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  1. 2012 world series
    Giants Win Second World Series in Three YearsThey made it look easy.
  2. 2012 world series
    San Francisco Wins World Series, Celebrates With FireThe city’s second Series sweep leads to the usual unhinged celebration.
  3. 2012 world series
    Giants Take 2-0 World Series LeadThe San Francisco Giants beat the Detroit Tigers 2-0 to go up 2-0.
  4. 2012 world series
    Pablo Sandoval Hit Three Homers in Game One of the World Series Last NightHe became the fourth player to hit three homers in a single Fall Classic game.
  5. a grown man watching a video game play itself
    Our PS3 Likes Tigers in FiveThe Tigers will be the World Series champs, says a machine.
  6. 2012 world series
    More Than a Century After Merkle’s Boner, a Giants-Tigers World SeriesThe Giants and Tigers will finally meet, 104 years later, in the Fall Classic.
  7. 2012 world series
    It’s a Giants-Tigers World SeriesThe Giants pound the Cardinals to advance to their second World Series in three years.
  8. yankees fin
    The Yankees’ Season Is OverThat’s the end of it.
  9. 2012 alcs
    By the Way, If the ALCS Goes the Distance, Now CC Sabathia Can’t Start Game 7Brian Cashman has already said the Yankees ace won’t start Game 7 on two days rest.
  10. yankees
    Yankees Still Can’t Hit, Behind 3–0 in ALCSThe Yankees lose Game 3 of the ALCS and are on the brink of elimination.
  11. 2012 alcs
    So, How Worried Should You Be About Justin Verlander?Pretty worried.
  12. 2012 alcs
    ALCS: Yep, Panic Is Setting In, Isn’t It?Joe Girardi’s best lineup hasn’t been good enough.
  13. 2012 alcs
    Yankees Bats Vanish Yet Again in ALCS ShutoutThe Yankees fall behind to the Tigers 2-0 with a 3-0 loss.
  14. 2012 alcs
    The Yankees Lose Game One … and Derek JeterThis time, a miracle Raul Ibanez homer backfired.
  15. 2012 alcs
    Our PS3 Likes the Yankees to SweepThe Yankees dominate.
  16. 2012 mlb playoffs
    Okay, Let’s Look at All the Possible Yankees ScenariosThis could get complicated.
  17. yankees
    Ugly Wins Count, TooThe Yankees came way too close to blowing a 7-0 lead last night.
  18. yankees
    The Yankees Are Cooling Off a Little Too MuchAnother loss.
  19. yankees
    Justin Verlander Shuts Down the YankeesIt was actually only the second-best game pitched against the Yankees since Saturday.
  20. yankees
    Phil Hughes Outpitched Justin Verlander YesterdayGo figure.
  21. jews
    Delmon Young Gets Drunk, Yells About JewsWe know this because of what happened in Midtown last night.
  22. 2011 alcs
    Nelson Cruz Goes Where Robin Ventura Could NotAnd by that we mean: all the way around the bases, after hitting the ball over the fence with the bases loaded.
  23. 2011 alds
    The Yankees Season Is OverThe Yankees lose to the Tigers, and their season ends.
  24. 2011 alds
    ALDS Game Five: The Rookie Gets the Ball With the Season on the LineIt’s do or die for both the Yankees and the Tigers tonight.
  25. Mike Francesa Is Not Familiar With This ‘Al Alburquerque’ You Speak OfC’mon people, stop prank calling Francesa about guys who’ve pitched twice in the ALDS so far.
  26. 2011 alds
    The Three Best Things About A.J. Burnett’s Outing Last NightFirst and foremost, he survived the patented A.J. Burnett Really Bad Inning.
  27. 2011 alds
    A.J. Burnett Brings the ALDS Back to the BronxThe Yankees win Game Four of the ALDS, and the series is tied.
  28. ALDS Game Four: In A.J. We Trust, for What Other Choice Do We Have?The righty takes the ball with the season on the line tonight.
  29. 2011 alds
    CC Sabathia’s Disappointing NightJustin Verlander made some mistakes last night, but CC Sabathia made more.
  30. 2011 alds
    ALDS Game Three: Is This a Must-Win for the Yankees?Not necessarily. But it’s pretty close.
  31. 2011 alds
    What’s Going on With Alex Rodriguez?He’s hitless in the ALDS so far.
  32. 2011 alds
    Yanks Suddenly Find Themselves TiedThe Tigers win Game Two to tie the ALDS.
  33. 2011 alds
    Yanks Breeze in Quick, Easy, 27-Hour ALDS Game OneThe Yankees pound the Tigers 9-3 in Game One of the American League Championship Series.
  34. a grown man watching a video game play itself
    Our PS3 Likes the Yankees in FiveThe only authority that matters weighs in.
  35. detroit tigers
    Five Things Tigers Fans Are Thinking Right NowBesides “eeeeeeee Verlander.”
  36. 2011 alds
    Game One Preview: Hey, Remember CC Sabathia?The big lefty takes the ball in Game One tonight.
  37. 2011 alds
    So, About This Verlander Fellow …He’s not the only reason the Tigers present a real challenge, but he’s the biggest one.
  38. 2011 alds
    By the Way, the Yankees’ ALDS Opponent Was Determined Last Night’Twas a busy night.
  39. 2011 mlb playoffs
    Who Would the Yankees Rather Play in the ALDS?Unfortunately, they can’t play the Twins this year.
  40. mets
    The Mets Win by Another Football ScoreThey routed the Tigers 16–9 last night.
  41. yankees
    A Mixed Day for the Yankees’ Bench (and, Also, Another Loss)The good and the bad for Eric Chavez and Eduardo Nunez, in a 6–3 Tigers win.
  42. yankees
    The Yankees Start Off With a WinOne down, 161 to go.
  43. johnny damon
    Johnny Damon ‘Leaning Toward’ Nixing Move to BostonBoston claimed him off waivers, but he might not go.
  44. yankees
    The Yankees Beat Up on the Tigers, But Not LiterallyThe 11-5 win put the Yankees back atop the A.L. East all by themselves.
  45. bad blood
    The Yankees and Tigers Are Ready to RumbleAlso, the Yankees won.
  46. yankees
    CC Sabathia Makes Everything OkayThe lefty makes it through seven innings in the 6-2 win over Detroit.
  47. no pie for you
    Tampa Bay Has Caught the Yankees AgainNo pie last night.
  48. mets
    The Mets Are a Steamroller, BabyThe Mets win, again.
  49. mets
    The Mets’ Wild-Card Magic Number Is 94!The Mets, back playing again.
  50. jim joyce
    How a Botched Perfect-Game Call Brought Out the Best in Everybody (Except Us)Jim Joyce, Armando Galarraga: good. Everyone else: bad.
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