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  1. ideas
    Social Workers Instead of Police? Denver’s 911 Experiment Is a Promising StartSix months into a pilot program that deploys squads of caregivers in place of cops, there are signs of success.
  2. aviation
    Ancient Boeing 777 Strews Debris Over ColoradoUA328 suffered a catastrophic uncontained engine failure in an incident eerily similar to what happened to a sister aircraft in 2018.
  3. video
    WATCH: Terrifying Video of United 328’s In-Flight Engine FailureThe plane suffered a scary engine failure shortly after taking off from Denver, but the pilots were able to land safely with no reported injuries.
  4. the urbanist
    An Artist’s Guide to DenverArt-filled hotels, fried tacos, and endless vintage shopping.
  5. crime
    Teen ‘Infatuated’ With Columbine Found Dead After Massive ManhuntThe Colorado governor tweeted that the “the potential threat is over.”
  6. food tech
    Robot Drive-throughs Are the Future of Fast FoodAt least at one restaurant in Denver, Colorado.
  7. video feed
    This Is Why You Don’t Eat the World’s Hottest Pepper on Live TVA Denver morning-show anchor “couldn’t breathe,” then barfed on air.
  8. The Pot Industry Is Still Stealing Colorado’s Restaurant WorkersRestaurants can’t afford to keep losing staff to jobs that pay $22 an hour, plus benefits, in a greenhouse.
  9. immigration
    Fear of Deportation Leads 4 Women to Drop Domestic-Abuse CasesThey think ICE agents are targeting courthouses.
  10. big tips
    Kindhearted Restaurant Customer Leaves $100 Tip for Immigrant Server“This lady made me very happy.”
  11. high time
    Denver Becomes the First City to Allow Marijuana Use in Bars and RestaurantsThe measure goes into effect immediately, with a couple of catches.
  12. Dining While Drunk
    Drunk Man Generously Tips $1,000, Then Begs for It Back the Next DayHe thought he was giving $1 bills, not $100s.
  13. The Lucas Brothers Got Too Stoned to Perform at Their 4/20 Show Last NightColorado weed should be enjoyed responsibly – at least, that’s the lesson Kenny and Keith Lucas AKA the Lucas Brothers learned yesterday. The […]
  14. Barbaric Yelp
    This Denver Chef Is the Yelp-Review Vigilante Nobody Asked ForHe’s biting back in a very aggressive way.
  15. He’s Cooked
    Pizzeria Offers Year of Free Pizza to Whoever Finds Its ThiefThe restaurant’s owner really, really wants this guy apprehended.
  16. the high life
    Ambling Through America’s Most Stoned SuburbsA very chill week spent at very high Bible studies, softball games, and dinner parties.
  17. Smoke-Filled Room
    Denver May Let People Smoke Pot at Restaurants and BarsThe city is working on the nation’s first “pot club ordinance.”
  18. Food Science
    Cannabis-Infused Salmon Is Here“You can roll up with a bunch of weed fish and bagels and people are freaking out.”
  19. Denver’s High Plains Comedy Festival Unveils Headliner Anthony Jeselnik […][caption id=”attachment_75851” align=”aligncenter” width=”640”] “”[/caption]Denver’s High Plains Comedy Festival, the event put on by outgoing […]
  20. The Next Wave 2015: The Top Up-and-Coming Comics Outside of NY and LAWelcome to the second semi-annual edition of The Next Wave, Splitsider’s roundup of exciting new comic voices from around the country. Though […]
  21. Can a Mid-Sized City’s Thriving Comedy Scene Survive the LA Exodus?Grawlix’s Adam Cayton-Holland (Photo by Ryan Brackin) If you’re a mid-level comic with a few credits under your belt, at some point you’ve […]
  22. early and awesome
    Denver Bro Asks Obama to Smoke Weed, Gets a Laugh, Posts to InstagramAmerica in 2014 (in Colorado).
  23. Denver’s High Plains Comedy Festival Unveils Its Huge LineupThe High Plains Comedy Festival is returning to Denver for its second year this August 22-23, and they’ve put together a pretty stellar lineup. […]
  24. How the Legal Marijuana Industry Is Helping Grow Denver’s Comedy SceneComedians like Doug Benson and Stephen Colbert have been getting a lot of joke-mileage out of Colorado’s legalization of marijuana last […]
  25. Fast Casual
    Chipotle Sets Sights on Denver-Based Pizza Chain for ExpansionFirst burritos, then noodles, now pizza — and wine on tap.
  26. Beer Me
    Raise a Glass: Local Breweries Bring Home the GABF Gold (Silver, and Bronze)Troegs, Iron Hill, Nodding Head, and Yards were among the winners.
  27. An Animated Tig Notaro On Why It’s Good to Be Disliked in Suburban Denver Dumb Denver (DENVER! YEAH!) crowd from the past, you don’t know anything about anything. First, all your faces are weird. Second, who actually […]
  28. People Still Love The Book of Mormon, Especially People in DenverThe Book of Mormon’s three-week run in Denver sold out in five hours. Five hours! That’s probably less time than it takes to read the actual […]
  29. Fever for Lefebvre
    Ludo Takes A Buffalo Stance in DenverSee some early food porn from LudoBites America.
  30. loose lips
    Julian Assange Scares Off President BushThe former president cancels an appearance at a conference that also hosted Assange, by video.
  31. Mediavore
    Cake Boss Star Arrested; Vikings Raid L.A. RestaurantsRemy Gonzalez is being held on $300,000 bail for an alleged sexual assault, while a group of fake Norse invaders might be eying your table.
  32. Mediavore
    Gordon Ramsay Runs the Marathon; ‘Food Deserts’ Are Targeted for ChangeA celeb chef ran over 26 miles in under four hours while Jewish Groups try to lure better grocers to under-served L.A.
  33. Slideshows
    Slideshow: Chef Jimmy Schmidt Storms Morgan’s in the Desert in La QuintaLa Quinta welcomes a locavore chef who’d rather talk about sustainability than becoming the next celebrity.
  34. Mediavore
    ‘Got Milf?’ Shirts Offend ‘Got Milk?’ Team; Nazarian’s Hotel Plans Slow DownWhile the “Got Milk?” campaign creators mull legal action against a racy knockoff, Sam Nazarian’s hotel ambitions have taken a hit from today’s economic climate.
  35. early and often
    Waldman: The Euphoria of Witnessing Obama’s SpeechThis was the third best day of my life, after my wedding and my daughter’s bat mitzvah.
  36. early and often
    Waldman: The View From the Cheap SeatsIt was dog-eat-dog on the floor of the Pepsi Center last night.
  37. gossipmonger
    Governor Paterson Is Working His Tuchus Off in DenverCindy Adams reports that the lovable gov has been hauling butt around the Democratic National Convention. Plus, gossip about Chace Crawford (of course), Naomi Campbell, and Janice Dickinson.
  38. early and often
    And the Award for the Scariest Denver-Area Hotel Goes To…If you’re IMPORTANT, you get to stay at the Sheraton or the Ritz. Otherwise, you just might be sleeping next door to a wannabe Obama assassin.
  39. early and often
    Denver Dispatch: Will.I.Am on McCain, Muse‘And, you know what, I would like to overcome that kind of stuff. That’s beyond inspirational. That’s triumph. He is an inspiring guy.’
  40. early and often
    Denver Dispatch: ‘Newsweek’ Throws DNC’s Top Party, With Sean Penn and … Walter IsaacsonCameron Crowe told J.J. Abrams that it brought back memories of being with Led Zeppelin on tour.
  41. early and often
    Denver Dispatch: Fred Armisen Does Not Want a Massage Courtesy of Arianna Huffington“I have an inability to relax,” Armisen says.
  42. early and often
    Waldman on Gloria Allred, Angry Clintonites, and the Jockeying for Hillary SignsAllred couldn’t keep the tape over her mouth for very long.
  43. early and often
    Best Speech of Hillary Clinton’s Career Caps Genuinely Exciting DNC NightOn day two of their convention, Democrats finally got some red meat.
  44. early and often
    Denver Dispatch: What We Wouldn’t Do to Get on the Convention FloorWe wondered what exactly we might have to do to get the most coveted floor pass. He laughed and said, “It certainly won’t be dancing.”
  45. early and often
    Denver Dispatch: Meet Your Hilariously Inept DNC ProtesterNo one, including those who were watching the action, could articulate what last night’s protest was about in the first place.
  46. early and often
    Heilemann: Emerging Themes From a Different Kind of ConventionObama has had a rough August, and he needs this convention to really hit the bull’s-eye or he’ll be in serious trouble.
  47. early and often
    Denver Dispatch: Waldman on the Hierarchy of DNC AccessThe single topic of conversation that seems to consume the attention of a fair number of the 50,000 people here is the search for credentials.
  48. early and often
    Barack Obama Weak Link in DNC TV CoverageIf you evaluate the Democratic convention as pure spectacle, five things happened on Monday to make its first evening a pretty big success.
  49. early and often
    Denver Dispatch: Barry Levinson Sees Massive Conspiracy Against Celebs‘It’s been my experience that 90 percent of writers, directors, and actors are basically middle-class people who had talent.’
  50. early and often
    Denver Dispatch: Ayelet Waldman on Being an Obama DelegateI’m an Obama delegate for the state of California, having won a somewhat intense election battle of my own to get here.
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