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  1. last night on late night
    Jimmy Fallon Apologizes Again for Blackface SNL Sketch: ‘I’m Not a Racist’He later interviewed Don Lemon, who said his words were “very honest and brave.”
  2. our country
    Don Lemon Calls Out Friends for ‘Sitting in Your Mansions’ and Ignoring Protests“Have some moral courage and stop worrying about your reputation and your brand.”
  3. friendship
    Don Lemon Tears Up Thinking About His Pal Chris Cuomo’s COVID-19 Diagnosis“He’s probably sitting at home laughing at me.”
  4. give the man some water
    Let Don Lemon’s Drunken Antics Soothe Your New Year’s Anxiety“I have a big announcement and it’s somewhere on my body.”
  5. racism
    There Is No ‘Racial Divide’Racism isn’t about disagreement or failed diplomacy, as CNN’s debate question suggests. It’s about exercising power.
  6. homophobia
    CNN Can’t Find Kevin Hart’s Apologies, Either“That is a reality for many little boys in the United States. Somewhere, a black dad is beating his black son.”
  7. interesting times
    Andrew Sullivan: Can the Republic Strike Back?Trump’s anti-democratic impulses have shaped American public life for two years now. Election Day is a chance to shift that dynamic.
  8. music
    Aretha Franklin Is Reportedly Receiving Hospice CareA source close to the singer updated CNN’s Don Lemon about her declining health.
  9. Don Lemon Responds to Trump’s Insulting Tweet About His LeBron James Interview“Who’s the real dummy?”
  10. twitter
    Roger Stone Says He’ll Take Twitter to Court Following Permanent BanThe longtime Trump adviser was kicked off the platform after threatening CNN journalists on Friday.
  11. crime
    This CNN Host Filed a Police Report After Getting Twitter Death ThreatA white nationalist threatened to stab him in the neck.
  12. hurricane irma
    Don Lemon Interrupts Hurricane Report for Body Positivity Interlude“There’s nothing wrong with having a little curve.”
  13. happy new year
    CNN’s Don Lemon Got His Ear Pierced on Live TV “Don’t get blood on the jacket. It goes back to Brooks Brothers.”
  14. don lemon
    Don Lemon Wants to Drop F-BombsTaking a cue from the Anderson Cooper School of Career Advancement.
  15. don lemon
    Don Lemon Now Just Interviewing Farm AnimalsJust call him Don Llamon.
  16. don lemon
    Don Lemon Uses Vaccine Discussion As an Excuse to Tweet Shirtless SelfieThat’s a smallpox scar, bud.
  17. don lemon
    Do Not Let Don Lemon Near the DronesSome friendly advice.
  18. don lemon
    Don Lemon to Shocked Muslim Human-Rights Lawyer: ‘Do You Support ISIS?’“Did you just ask me if I support ISIS?”
  19. media
    How to Make the Islam Conversation Less DumbFive questions news anchors should ask. None of them is “Does Islam promote violence?”
  20. cable news news
    CNN Seriously Comparing Bowe Bergdahl to Brody From HomelandFrom the network that brought you supernatural Flight 370 theories.
  21. stupid things
    CNN Now Wondering If Flight 370 Disappeared Into Black Hole or Bermuda Triangle Or maybe a Lost episode?
  22. stupid things
    CNN Introduces Supernatural Flight 370 TheoriesThere’s only so much breaking news.
  23. bachmann aggression overdrive
    Michele Bachmann’s Security Crew Is ‘Physically Aggressive’Not a major surprise.
  24. party chat
    Gay Celebs Answer the ‘So Now Are You Going to Finally Do It?’ QuestionWe put the marriage pressure on Cheyenne Jackson, Don Lemon, and Johnny Weir.
  25. gays
    CNN Anchor Don Lemon, Phoenix Suns President Rick Welts Come Out of the ClosetBig day for gay people in traditionally closeted fields.
  26. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jon Stewart Ridicules ‘Ghost Network’ CNNPlus, Stephen Colbert declares war on English muffins, on our regular late-night roundup.