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  1. justice
    Mar-a-Lago and the Never-ending Case Against TrumpWhat happens to the rule of law in purgatory?
  2. politics
    Feds Investigate Trump for Taking Top Secret Docs to Mar-a-Lago: ReportThe DOJ reportedly wants to know more about the classified documents Trump grabbed from the White House.
  3. department of justice
    DOJ Launches Probe of Louisville Police After Killing of Breonna TaylorThe inquiry, announced by Merrick Garland, is the second such “pattern or practice” investigation into systemic police abuses in the past week.
  4. politics
    Justice Department Launches Probe of Minneapolis Police PracticesMerrick Garland announced a probe into whether the department has engaged in a pattern of “unlawful policing” a day after the Derek Chauvin verdict.
  5. the law
    The Smearing of Kristen ClarkeClarke could become the first Black woman to run the DOJ’s civil rights division. She’s in Fox News’s crosshairs.
  6. department of justice
    Trump DOJ Blocked Search Warrant for Investigation Into Rudy Giuliani: ReportThe Department of Justice reportedly stalled on a request for a warrant to see Giuliani’s records regarding his time in Ukraine until Biden took over.
  7. department of justice
    DOJ’s Top Election-Fraud Prosecutor Steps Down After Barr Jumps Into ElectionThe DOJ official overseeing election fraud stepped down hours after Barr authorized prosecutors to examine allegations of voting “irregularities.”
  8. just asking questions
    How to Restore the Justice Department After Trump Leaves OfficeConstitutional-law expert Mark Tushnet on his call for a bipartisan commission to investigate the many ways the DOJ shattered norms under Trump.
  9. family separation
    Jeff Sessions Reportedly Told U.S. Attorneys ‘We Need to Take Away Children’A Department of Justice draft IG report claims that former heads Sessions and Rosenstein spearheaded the family separation of children and infants.
  10. doj
    Trump Wants to Cut Federal Funding to ‘Anarchist Jurisdictions’ Including NYCThe president’s threat to defund Democratic cities if they defund the police is extremely unlikely to hold up in the courts.
  11. white house
    Trump Reportedly Offered John Kelly FBI Director Job If He Pledged LoyaltyA new book details how Trump tried to get John Kelly to swear personal allegiance to him, and how the DOJ limited the scope of the Mueller inquiry.
  12. politics
    What Happened at Attorney General Barr’s Five-Hour House HearingBarr defended sending federal agents to Portland and other cities, and his heated exchanges with grandstanding Democrats yielded little substance.
  13. department of justice
    Michael Flynn May Not Be Out of Legal Jeopardy Just YetThe judge presiding over Flynn’s case delayed the dismissal of charges and opened an opportunity for outside commenters to accuse the DOJ of cronyism.
  14. the law
    We Now Have a Perfect Symbol of Trump and Barr’s Badly Damaged DOJThe actions of Trump’s newly installed U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C., reek of political influence.
  15. criminal justice
    Trump and Barr Don’t Care About Victims. They Care About Their Right to Kill.Executions of federal prisoners are set to resume in December. Victims’ families have lined up to oppose them.
  16. DOJ Erases ‘Need for Free Press and Public Trial’ From Internal ManualThese requirements are totally outdated!
  17. Report: Justice Dept. No. 3 Cited Russia Investigation As Reason to LeaveThere are still unanswered questions about her resignation.
  18. Rachel Brand, No. 3 at Justice Department, Steps Down After Only Nine MonthsThis could be an ominous development in the Mueller investigation.
  19. DOJ to Sue to Stop AT&T–Time Warner DealThe decision may or may not have something to do with President Trump’s fierce hatred of CNN.
  20. select all
    DOJ Subpoenas Twitter Users Over Smiley-Face-Emoji TweetTwitter is fighting it.
  21. The DOJ Just Called for the Firing of 46 Obama-Appointed U.S. State’s AttorneysThen-president-elect Donald Trump had asked the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York to stay on in November.
  22. crimes and misdemeanors
    The Justice Department Will Review George Zimmerman’s CaseHe may be eligible for criminal civil rights charges.
  23. ink-stained wretches
    The Blame Game Is in Full Swing for the Justice Department and AP No, you started it. 
  24. america’s most spiteful sheriff
    Joe Arpaio Is America’s Most Spiteful Sheriff He hates the federal government, loves racial profiling. 
  25. profits anonymous
    Preet Bharara Is the Reason You Can’t Play Online Poker Right NowPreet strikes again!
  26. loose lips
    Stephen Colbert Breaks Down the Case of the Government-Prescribed Corporate Hacker Who Failed to Bring Down WikiLeaksIn a glorious three and a half minutes.
  27. smoking
    The DOJ Has Some Ideas for Tobacco Companies’ New Advertising CampaignThe proposed ad copy spots just short of, “We kill you for the money.”
  28. loose lips
    Try As It Might, The U.S. Can’t Find a Way to Prosecute Julian AssangeIf not espionage, then how about conspiracy?