best Capitalist in RaceBernie Sanders raised $44 million in March, likely out-raising Clinton for the third straight month.
  39. early and often
    In the South Bronx, Bernie Sanders Gives Clinton Cause for ConcernHis cross-racial coalition of millennials isn’t ready to tone it down.
  40. early and often
    Hillary Clinton: ‘I’m So Sick of the Sanders Campaign Lying About Me’The Democratic contest in New York is heating up.
  41. Live at the Apollo, Hillary Clinton Kicks Off the New York Primary Race Clinton lays out her case against Bernie Sanders.
  42. Clinton Aide Says Sanders Should Watch His Tone If He Wants More DebatesThe Democratic candidates turn their rivalry up to 11 (on a scale of 0 to 20). 
  43. early and often
    Hillary Clinton Has Officially Won the Missouri PrimaryBernie Sanders waived his right to a recount “to save the taxpayers … some money.”
  44. Sanders to Court the Corrupt Establishment The superdelegate system was designed to prevent an insurgent nominee like Sanders. Now it may be his only hope for winning the primary.
  45. Hillary Clinton Sweeps Ohio, Illinois, and MissouriHer Missouri victory came down to a few thousand votes.
  46. 3 Images That Illustrate Why Hillary Clinton Might Lose IllinoisChicago hates Rahm Emanuel so much it might cost Hillary Clinton tonight’s primary.
  47. Why a Sanders Upset in the Midwest Tonight Would MatterIf Sanders can salvage a positive headline from tonight’s contests, he’ll be in for the best three weeks of his campaign thus far.
  48. Hillary Clinton Spent Most of Her Weekend Alienating Progressive VotersClinton tries to win hearts and minds by praising Reagan, scolding protesters, and hugging George W. Bush.
  49. In New Ads, Sanders and Clinton Express Solidarity With Black Protest MovementsHe takes on the ever-unpopular Rahm Emanuel. She commiserates with mothers of victims of police violence.
  50. feel the bern
    Sanders Campaign Sues Ohio to Let 17-Year-Olds Vote in Democratic PrimarySanders needs the teens.
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