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  1. health
    Is Disney World Photoshopping Masks Onto Its Maskless Guests?It certainly looks like it.
  2. the coronavirus
    Disney World Is Opening a COVID-19 Testing Center for Park EmployeesActors’ Equity previously filed a grievance with Disney due to its lack of testing for park employees.
  3. today in the nba bubble
    NBA Bubble to Allow Family and ‘Friends,’ Prompting Uncomfortable ConversationsUnfortunately, people “known by the player only through social media” will not be allowed in.
  4. disney
    Walt Disney World Is Cutting Back Its Hours of OperationRoughly a month after reopening on July 11.
  5. coronavirus
    Turns Out People Don’t Want to Go to Disney WorldIt doesn’t matter whether businesses reopen if consumers don’t feel safe — or can’t afford — patronizing them.
  6. the coronavirus
    Disney World Updates Coronavirus Rules to Ban Eating and WalkingAt the same time, that is.
  7. reopening
    ‘It’s Kind of Like You’re in an Alternate Reality’A Disney World attractions manager on trying to stay safe — and keep the “magic” alive — from behind a mask and face shield.
  8. covid-19
    How’s Disney World’s Reopening Going?The self-proclaimed “happiest place on earth” is opening its gates amid a massive spike in COVID-19 cases.
  9. shivers
    Disney World Releases Chilling Reopening VideoIt has been widely compared to a horror-movie trailer.
  10. the coronavirus
    Disney World Reopens Amid Coronavirus, Because It’s a Perverse World After AllMasks are required for all guests, although photos suggest a lack of social distancing.
  11. covid-19
    Disney World Is Reopening. Some Workers Are Worried.The Disney’s flagship theme park reopens this weekend. But has the company done enough to protect workers from the coronavirus?
  12. disney
    Florida Disney World Is Seriously Going to Reopen This WeekendIn the face of a massive COVID-19 surge in the state, Disney is plowing ahead with its plans.
  13. coronavirus
    Abigail Disney Wants You to Bippity Bop the Hell Away From Her Family’s ParksSplash Mountain won’t save you from the coronavirus.
  14. robots
    Is Robot Trump a Better Speaker Than Real Trump?Yes.
  15. westworld with lightsabers
    The New Star Wars Hotel Is Westworld With Lightsabers. What Could Go Wrong?The experiential hotel you never thought you needed.
  16. This Is Why Disney Spent Half a Billion Dollars on an Avatar Theme ParkIt all has to do with a certain boy wizard.
  17. wench news
    Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Ride Will No Longer Feature a Bride AuctionOne less awkward, pirate-related question you’ll have to field from your kids this summer.
  18. Go to Disney World Now, Before You Have KidsIt’s perfect, unexpected Zen.
  19. ‘Star Wars Land’ Opens in This Galaxy’s Disney World and Disneyland in 2019Wizarding World of Harry Potter is getting some competition.
  20. Report Says Disney World Alligator Bit Boy’s HeadA detailed account of what happened before and during the tragedy.
  21. modern day social media
    Bippity Boppity Boo: Disney Intern Fired, Rehired Over Alligator TweetIt’s a sensitive subject.
  22. tower of marvel
    Guardians of Galaxy Taking Over Tower of TerrorBecause there isn’t enough Marvel stuff.
  23. The Big Leagues
    Brooklyn’s Acclaimed Ample Hills Will Open a Disney LocationIt’s the company’s first outside New York City.
  24. vacation all i ever wanted
    The Saddest Man at the Happiest Place on EarthBen Affleck on a post-divorce trip to Disney World.
  25. feats of strength
    No One Pushes Up Like GastonNo one stays in character as an incredible jerk like Gaston.
  26. The Other Critics
    A 10-Year-Old Girl Wrote an Adorably Snide Review of Disney’s CinderellaYou may wish upon a star, but you’re still getting zero of them.
  27. Video Feed
    Watch a Big Fish Tank at a Disney Restaurant Burst at the SeamThe kitchen staff worked to save the fish.
  28. Greedo Shot Picklebacks
    Disney’s Rumored Star Wars Land May Include Real-Life Mos EisleyA young craft-cocktail-loving padawan can dream, right?
  29. It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s a … Fire-Breathing Flying Dragon!No, really, that’s what it is.
  30. star wars
    Darth Vader Visited Disney WorldWe’d start with the Tea Cups.
  31. star wars
    Star Wars Characters Dancing to LMFAO Way to destroy everything we know and love, “Dance-Off with the Star Wars Stars 2012” at Disney World.
  32. brave
    Meet Merida From BraveAnd the Disney marketing machine starts its engines …
  33. na’vi novelties
    Disney World Will Soon Include Pandora’Avatar’ is coming to Disney World.
  34. clickables
    Learn Some Questionable History at Disney’s Hall of PresidentsPoor Jimmy Carter.
  35. economic indicators
    Tourist Stampede, Chris Christie Head to Disney Theme ParksDisneyland has been shut down.
  36. jerks
    Osama Once Visited AmericaIf only he’d seen Disney World instead of Indiana.
  37. Does Blago Think Disney World Will Protect Him?He’s indicted on sixteen felony counts while on “vacation.”
  38. Mediavore
    Danny Meyer Might Fix Up Union Square Park; Welcome to ‘Mexhattan’Danny Meyer and the Union Square Partnership are planning to renovate the north end of Union Square Park, including a transformation of the decaying pavilion into a windowless restaurant space. [NYO] Mia Dona, Donatella Arpaia and Michael Psilakis’s newest baby, will start serving up rustic Italian with Greek influences in midtown next month. Marc Forgione, most recently the corporate chef for the BLT Restaurant Group, is planning an American restaurant for a spring opening. [NYT] Forget about bringing your junior gastronomes to the finest restaurant Disney World has to offer: Victoria & Albert’s has banned all kids under the age of 10. [NYP]
  39. the morning line
    Purge? • The Times spots an interesting pattern in the turnover pattern at a Brooklyn community board: Each of the five members tossed out this week by Borough President Marty Markowitz was a vocal opponent of Atlantic Yards. [NYT] • A fire broke out at a stable in Chestnut Ridge, about 30 miles north of the city, killing two horses and eight ponies. Yes, eight dead ponies. Good morning to you too. [amNY] • Closing arguments have sounded in the Braunstein case, which went to the jury last night. The defense memorably insisted the hapless kidnapper’s “brain broke,” and the prosecution, well, didn’t really disagree — but still found intent in his actions. [NYDN] • The latest restaurant added to the lawsuit over minimum-wage violations: Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club, which joins the allegedly ultrastingy B.B. King Bar and Grill (wait, are they now just targeting musician-owned places?) and others. [Metro NY] • And five young Long Islanders had to be Tasered at Disney World; after getting caught spitting at patrons, the four teenage siblings and a friend had apparently decided on “jumping a cop” as the optimal next-step strategy. [NYP]