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  1. best in class
    The Very Best Chew Toys and Treats for Teething PuppiesAll-natural, digestible, and virtually indestructible chew toys for all breeds of puppies.
  2. best in class
    The 11 Very Best Dog FoodsVets weigh in on the foods they feed their own dogs and recommend specific brands for sensitive stomachs and allergies.
  3. best in class
    The 12 Very Best Dog CarriersDog carriers for flying, driving, and running errands around town.
  4. best in class
    The 11 Very Best Dog TreatsAccording to veterinarians, dog trainers, and dog parents.
  5. best in class
    The 13 Very Best Dog BedsFor sprawlers, burrowers, nappers, and every dog in between.
  6. chapters
    I Killed GodMaria Bamford’s eulogy for her beloved best friend.
  7. best in class
    The 11 Very Best Airplane-Friendly Pet CarriersLuxury accommodations for very important pets.
  8. vulture animal bureau
    No Dogs Experienced Sadness While Making Strays, Right? An InvestigationBefore I could move on with my life as an adult who does have a job, I had to know.
  9. best in show
    The 25 Best Dogs in MoviesWho’s a good boy?
  10. and just like that
    The Best Character on And Just Like That … Is a DogIn praise of the English bulldog who plays Charlotte York Goldenblatt’s prized pooch, Richard Burton.
  11. best in class
    The Very Best Tick Treatments for DogsIncluding oral medications and topical treatments like solutions and collars, plus tools for removing a tick from your pup.
  12. dreaming
    What Does It Mean If You Dream About Dogs?Are dogs running, barking, and chasing you in your sleep? Here’s what that could mean.
  13. best in class
    The 9 Very Best Vacuums for Pet HairEven though your pet is covered in fur, your home doesn’t need to be.
  14. hot dog
    Who Is This Gorgeous Gal Kissing Jacob Elordi?She’s a Miranda.
  15. recommended by experts
    The Best Things for Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth, According to Vets and Pet ExpertsIncluding dog toothbrushes, toothpastes, and alternatives for brushing-averse pups.
  16. feuds
    Why Is PETA Beefing With Pete Davidson?And how did their drama wind up on a $15,000 Times Square billboard?
  17. vulture lists
    The Best Winners of the Palm Dog, the Cannes Award for CaninesThe Palme d’Or is given to good films. The Palm Dog is given to good boys.
  18. best in class
    The Very Best Dog JacketsIncluding waterproof insulated parkas, full-body snowsuits, stylish raincoats, and fleece that even fussy pups will tolerate.
  19. best in class
    The 13 Very Best Dog LeashesVet- and trainer-approved leashes for everyday walks, late-night outings, and even jogs with your pup.
  20. neighborhood news
    Rat-Hunting Dogs in BushwickA vintage way to tackle a newly pressing problem.
  21. best in class
    The 19 Very Best Food Puzzles for Cats and DogsIncluding easy, intermediate, and expert-level challenges to keep your pet occupied and entertained.
  22. last night on late night
    Jack Whitehall Shares a Manscaper With His CavapooThe Clifford the Big Red Dog star found a small red pube.
  23. romance
    Both of Gisele’s Valentines Are Cuter Than Tom BradyAnd I bet neither of them asked her to watch the Super Bowl.
  24. super bowl lvii
    Jason Derulo Brought Dancing Robot Dogs to the Super BowlArtificially intelligent canines are where I draw the line.
  25. street fights
    The Saga of the Park Slope Dog Murderer Is Never-endingLet us catch you up.
  26. celebrity
    You Can Stop Worrying About Olivia Wilde’s Dog NowAn LA-based rescue explained why Wilde had to rehome her pup after allegations from her former nanny.
  27. keeping up with the royals
    Update: The Queen’s Corgis Are AliveBut are they well?
  28. royals
    Guess Who’s Inheriting the Queen’s CorgisHer favorite son reclaims one royal duty.
  29. getting around
    Can You Believe This Brazen Dog?A pit-bull mix fuels the fare-evasion crisis.
  30. deal of the day
    One of the Best Puzzle Games for Dogs Is Just $5 Right NowStimulate your dog’s brain with this expert-recommended food puzzle.
  31. paw patrol
    Paws Up! Suspect in Lady Gaga’s Dog-Walker Shooting Has Been Caught … AgainJames Howard Jackson is back in the doghouse.
  32. dog watch
    7 Heartwarming as Heck Facts About The Old Man’s DogsThey’re actually five dogs!
  33. street fights
    The French-Bulldog Drama That You NeededThe situation has spiraled.
  34. best in class
    The Very Best Dog Food for PuppiesIncluding food for large- and small-breed puppies, as well as fresh and affordable options.
  35. the grub street diet
    Dog Researcher Alexandra Horowitz Consumes ‘Prodigious’ Amounts of Fruit“A mealy peach is an insult to the mouth.”
  36. good boys
    Congratulations to These WrinklesTrumpet the bloodhound is the first of his breed to win Best in Show.
  37. tales from nextdoor
    There’s a War Raging Between Parents and Dog Owners at Cooper Park“Kids don’t pee and poop on the grass nor anywhere!”
  38. housing
    Landlords Can Now Screen Your Pet’s ‘Credit Score’And charge you accordingly.
  39. crime
    Lady Gaga’s Dog-Walker Shooting Suspect Was Mistakenly FreedPolice are searching for the suspect who allegedly shot Lady Gaga’s dog walker after he was released from jail due to a “clerical error.”
  40. trends
    The Ubiquity of the ‘Pumpkin Spice of Dogs’If you don’t already have one of these designer pups, chances are you want one.
  41. culture
    Megan Thee Stallion’s Dog Is a Perfect Little KingAnd he’s got superb table manners.
  42. zen men
    Channing Tatum’s Year of Rest and RelaxationSounds like he did a lot of self-exploration after his divorce.
  43. recommended by experts
    Everything to Help Your Dog Adjust to Big-City Life, According to Dog TrainersIncluding fuss-free treat bags, no-pull harnesses, and subway carriers.
  44. getting around
    Here’s the MTA’s Guide to Stuffing Your Dog Into a Backpack ProperlyWith some help from Maxine, an internet-famous corgi.
  45. best bets
    13 Dog Coats They’ll Actually WearPuffy parkas, neck-to-tail slickers, and fleecy vests.
  46. hmm
    Childless Man Says Not Having Kids Is ‘Selfish’Pope Francis specifically called out pet owners.
  47. disappointment
    Scientist Makes Phone for Her Dog, Dog Never AnswersAnd most of his calls were butt-dials.
  48. thank god for tiktok!
    I Wish Every Day Was a No-Bones DayHave you met Noodle the pug?
  49. trauma
    Andrew Lloyd Webber Still Has Not Recovered From CatsThe movie caused him so much distress, he bought a dog.
  50. we’ll never be royals
    Kate Middleton’s Brother Got MarriedSurrounded by his six dogs in the south of France, how nice.
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