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  1. niche drama
    Scandale! Competitive Bridge Walloped by Doping AdmissionThe reigning bridge champion has admitted to taking testosterone and a fertility drug.
  2. 2018 winter olympics
    Olympian Who Wore ‘I Don’t Do Doping’ Shirt Accused of Doing DopingAfter participating in an anti-doping video, Russian bobsledder Nadezhda Sergeeva tested positive for a banned heart medication.
  3. olympics
    Curler Fails Drug Test, Reviving Russian Olympic Doping ScandalAlexander Krushelnitsky, who won bronze, tested positive for the same drug that led to Maria Sharapova’s suspension from tennis.
  4. Doping Is As Weird and Old As the Olympics, and It’s Only Getting WeirderIt all started with sheep testicles.
  5. the sports section
    Anti-Doping Officials Want Russia Banned From the Summer OlympicsThe anti-doping community will expect action against the country, assuming a new report confirms allegations of state-run doping.
  6. Maria Sharapova Banned From Tennis for Two Years After Failing a Drug TestThe world’s highest paid female athlete said she would appeal the decision.
  7. the sports section
    Maria Sharapova Failed a Doping Test at the Australian OpenShe tested positive for meldonium, which was added to the sport’s banned list on January 1.
  8. the fall of lance armstrong
    More Bad News for Lance Armstrong After Oprah ConfessionInvestigators say he lied; company sues him for $12 million.
  9. confessions
    Lance Armstrong Will Confess Doping to OprahBut probably not in detail.
  10. wifely duties
    Lance Armstrong’s Wife Stashed His Drugs in the FridgeSorry, no Sheryl Crow details. 
  11. lance armstrong
    Lance Armstrong Stops Fighting Doping ChargesYet Armstrong still says he’s innocent.
  12. lance armstrong
    Feds’ Inquiry Into Lance Armstrong Doping Allegations BroadensFellow riders are questioned.
  13. cycling
    The Jeans Mogul at the Heart of Cycling’s Doping ProblemsMichael Ball’s Rock Racing has caused some issues.
  14. lance armstrong
    Could the New Lance Armstrong Doping Allegations Stick?Federal subpoena power still might not get conclusive answers.