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  1. people's choice
    The Best Dog Beds on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers“As I type this, every head is down, every eyeball is shut, and the snoring has begun.”
  2. recommended by experts
    The Best Tick Treatments for Dogs, According to VeterinariansProtect your dog, and yourself, from dangerous tick-borne diseases.
  3. missing
    Have You Seen Orlando Bloom’s Dog?Mighty is missing.
  4. recommended by experts
    Everything You Need to Adopt a Dog, According to Animal-Care ExpertsIncluding a dogfluencer-approved travel carrier and an easy-to-clean dog bed.
  5. recommended by experts
    Everything You Need to Know About Buying Pet InsuranceSo you don’t have to choose between going into debt and saving your pet’s life.
  6. what i learned
    Has My Dog Been in Quarantine Her Whole Life?Her canine world is defined by our sofa, our voices, our comings and goings.
  7. dogs
    Is My Dog Going to Have Separation Anxiety Now?As states begin to reopen, here’s how to adjust your pet to your absence.
  8. white weapons
    Millions of Amy CoopersThey could be your boss or your neighbor or your teacher, if disturbed on the wrong day.
  9. deal of the day
    Your Favorite Madewell Jeans Are Now Available in (On Sale) Dog Bed FormA surprisingly stylish option that won’t be an eyesore in your living room.
  10. hot bod
    Why Does My Dog Hate It When I Do Yoga?All my friends’ pets are acting weird, too.
  11. the industry
    HBO Max Orders Dog Grooming Competition Show, But Don’t Go Getting Any IdeasYour own bangs are one thing, but leave Mr. Pancake’s bangs to the professionals.
  12. recommended by experts
    The Best Dog Food for Puppies, According to VeterinariansIncluding food for large- and small-breed puppies, as well as fresh and affordable options.
  13. recommended by experts
    How to Exercise Your Dog When You’re Stuck IndoorsVets and trainers share strategies for keeping pups entertained.
  14. recommendations
    Relax With a Loving Chihuahua SerenadeWatch Malinda Herman sing to her tiny dog. Again. And again.
  15. last night on late night
    Jimmy Fallon’s Dog Might Be a Cat in DisguiseDon’t tell Gary what to do.
  16. dogs
    New York City Is Closing All Its Dog RunsDue to ongoing overcrowding amid the coronavirus outbreak.
  17. music
    Shania Twain and Her Horse Duet on ACM Presents: Our CountryShania brings the star power. Her horse brings the eating-a-guitar power.
  18. dreams
    What Does It Mean If You Dream About Dogs?Are dogs running, barking, and chasing you in your sleep? Here’s what that could mean.
  19. coronavirus
    How Do Our Dogs Feel About This?Can dogs sense our anxiety? And what do they think about us being home all the time? We asked a canine cognition expert.
  20. coronavirus
    So … How Are We Supposed to Open Doggy Poop Bags Now?Methods to help with the fact that licking your thumb and forefinger is no longer an option.
  21. coronavirus
    Walking the Dog Is the Only Time I Feel SaneNothing is the same, except for her.
  22. the iditarod
    Congratulations to These 10 Good Dogs and One Hot ManThomas Wærner and his team won the Iditarod dogsled race in Alaska on Wednesday.
  23. coronavirus
    How to Help Animal Shelters During the Coronavirus PandemicFundraising events are canceled and fewer people are adopting. Here’s what we can do.
  24. recommended by experts
    The Best Large Dog BedsStrong enough to support snoozing mastiffs, Great Danes, and Saint Bernards.
  25. recommended by experts
    The Best Dog Beds, According to Dog ExpertsFor sprawlers, burrowers, nappers, and every dog in between.
  26. good boy
    We Are All KratuThe rescue dog spectacularly failed the Crufts agility course, but had the best time doing it.
  27. coronavirus
    So … Can Dogs Get COVID-19, or What?How concerned should we be about the health of our sweet friends?
  28. recommended by experts
    The Best Vacuums for Pets, According to Trainers and Pet OwnersEven if your pet is covered in fur, your home doesn’t need to be.
  29. recommended by experts
    The Best Dog Leashes, According to Veterinarians and TrainersTen experts recommend 23 leashes (and a few accessories) for everything from late-night walks to jogs with your pup.
  30. coronavirus
    Hypebeast Prepared for PandemicDo dogs need snout masks to protect them from coronavirus?
  31. this thing's incredible
    My Dog Loves These Cricket Protein Treats More Than She Loves MeI’ve eaten cricket tacos. Who am I to judge?
  32. oh daniel!
    Daniel Reportedly Taking Westminster Upset on the Chin“This morning, he dug himself a nice hole in the backyard and decided to lie in it.”
  33. oh daniel!
    Daniel Did a Good Job, Too, and He Deserves RespectThe golden retriever did not win Best in Show, but he did win our hearts.
  34. top bitch
    This Poodle Is the Most Glamorous Woman on EarthSiba, an intimidatingly beautiful standard poodle, has won Best in Show at Westminster. As she deserves.
  35. best in show
    Very Good Dogs to WatchAs Westminster Dog Show gears up to award Best in Show, here are some notable dogs.
  36. helpful tips
    How to Properly Greet a Dog: A Guide for Mike BloombergSome handy tips for the candidate, who recently attempted to perform a handshake with a dog’s snout.
  37. vision 2020
    Watch Michael Bloomberg Try to Shake Hands With a Dog’s MouthA note to the former mayor: You shake a dog’s paw, not its upper jaw.
  38. meet the breeds
    How Would You Like to Meet a Few Hundred Dogs?An afternoon at New York’s joyous “Meet the Breeds” event.
  39. crime
    Why Did a Secret Service Agent Kill a Pet Dog?A man and his girlfriend were out for a walk with his Belgian shepherd in Brooklyn when an off-duty agent fired a fatal shot.
  40. harry situations
    Just Two Good Boys:’)
  41. alexandria ocasio-cortez
    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Appeases Critics With Something Everyone LikesIt’s a French bulldog.
  42. best in show
    Is This Really a Dog?When you look at this champion Pekingese, what do you see: canine or a large, autonomous lint ball?
  43. dog science
    Your Dog May Be Better at Math Than You AreDogs may be able to quickly intuit ballpark figures, which is more than some of us can say for ourselves.
  44. Dogs Review CatsHearing from six canine critics who improbably don’t hate Cats as much as their human peers.
  45. casting
    Lisa Kudrow to Star As a Therapy Dog in Animated Series, Calm All of Us DownAnd how do you feel about that?
  46. frenemies
    Please Don’t Forget to Tag Martha Stewart on InstagramThe media mogul chastised Antoni Porowski for posting pictures of her pets and not tagging her.
  47. gift giving
    The Most Ridiculous Gifts We’ve Given Our Pets‘Tis the season to buy your cat something she hates.
  48. canine communication
    Is My Dog Trying to Tell Me He Loves Me?Oh, could it be? Please, please, please?
  49. call me by dog name
    ‘Taylor Swift’ Is Apparently a Very Popular Dog NameThe singer can add “most popular musician dog name of 2019” to her many accolades.
  50. dog queries
    Which Thanksgiving Foods Are Safe for Dogs to Eat?Can we share our turkey? What about Grandma’s cranberry sauce?
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