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  1. vision 2020
    Diversity Will Continue to Be Democratic Asset in 2020Demographic trends and potentially higher Democratic margins among minorities and suburbanites could be crucial in 2020.
  2. patriotism
    Ingraham Another Super-Patriot Who Doesn’t Actually Like AmericaIngraham is just the latest conservative opinion leader who waves flags constantly but seems to intensely dislike her actual country and its people.
  3. Seniors Are More Conservative Because the Poor Die OffSometimes older voters aren’t just naturally more conservative. It’s just that wealthier and whiter people tend to live longer and healthier lives.
  4. Let’s Add Some Nuance to the ‘Two Americas’ NarrativeBy looking at each state through the Human Development Index, the U.S. looks more like many nations at all different levels of well-being.
  5. Americans Are Outlived by People in Poorer CountriesSouth Korea’s population is slated to become super-long-lived; the U.S. population isn’t.
  6. demography
    Maybe Grad Schools Are the Way to Drive Population GrowthCollege over coal.
  7. demography
    Shotgun Weddings Are One Kind of Marriage Trend That’s Staying StableAnd it says a lot about social class.
  8. The Trump Coalition Won’t Be Easy to Put Back Together in the FutureHis supporters wanted short-term change and opposed long-term change. That gets hard to replicate.
  9. In a Role Reversal, Republicans Looking Rusty, Democrats Looking SunnyTrump and Clinton are changing the electoral map in ways that reflect long-term changes in the appeal of the two parties.
  10. Sweden Has More Men Than Women for the First Time in Recorded HistoryThe next step: patriarchal wasteland.