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  1. horny week forever
    Aggressively Horny Dolphin Wreaks Havoc on Seaside French TownThe dolphin, Zafar, keeps rubbing up on humans and boats, “often clearly in a state of sexual arousal.”
  2. romance
    Male Dolphins Apparently Bring Female Dolphins PresentsEspecially when they want to mate.
  3. drama
    Whales and Dolphins Also Love to Get Drunk on GossipTurns out humans aren’t the only messy mammals who live for drama.
  4. hurricane irma
    Watch a Reporter Rescue Two Dolphins While Covering Hurricane IrmaOne was a baby.
  5. Male Dolphins Are Wearing Tiny Sponge Hats to Impress FemalesThe pick-up artists of the sea.
  6. dolphins
    The Bachelor Contestants Really Love DolphinsIf you could be any animal, what would you be?
  7. select all
    Dolphin Steals iPad From SeaWorld Guest for Porpoises UnknownGood thing iPads are waterproof. Oh … wait.
  8. Dolphins Love to Talk About Their ProblemsNew research shows they have a special language for solving tricky tasks.
  9. photobomb
    Unborn Baby One-upped by a DolphinSorry, kid: You’ll never do better.
  10. obsessive tester
    Is Your Face Wash Killing This Dolphin?Try these exfoliators that do not contain microbeads. 
  11. international intrigue
    Russia Has Also Seized Ukraine’s Military DolphinsWho might actually appreciate the change of leadership.
  12. sad things
    The Coney Island Dolphin Was Too Good for This CityThe sea creature was found dead this morning.
  13. Dolphin Surviving Brooklyn Water, for NowMemo to dolphin: Get out of here!
  14. but is it art?
    Photos: Wander Into a Crazy, Life-Size Barbie Dreamhouse“It was this giant pink wasteland in the middle of East Berlin.”
  15. sad things
    It’s Dead Sea-Creature Day in New York City, ApparentlyA beat-up dolphin washed up at Rockaway Beach.
  16. aquatic puppies!!
    Upon Closer Inspection, East River Dolphin Might Not Be Totally HealthyFeel free to start worrying.
  17. aquatic puppies!!
    Poor Dolphin Dies in Disgusting Gowanus Canal [Updated]Cute, but ew.
  18. dolphins
    Proenza’s Special Place: Avatars and DolphinsPurple dolphins.
  19. daring beach rescues
    Dolphin Rescued After Washing Ashore in Far Rockaway Dies [Updated] Sadly, the dolphin didn’t make it.
  20. Kevin Hart Subbed for Chelsea Handler; Still Hates DolphinsKevin Hart is currently killing it. He’s one of the biggest stand-ups working, he’s getting tons of movie roles, and last night he was asked to […]
  21. gadgets
    Witness Something Called ‘The Human Dolphin’Franky Zapata wears a water-powered jet pack called the Flyboard that turns him into “the Human Dolphin.”
  22. animals helping one another
    Alert: Adorable Old Dog Rescued by Dolphins. We Repeat: Dog. Rescued. By. Dolphins.Best story ever.
  23. the reckoning
    Hundreds of Dolphins Are Surrounding New York As We SpeakIt’s happening.
  24. drama on the high seas
    Dolphins Join Fight Against the Scourge of PiracyTremble before nature, pirates!
  25. the morning line
    Pay Dirt • With impeccable timing he would likely disavow, Governor Spitzer made his first judicial appointment yesterday — picking Theodore T. Jones Jr., an African-American judge from Brooklyn, for the Court of Appeals (the highest in our state’s counterintuitive hierarchy). Jones, by the way, is the guy who threw Roger Toussaint in jail after the transit strike. [NYT] • We knew that if we stuck with the story of the Joseph Bruno probe, it would eventually get interesting. Pay dirt! The state GOP leader had hung out at Rachel’s, a West Palm Beach strip club, on his businessman friend’s dime. Dear Feds: More of this and less murky real-estate deals, please. [NYDN] • Speaking of: Real-estate data is infinitely malleable, but here’s an upbeat nugget that’s hard to misinterpret — property values in New York City rose 19 percent in 2006. That, if you still want to talk about a “cooldown,” is double the gain of 2005. The bad news: Taxes will jump in July. [Newsday] • Scientists are struggling to rescue dolphins stranded in shallow waters near East Hampton; four cetaceans have died and fifth was “euthanized.” Long Island has been reporting bizarre dolphin behavior all month long, triggered by the freakishly mild winter (coming, by the way, to a bitter end with tomorrow’s cold snap). [amNY] • And, not so fast, Jay-Z: While Beyoncé’s mom is already sewing Nets’ uniforms, the team may first end up in Newark. Mayor Cory Booker is making a play for the franchise, offering to house it temporarily until its New Jersey contract runs out. In other news, Frank Gehry unveiled plans for “Miss Newark.” [NYP]