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  1. When Culture Feels Like O’Hare: On the Shed and the Giant-Sizing of MoMAGiant-sizing our culture.
  2. moment
    The Memphis Design Movement Is Having a MomentThe ’80s aesthetic has reemerged, inspiring Greenpoint ceramicists, Supreme collaborations, and an exhibit at the Met Breuer.
  3. productivity
    Design Won’t Save American WorkersDuring the current fixation on the intersection of design and psychology, it’s worth remembering what workers are going through at the moment.
  4. strat explainer
    What Is Memphis? (And How Can I Get My Hands on It?)The ’80s design movement is back.
  5. design
    This Design Expert Knows How to Make a Small Restaurant Go ViralPaperwhite Studio’s Laureen Moyal is responsible for all the Instagrammable moments in Jack’s Wife Freda and by CHLOE.
  6. WATCH: A Camera Inexplicably Made Out of Cardboard That Actually WorksIt’s real, and it’s magnificent.
  7. design
    How These Restaurateurs Turned a $5 Chinese Buffet Into a Sleek, Modern DinerThe impressive design work at Nickel & Diner plays off its century-old pagoda-style building.
  8. urbanism
    The 4 ‘Spaces’ Cities Need to Make People HappierKey ingredients to urban life.
  9. fashion nostalgia
    Debbie Reynolds Fought to Preserve Hollywood’s Most Iconic CostumesOver the course of four decades, Reynolds collected thousands of film costumes and memorabilia in hopes of placing them in a museum.
  10. Watch: These Wine Bottles Have Stories Attached So You Can Read As You DrinkWine and literature pair together quite well.
  11. This Self-Watering Flowerpot Tips Over When It Needs a RefillHouseplants are now safe from negligence — and long vacations.
  12. pretty things
    This Pretty Box of Vienna Chocolates Is a Surefire Crowd-pleaserDesign maven Murray Moss on holiday nostalgia.
  13. How to Make Sure You Don’t Screw Up Your BallotYou should have a plan before you set out for your polling place, because it’s surprisingly easy to make mistakes.
  14. tech and design 2016
    12 Futuristic Products That Might Change Your LifeWe asked design professionals to pick one new item that might be revolutionary.
  15. These Tepee-Shaped Buildings Were Designed to Be a Pop-up Nursing Home in JapanThere’s even a pool.
  16. space of the week
    How an Iconic Bookstore Transformed Into a French-Design GallerySuzanne Demisch and Stephane Danant have moved their gallery from Chelsea to a legendary space in Greenwich Village.
  17. strange fantasies
    This Is You at Work, Reincarnated As a Fancy PurseYou’re eating a $795 purse for lunch.
  18. This Artist 3-D-Prints His Work With ClayArtist Taekyeom Lee built a 3-D printer and clay extruder that can produce small- and medium-scale ceramic objects.
  19. This Robotic Furniture Is the Answer to Tiny ApartmentsIf you’re cool with living alongside robots, that is.
  20. rose is a rose is a rose
    Why Is Millennial Pink Suddenly So Popular?When did not-pink pink get so ubiquitous, and what does it mean?
  21. Look at These Stylish Hospital Gowns Artists Are Designing for Sick TeensFashionable meets heartwarming. 
  22. gallery
    Rachel Comey’s Art Show Is Full of Chairs Designed by WomenBecause female furniture designers were once invisible.
  23. These Computer Animations of Chinese Opera Dancing Are Bizarrely MesmerizingThe coolest thing you’ll see all day.
  24. Ikea Thinks It’s Designed the Kitchen of the FutureIs this what kitchens will look like in ten years?
  25. This Mildly Ridiculous Furniture Is Designed to Support Your Smartphone MarriageMeet the Slumpie.
  26. Hong Kong Is Taking Micro Apartments to Another LevelLooks like “Transformer”-style furniture is the way of the future. 
  27. 5 Crazy 3-D-Printed Things That Actually ExistWelcome to your future.
  28. hamilton
    See the Original Sketches of Hamilton CostumesFrom costume designer Paul Tazewell.
  29. The CDC Has a New Report Card to Judge If Your Office Is Keeping You HealthyWorkplace wellness starts with building design.
  30. Millions of People Online Designed This Beautiful Swedish HouseWelcome to the “House of Clicks.”
  31. How to Live in a Micro-Apartment Without Going CrazyA psychologist has a few tips for staying happy in tiny spaces.
  32. Design
    Meet the Server Turned Florist Who Draws Inspiration From Chefs“I can’t imagine doing flowers for a restaurant where I don’t have this kind of relationship with the chef.”
  33. Kazuyo Sejima Designed an Invisible TrainArchitect Kazuyo Sejima’s nearly invisible train is coming to Japan in 2018.
  34. art and design 2016
    Inside a Pesce-Heavy Park Avenue ApartmentThe Italian designer reimagined almost every square inch of Publicolor founder Ruth Lande Shuman’s  home.
  35. art and design 2016
    Tour Vito Schnabel’s Art-Packed Palazzo Chupi ApartmentThe art dealer lives amid the fruits of his livelihood and dines on his father’s chairs.  
  36. the urbanist
    A Guide to Los Angeles’s Wildly Inventive New Architecture These buildings embrace nature, density, and public space.
  37. Design
    The New Perla Cafe Doubles As Gabriel Stulman’s Art Gallery“I just love it — Lil Wayne in an astronaut outfit.”
  38. design
    China Is Breaking Up With Its Weird, Wacky Architecture The experimental, anything-goes days are over. And that’s really bad news for U.S. firms. 
  39. Openings
    This New Brooklyn Heights Bar Draws Design Inspiration From Marie AntoinetteLe Boudoir recently opened underneath Chez Moi.
  40. Grub Guide
    13 Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen in 2016Plates from the NoMad, the pots used by Spring, Blackberry Farm’s mint-julep tin, and more.
  41. Design
    Meet the Small, Scrappy Team That Designs NYC’s Coolest New RestaurantsHusband-and-wife team Sarah Carpenter and Chris Horger are behind Seamore’s, several Van Leeuwen shops, and soon the new Bunker.
  42. design
    The Genius Nikes You Can Put on With One HandThe company worked with a teen with cerebral palsy to design the new LeBron Zoom Soldier 8 Flyease.
  43. beyonce
    Beyoncé’s Curves Immortalized in a Skyscraper They are both “structurally efficient.”
  44. Interviews
    Meet the Restaurant World’s Newest Go-To DesignerGlen Coben’s projects are as varied as Gabriel Kreuther, Carbone, Empellón al Pastor, and Båtard.
  45. design
    Ranking the Swank Modernist Homes of L.A. VillainsVillains live pretty well!
  46. lighter shades of green
    Spotify Says It Changed Its Green Logo for Branding Purposes, and MillennialsToo bad everyone hates it.
  47. encounter
    Talking to the Man Who Introduced Danish Modern Design to AmericaAt almost 99, Jens Risom is still working.
  48. design
    A New Pop-up Brings Vintage Décor to BarneysAll mid-century, all the time. 
  49. it’s vintage
    This Might Be the Best Vintage Shopping Site EverLa Double J goes inside some of Milan’s most glamorous homes.
  50. design hunting
    See 6 Beautiful, Genius Objects From the New Cooper HewittIt all starts with the spark of a brain and the art of a hand.  
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