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  1. the cut podcast
    The Joy of SextOn this week’s The Cut podcast, a plea to end the mediocre dick pic.
  2. sorry!
    I Like the Way Tiffany Haddish ThinksThe comedian paints an arresting mental image.
  3. new concepts
    Do You Have Big Dick Energy?If you have to ask …
  4. select all
    Twitter Users Can’t Stop Sucking Up to Dick’sNot much else to say here really.
  5. small hands
    Alex Jones Defends Trump Against ‘Small Genitals’ Rumors“Nothing to do with the media trying to say the president has small genitals. And by the way he doesn’t even have small hands.”
  6. select all
    Navy Apologizes After Pilot Skywrites PenisJust a big old phallus among the clouds.
  7. sex negative
    Worst Sex Ever: ‘The Biggest Dick I’d Ever Seen’“I told my colleague that I had to cut out early to go see a man about his very large dick. It was my Mount Everest, and I intended to climb it.”
  8. niche drama
    This Week in Drama: the Rogue Lawn Pooper, a Mariah Carey Lawsuit, and MoreWe recap the pettiest squabbles, juiciest feuds, and other niche drama you didn’t know you were living for every week.
  9. cautionary tales
    Guess Which Body Part a Man Got Stuck in This Weight at the GymHint: The fire department report called it “sensitive.”
  10. year in culture 2016
    The 10 Best Art Shows of 2016What art and which artists had inklings we were entering a paradigm shift?
  11. iconography
    New Emoji Goes Way Beyond EggplantA lot of D options.
  12. dong watch
    Bieber’s Dad Being Super-Creepy About Son’s PenisHis baby boy is a man now.
  13. dong watch
    Lenny Kravitz’s Dick Wants to Fly Away A NSFW narrative of freedom.
  14. Today We Celebrate Penis-Shaped Meat!Hot Dog Day is a win for “sausage” lovers.
  15. gratuitous male objectification
    When Is a Penis Too Good to Break Up With? A.k.a., Dick Too Bomb.
  16. digital get down
    3-D-Printed Dick Pics Are the Way of the FutureBetter sexting through technology?
  17. crimes and misdemeanors
    Blizzard’s Cruelest Carjacker Lets Victim Clear Snow FirstMean, but effective.
  18. many many dicks
    Universal Lessons From a Dude With Two Penises Reddit’s New Year’s AMA contains multitudes.
  19. media spats
    Piers Morgan ‘Couldn’t Give a Toss’ About That ‘Dick’ Andrew SullivanThe CNN host is pretty sure he’s driving the conversation, thanks.
  20. crimes and misdemeanors
    Craigslist Subpoenaed Over Black Market GasAttorney general wants to know about price gougers.
  21. Kathryn Hahn Has So Much To Say About Joe Lo Truglio’s Penis There are some amazing shots of this particular penis. A really amazing one through car windows, squatting down, just the nuts, it’s pretty […]
  22. vast right-wing conspiracies
    Bill Clinton Says Dick Cheney Is Up to No Good“But I admire that he’s still out there hitting the ball.”
  23. dicks
    Barbara Walters Grills Dick Cheney: ‘Was the Iraq War Worth It?’She won’t let him leave the couch till she gets her answer!
  24. dicks
    Just for Kicks, Dick Cheney Encourages Hillary Clinton to Run Against President ObamaGood times.
  25. dicks
    Ignore Dick Cheney: Condoleezza Rice Would Never CryThe former secretary of state becomes the latest to slam Dick Cheney’s memoir.
  26. dicks
    Ex-Powell Aide: Dick Cheney Was Practically President, Fears War Crime ProsecutionThe former vice-president is a “very vindictive person.”
  27. dicks
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: The Dysfunctional Relationship of Dick Cheney and Colin PowellThe ‘Morning Joe’ panel discusses the former vice-president’s tell-all book.
  28. dicks
    Colin Powell’s Head Still Intact After Reading Dick Cheney’s BookApparently, the former VP’s “cheap shots” did not have the desired effect.
  29. dicks
    Dick Cheney’s Dog Attacked George W. Bush’s Dog at Camp DavidDave, a 100-pound yellow Lab, was then banned from the Laurel lodge.
  30. dicks
    Dick Cheney Says There Will Be ‘Heads Exploding All Over Washington’There are certain metaphors some people shouldn’t use.
  31. dicks
    Expected and Unexpected: Dick Cheney’s Memoir EditionCheney’s “prolonged, vivid dream” after his heart surgery falls into the “unexpected” category.
  32. dicks
    Dick Cheney Expected to Have a Debilitating Heart Attack at Any MomentHe kept a letter of resignation locked up in a safe at all times, just in case.
  33. A Brief Discussion About the First Two and a Half Men Promo Photo with […]Adam Frucci: http://insidetv.ew.com/2011/07/19/two-and-a-half-naked-photo/ hoo boy Halle Kiefer: WE MEAN THEIR DICKS Adam Frucci: HIGH […]
  34. dicks
    Dick Cheney to Finally Share His Opinions on ThingsHis memoir is coming out in August.
  35. white men with money
    Dick Fuld Won’t Let an SEC Investigation Keep Him From Giving Investment AdviceThe S-E-C you say? Nope. Doesn’t sound familiar.
  36. dicks
    Former Investment Banker’s Human-Trafficking Business Is BoomingMail-order brides are really cost-effective, aptly named Wharton grad Joseph Weiner explains.
  37. crimes and misdemeanors
    The Cheney Family’s Next Vacation Destination: Not NigeriaBecause he would probably be arrested on bribery charges.
  38. dick in a box?
    Please Identify This Object Raffaello Follieri Gave to Anne Hathaway (Updated)Serious question: Is this a dick in a box?
  39. things that are unintentionally hilarious
    Dicks In, BJ’s Out at Bank of AmericaWhat? What’s funny about that?
  40. neighborhood news
    Little Italy Will Not Tolerate Tucker Max’I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell’ poster defaced!
  41. dicks
    Warner Bros. Lets Kevin Smith Keep His DicksThe studio won’t make him change the name of his movie to ‘A Couple of Cops.’
  42. dicks
    Why Can’t Kevin Smith Have a Provocatively Titled Movie?First, there was the not-at-all-intentional uproar over ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno,’ and now Warner Bros. is making Kevin Smith change another stupid title.