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  1. the last dance
    A Mortified Carmen Electra Recalls Hiding From Michael JordanOn night two of The Last Dance, Electra recalled the time the greatest basketball player in the world walked in on her and Dennis Rodman.
  2. vulture lists
    19 Outrageous Dennis Rodman StoriesIf The Last Dance has you craving more Dennis Rodman stories, we’ve got you covered.
  3. crystals
    Dennis Rodman Accused of Stealing 400-Pound Crystal from Yoga StudioA yoga studio claims he stole the crystal; Rodman denies the allegations.
  4. Dennis Rodman Is Going to Singapore to Shill for a Marijuana CryptocurrencyThe NBA legend and Kim’s “friend for life” is being sent to Singapore by a cryptocurrency for pot.
  5. Dennis Rodman Is Happy His Pals Trump and Kim Plan to MeetScore one for basketball diplomacy.
  6. unite
    Dennis Rodman Is Trying to Unite the U.S. and North Korea With Ugly SweatersProceeds go toward wounded veterans.
  7. Dennis Rodman Offers to ‘Straighten Things Out’ Between Trump and Kim Jong-unThe Worm claims both leaders as friends, even if Trump is “a little bit crazy sometimes.”
  8. Dennis Rodman Brought Kim Jong-un The Art of the DealAnd a mermaid puzzle.
  9. Turns Out Dennis Rodman Had Nothing to Do With Otto Warmbier’s ReleaseAfter learning the 22-year-old is in a coma, a State Department official went to Pyongyang to demand his release on “humanitarian grounds.”
  10. American Student, Reportedly in a Coma, Sent Home From North Korea PrisonAfter 17 months in detention, Otto Warmbier is expected to arrive in Cincinnati Tuesday night.
  11. basketball diplomacy
    Dennis Rodman Returns to North KoreaThe Celebrity Apprentice star once called Kim Jong-un a “friend for life.”
  12. basketball diplomacy
    Dennis Rodman Spurred Release of North Korean Prisoners, Says Dennis RodmanKim was moved by the letter Rodman sent ten months ago, obviously.
  13. Fox Is Making a Buddy Comedy Based on Kim Jong-un and Dennis Rodman’s […]Last year, Dennis Rodman drew criticism for visiting North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, befriending him, and organizing a basketball game […]
  14. extremely unlikely buddy comedies
    Fox Is Making a Movie Out of Dennis Rodman’s North Korea TripsThe unlikeliest of buddy movies.
  15. unfortunate quotes
    Dennis Rodman Knows Exactly Why He Drinks“Because I’m bored.”
  16. international incidents
    Dennis Rodman’s North Korea Problem Is Just BeginningHe’s under investigation for breaking sanctions.
  17. dear leader
    Kenneth Bae ‘Confesses’ in North KoreaThe American jailed by Kim Jong-un spoke at a “press conference,” probably under duress.
  18. rehab
    Dennis Rodman Is Going to RehabThat North Korea trip was not good for him.
  19. international relations
    Dennis Rodman Apologizes for CNN Rant, Explains He Was Just DrunkGet a little tipsy, imply an American deserves to be in North Korean prison. We’ve all been there.
  20. international affairs
    Dennis Rodman Surprised Kim Jong-un With a ‘Happy Birthday’ SerenadeThings are getting weirder.
  21. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un, Dennis Rodman Star in Space Jam 2No animation this time.
  22. international relations
    Rodman Flips Out, Implies Kenneth Bae Is GuiltyMaybe he should take a break from basketball diplomacy.
  23. international relations
    Dennis Rodman Just Wants Kim Jong-un to Have a Nice Birthday“He’s my friend first. He’s my friend.” 
  24. basketball diplomacy
    Dennis Rodman Convinced Some Other Basketball Players to Go to North KoreaThey’ll participate in a game against a local team.
  25. international relations
    Dennis Rodman Is Stoic About Kim Jong-un Standing Him UpStiff upper lip, Rodman.
  26. Dennis Rodman Is Doing Stuff in North Korea AgainHe’s holding tryouts for a game against former American NBA players. 
  27. international affairs
    Dennis Rodman Cares Not for North Korea’s Political TriflesHe’s just visiting to play ball.
  28. international affairs
    Kim Jong-un’s BFF Dennis Rodman Accidentally Reveals His Baby’s NameSo the trip wasn’t a total bust.
  29. international affairs
    Dennis Rodman Didn’t Do Anything Useful During His Visit to North KoreaAsking Kim Jong-un about freeing imprisoned American Kenneth Bae is not his job.
  30. Dennis Rodman Won’t Bother Pal Kim Jong-un About American PrisonerHe’s just going to North Korea to talk basketball, okay?
  31. Dennis Rodman Wants Nobel Peace Prize for Hanging Out With a Dictator for MoneyOkay. 
  32. international affairs
    Vice Would Have Rather Sent Michael Jordan to North KoreaHe turned them down, but they were fine with Rodman.
  33. best of
    43 of the Best Non-Punk Mohawks EverAnd its less cool step-brother, the faux-hawk.
  34. ‘SNL’ Review: Melissa McCarthy Breaks the Rules“Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did. She just did it backwards and in high heels.” - Former Texas Gov. Ann Richards at the 1988 […]
  35. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: More Kim Jong-un Gibberish With Dennis RodmanPlus: Selena Gomez rocked a mustache for her “Mario Kart Love Song” duet, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  36. international affairs
    Dennis Rodman Planning a North Korean Vacation With New Bestie Kim Jong-un“I don’t condone what he does, but he’s my friend.”
  37. international intrigue
    North Korea Vows to Nuke United StatesBasketball diplomacy has failed.
  38. the other riri
    Dennis Rodman Probably Met Ri Sol-ju’s BabyIf she had one.
  39. dear leader
    Dennis Rodman Is Not Your Typical Ranting Bar PatronBecause he rants about North Korea.
  40. dear leader
    Hugging Dennis Rodman Was the Happiest Moment of Kim Jong-un’s Life*Kim Jong-un gives Rodman many pats on the back.
  41. media
    How to Get Your Camera on Kim Jong-unStart with basketball, end with more basketball.
  42. international affairs
    Dennis Rodman Is Back From North Korea With Some Valuable InsightsKim Jong-un would like Obama to call him.
  43. mysteries
    So, What Exactly Is the Deal With Dennis Rodman?Why is he praising Kim Jong Un so excessively?
  44. dear leader
    Dennis Rodman, Vice Having Fun With DictatorYay!
  45. tweet of the day
    Dennis Rodman Hopes He Meets Psy in North KoreaThat’s some solid diplomacy right there.
  46. international intrigue
    Dennis Rodman Traveling to North KoreaDennis Rodman.
  47. Dennis Rodman’s Dad Really Owned His NamePhilander Rodman had 29 kids by sixteen women.
  48. Celebrity Settings
    Lady Gaga Goes to Crustacean; Alfonso Ribero Dines at KatsuyaMeanwhile, Justin Bieber defends his behavior while leaving Katsuya.
  49. gossipmonger
    Blake Lively Tried To Steal ScarJo’s Role
  50. gossipmonger
    Surprising Friends, Family, Fans, Miley Cyrus Decides Not to Go to CollegeChild stars these days!
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