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  1. Trump Says Globalism Is a Threat to ‘the West.’ Macron Says Trump Is.Ahead of Trump’s visit to Paris, the French president says that the Western world has been “cracking up since the American election.”
  2. Trump Brought Up Russian Meddling at Top of Putin Meeting, Says TillersonAt a meeting than ran 90 minutes longer than expected, Trump and Putin discussed Russian interference in U.S. elections, the secretary of State says.
  3. Secretary of State Gives Up on Diplomacy, Berates White HouseTillerson is tired of the White House blocking his hires and letting the president’s son-in-law usurp his authority. And he’s done holding his tongue.
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    Russia Is Recalling Its Controversial Ambassador, Sergey KislyakSoon there will be one less person Trump administration officials have to avoid taking selfies with.
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    Trump May Skip U.K. Trip Due to His Unpopularity ThereThe president is reportedly worried about large-scale protests against him.
  6. Trump Trashes Key U.S. Ally in Defiance of His Diplomats (Again)The administration was trying to reassure Qatar that it has America’s support, when Trump declared Doha a funder of terrorism at a “very high level.”
  7. The World Without AmericaPresident Trump is relinquishing the United States’ global leadership role. But rather than leave a vacuum, other countries are stepping up.
  8. Trump Doubles Down on Feud With Germany in Early-Morning TweetAs Germany’s political leaders express their loss of faith in the U.S., Trump vows to change Berlin’s “very bad” conduct toward the U.S.
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    Here’s a Report Card for President Trump’s First Foreign Trip“Needs improvement.”
  10. Russia Misled White House About Oval Office PhotographerThe White House thought Lavrov’s photographer was not a member of the news media. But he was one — and, also, maybe, a spy.
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    Trump Had ‘Very Good’ Meeting With Russian Officials Hours After Axing ComeyVladimir Putin also weighed in from Russia, while wearing a hockey uniform.
  12. Trump Says He Would Be ‘Honored’ to Meet Kim Jong-un“Under the right circumstances, I would meet with him,” Trump said. He did not specify what the right circumstances would be.
  13. Tillerson Meets Putin in Moscow With U.S.-Russia Relations at ‘Low Point’“The world’s two foremost nuclear powers cannot have this kind of relationship,” Tillerson said.
  14. Jared Kushner Is One of Trump’s Top Advisers on U.S.-China PolicyTo prepare for his meeting with Xi Jinping, Trump is relying on the expertise of his son-in-law, an oil executive, and a 93-year-old man.
  15. Tillerson: Sanctions Will Remain Until Russia Leaves Ukraine“We do not, and will not, accept Russian efforts to change the borders of territory of Ukraine.”
  16. Rex Tillerson’s Dangerous SilenceSometimes the world hears alarming things when America doesn’t speak.
  17. China Wants to Play Peacemaker in North KoreaBeijing proposes a deal to ease hostilities between the U.S. and North Korea — and prevent a “head-on collision” between the two nations.
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    Russian Foreign Ministry Says Ambassador Would Meet With Sarah Jessica ParkerParker posted a “Sex and the City” meme that joked about Russia’s relationship with the Trump administration.
  19. Retired Generals to Congress: Please Don’t Cut International SpendingIncreasing the Pentagon’s budget at the expense of everything else isn’t going to make America safer.
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    Tillerson Takes First Official Trip Abroad, Meets With Russian CounterpartAmerica’s top diplomat got off to a bit of a stilted start.
  21. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau One-ups Trump at the Handshake GameAt a press conference, Trump ranted about his electoral win and Mexico, while Trudeau delivered a small burn on refugee policy.
  22. Trump Nixes Plan to Appoint a War Criminal to the State DepartmentThe president was fine with Elliott Abrams’s history of fomenting coups and abetting genocide — but not with the neocon’s NeverTrump past.
  23. In Call With Putin, Trump Trashes Nuclear Arms Treaty He’d Never Heard OfWhen Putin asked Trump about extending New START, the president asked his aides what that was — then decried the treaty as a “bad deal.”
  24. Trump Sends Belated New Year’s Greetings to Chinese LeaderAfter provoking China before and immediately after his election, the president is playing a poor game of diplomatic catch-up.
  25. Trump Is Turning America’s Closest Allies Against UsThe House of Commons won’t let the American president address it, while Germany’s top newspaper calls on the free world to mobilize against Trump.
  26. Trump Just Replaced the State Department’s Senior ManagementRex Tillerson will begin his tenure at the State Department with no one experienced at managing its bureaucracy to guide — or constrain — him.
  27. China Would Like Trump to Stop Conducting Diplomacy Over TwitterChinese state media decried Trump’s “obsession with Twitter foreign policy” Tuesday, reminding him that geopolitics aren’t “child’s play.”
  28. Donald Trump Tweets Out New Policy Toward CubaThe president-elect announced that he will “terminate” the Obama administration’s opening with Cuba if the island refuses to cut a better “deal.”
  29. Trump Is Now Trying to Appoint Ignorant Loyalists to Britain’s Government, TooTrump tweets that Nigel Farage would make a great U.K. ambassador to the U.S. The U.K. begs to differ.
  30. Two U.S. Diplomats Were Reportedly Drugged in Russia Last YearIt’s part of a broader campaign of harassment against American officials in Russia.
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    Trump Favors Regime Change in Iran, Says He’ll Attack Them Over Rude GesturesWhile accusing Clinton of being trigger-happy, Trump seemed to indicate that wounded pride was reason enough for war.
  32. obama goes to cuba
    President Obama Arrives in Cuba for Historic VisitIt’s the first visit by a U.S. president since 1928.
  33. U.S. Criticizes Israel’s West Bank PoliciesThe ambassador also suggested that the expansion of West Bank settlement calls Israel’s commitment to the two-state solution into question.
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    Sanctions on Iran Lifted Following Nuclear Deal ComplianceThe country met its commitments under last summer’s nuclear agreement, and can now rejoin the world economic community. 
  35. huh?
    Iran Promises to Give Back U.S. Sailors It Is Currently DetainingWait, what?
  36. diplomacy
    Paris Attacks Prompt Agreement At Syria Peace TalksSignificant hurdles remain, but diplomats worked together to set an ambitious timeline for ending Syria’s civil war.
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    In Iran, People Are Literally Dancing in the Streets Over the Nukes DealSafe to say, a much more ebullient reaction than the deal is getting in D.C.
  38. diplomacy
    You May Be Able to Take a Cruise to Cuba in 2016Travelers will have to take part in “cultural, artistic, faith-based and humanitarian” experiences.
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    U.S. Embassy in Cuba Set to Reopen by the End of JulyPresident Eisenhower ended diplomatic relations with Cuba in 1961.
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    John Kerry Just Wants You to Know He Is Still Working, Despite His Broken Leg“The work continues!”
  41. John Kerry Went to Russia and All He Got Was This T-Shirt (and Some Tomatoes)According to the Secretary of State’s Twitter feed, they had “frank discussions.”
  42. foreign affairs
    Can Israel and U.S. Repair Relations?It’s not the first time this “special relationship” has been on the rocks.
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    Steven Seagal, Honorary U.S. Diplomat?“Our reaction was, ‘You’ve got to be kidding.’”
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    Foreign Diplomats Owe New York City $16 Million in Unpaid Parking TicketsArrest them all!
  45. joetorious
    Joe Biden and George W. Bush Disagree on the Matter of Putin’s Soul Bush said he saw into the soul, but Biden says it doesn’t exist.
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    John Kerry Seems Frustrated by Israel’s Gaza Strategy A hot-mike moment.
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    U.S. Ambassador to Russia Will Leave After the Olympics“Reset” architect throws in the towel.
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    Obamas, Biden ‘Too Busy’ for Winter OlympicsU.S. delegation happens to include gay athletes.
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    Iran Agrees to Temporary Plan to Curb Its Nuclear ProgramIn exchange for the easing of economic sanctions.
  50. que syria syria
    U.N. Vote Requires Syria to Surrender Chemical Weapons or Else … SomethingA landmark agreement with no threat of force.
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