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  1. india
    India Sees 400,000 New Cases in a Day: COVID-Crisis UpdatesThere’s still no end in sight.
  2. disasters
    A Few Thoughts About the Big BoatSometimes we all get stuck.
  3. speculation
    It Sure Looks Like the Ukrainian Airliner May Have Been Accidentally Shot DownIt’s early, and new facts will emerge. But that scenario certainly fits better with what we now know than the official explanation of engine failure.
  4. disasters
    Yikes, People Really Hate That Peloton AdAmid the widespread backlash, Peloton’s market value has dropped by $1.5 billion.
  5. celebrations
    Gender-Reveal Party Ends in Massive Fight Outside Applebee’sTensions ran high over blue confetti.
  6. ahhhh
    The Wildest Gender-Reveal Party DisastersIncluding the man who started an actual wildfire.
  7. disasters
    The Real Housewives of New York Reportedly Took a Traumatizing Boat RideThe boat caught fire, there weren’t enough life jackets, and everyone was screaming and vomiting.
  8. awful things
    Russian Airliner Crashes Near Moscow, Killing 71The cause of the crash is still unknown, but terrorism doesn’t seem to be suspected.
  9. foreign affairs
    Cape Town’s Water Crisis Should Be a Warning to the WorldMajor cities running dry are a predictable consequence of climate change, population growth, and poor water management.
  10. first person
    More Than Vineyards Were Lost in the California FiresLast month, I watched the place I’m from burn down.
  11. hurricane irma
    Hurricane Irma Continues Devastating March Across CaribbeanThe Category 5 storm is moving past the Dominican Republic. Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas are bracing for the hurricane’s next blow.
  12. uk
    As U.K. Races to Prevent Another High-Rise Disaster, Lax Regulation Draws BlameSixty British high-rises have already failed fire-safety tests following the devastating Grenfell Tower inferno. Hundreds more may still be at risk.
  13. ‘Unprecedented’ Fire Destroys London Apartment BuildingAround 600 people were in the high-rise.
  14. spring break frat party
    Fyre Festival Organizers Reportedly Blew Early Funding on Models and YachtsOf course.
  15. warnings
    I Worked at Fyre Festival. It Was Always Going to Be a Disaster.“We were standing in an empty gravel pit trying to figure out how to build a festival village from scratch”
  16. disasters
    Famous Guests Were Reportedly Warned Not to Go to Fyre Festival in Advance“They called all the A-list names and the modeling agencies and told them not to come.”
  17. reflections
    Life Lessons From the Great Fyre Festival DisasterWhat we can all learn from a luxury music festival gone bust.
  18. Ja Rule’s Luxury Fyre Festival Postponed Amid Reports of ‘Mass Chaos’“There are no villas, just a disaster tent city.”
  19. 6.2-Magnitude Earthquake Rocks Central Italy, Killing at Least 37 PeopleThe quake was felt as far away as Rome and Venice.
  20. disasters
    BuzzFeed Documents the Nina Simone Disaster“I really want people of color to tell the stories of people of color.”
  21. Surviving Bryan Cranston’s Nightmarish ‘Vacation’ Knock-Off, ‘National […] I have long been perversely fascinated by a direct-to-video atrocity known alternately as National Lampoon’s Holiday Reunion or National […]
  22. Disasters
    Devastating Fire Causes Famed Edwards Smokehouse to Close IndefinitelyTheir ham is renowned by chefs around the country.
  23. awful things
    Myanmar Landslide Kills More Than 120 MinersMany more are still missing.
  24. russian plane crash
    What Brought Down the Russian Metrojet Flight Over Egypt?A malfunction or malice — and at whose hand?
  25. At Least 260 Dead After Massive Earthquake Strikes Afghanistan“Significant casualties are likely and the disaster is potentially widespread.”
  26. disasters
    Dams Fail Across South Carolina As Floodwaters Kill 19The state is still grappling with the fallout from the historic rainfall. 
  27. disasters
    Stampede Leaves More Than 700 Dead Near Mecca [Updated]It could be the most fatal Hajj disaster since 1990. 
  28. disasters
    Commercial Flight Carrying 54 People Crashes in Indonesia Search-and-rescue teams haven’t yet been able to reach the wreckage.
  29. disasters
    Hundreds of Bodies Recovered From Capsized Ship in ChinaThe disaster’s death toll is now nearly 400.
  30. china
    Chinese Authorities Flip Ship That Sank Back Over No more survivors are expected.
  31. transportation
    Hundreds of Tourists Missing After Ship Capsizes in ChinaAt least 15 survivors have been found.
  32. disasters
    Earthquake in Nepal Kills More Than 2,500 [Updated]The 7.8-magnitude quake struck just 50 miles from Kathmandu.
  33. awful things
    As Many As 900 People Dead in Mediterranean Shipwreck [Updated]The boat was carrying people fleeing the chaos Libya.
  34. disasters
    One Black Box Recovered From AirAsia WreckageThey’ve also located the cockpit voice recorder.
  35. disasters
    Tail of AirAsia Jet Found at the Bottom of the Java SeaThe discovery could lead to the location of the plane’s black boxes.
  36. disasters
    Officials Confirm Bodies and Wreckage Are From AirAsia JetThe plane went down on the coast of Borneo.
  37. Fire on Greek Ferry Leaves at Least 10 Dead, Dozens Injured “It was like a scene from hell,” said one passenger.
  38. disasters
    Officials Believe AirAsia Jet Is ‘at the Bottom of the Sea’Search crews have spotted oily patches and “suspicious” objects.
  39. disasters
    Rescuers Working to Save People on Burning FerryThe boat is drifting off the coast of Albania.
  40. disasters
    AirAsia Plane Carrying 162 People Missing Somewhere Over Java Sea Search operations have been suspended for the night.
  41. Disasters
    Wine Losses From Northern California Quake Will Likely Total MillionsSome wine producers lost dozens of barrels, while others lost just a few bottles.
  42. very sad things
    6.5-Magnitude Earthquake Kills at Least 367 People in China [Updated]It was the strongest tremor to hit the Yunnan province in 14 years. 
  43. disasters
    Pro-Russia Rebels Seize Bodies of Malaysia Airlines Crash Victims And the plane’s black boxes.
  44. explanations
    Why Were Some Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 Victims Found Without Their Clothes?An explanation.
  45. crimes and misdemeanors
    Entire South Korean Ferry Crew Now in Police Custody 115 people remain missing.
  46. very sad things
    Divers Continue Grim Task of Recovering Bodies From Sunken South Korean FerryMany of them with broken fingers from trying to escape.
  47. very sad things
    South Korean President Says Ferry Crew’s Actions Were ‘Murderous’As four more crew members are detained.
  48. very sad things
    Captain and Crew Members of Sunken South Korean Ferry ArrestedThe third mate steering the Sewol had no experience navigating the rough waters where the disaster occurred.
  49. very sad things
    Man Rescued From Sunken South Korean Ferry Hangs Himself; Captain Faces ArrestMore terrible news from the ongoing tragedy.
  50. disasters
    South Korean Ferry Survivors Say Evacuation Orders Came Too Late285 people remain missing.
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