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  1. lonesome dov
    American Apparel’s Chief Business Development Officer Leaves After Only Seven MonthsMarty Staff gave no explanation for his departure.
  2. Openings
    Dov Charney’s Latest Role: Restaurant InvestorWould-be waitresses, watch out.
  3. lonesome dov
    Judge Puts Hold on Suit Against Dov CharneyApparently the accuser has accused before.
  4. lonesome dov
    Dov Charney Accuser: I Thought American Apparel Was a ‘Professional Environment’Oh dear.
  5. lonesome dov
    Lawsuit: For Staffer’s 18th Birthday, Dov Charney Turned Her Into a Sex Slave [Updated]Happy Happy!
  6. lonesome dov
    American Apparel Posts Another LossAfter losing $9.5 million in the third quarter, Dov Charney promises to return the focus to basics.
  7. lonesome dov
    Sources Blame American Apparel’s Financial Woes on Dov CharneyHe would reportedly rather hang on to his majority stake than allow someone with actual money to buy some of it and help the company.
  8. lonesome dov
    American Apparel Hires Former Blockbuster CFO As Acting PresidentYes, the Blockbuster that just went bankrupt.
  9. lonesome dov
    American Apparel Saved From BankruptcyTheir lenders are really dedicated to them, apparently.
  10. lonesome dov
    The Downfall of American ApparelWhy Dov Charney’s pervy roller-disco brand should just die now and leave a really doable corpse.
  11. lonesome dov
    American Apparel Seems to Actually Be on Its Last LegNo, really! Their credit is actually almost gone.
  12. the death throes of hipsterdom
    Dov Charney: ‘Nobody Wants to Be a Hipster’But they are “echo-boomers,” like it or not.
  13. lonesome dov
    Dov Charney Doesn’t Know Anything About His Company’s New Financial MessThat’s a good CEO.
  14. André Leon Talley’s Visit to American Apparel’s Factory Was Unrelated to VogueDov Charney invited him over, so he went.
  15. lonesome dov
    Analyst: American Apparel Is ‘On the Cusp of Total Collapse’And not because of controversy surrounding the chain’s dress-code policy.
  16. lonesome dov
    American Apparel Makes Employees Sign $1 Million Confidentiality AgreementsAnd the soap opera continues…
  17. crimes of fashion
    How Ten Other Retailers’ Dress Codes Compare to American ApparelDov Charney thinks it’s a witch hunt. Judging by the evidence, he may be right.
  18. lonesome dov
    Dov Charney Will Answer His Phone at All Hours to Address Your American Apparel ConcernsWe know because we woke him up this morning!
  19. recession store-ies
    American Apparel Might Open Kiosks and Airport Stores One DayIf they can undo the atrocious things this recession has wrought on them.
  20. barely legal
    American Apparel to Lose 10 Percent of WorkforceDov Charney is literally crying over this.
  21. the charney chronicles
    Dov Charney Denies American Apparel’s Bias on LooksThe infamous T-shirt tycoon refutes charges of lookism.
  22. charneynomics
    Dov Charney Allegedly Letting Go of Less-Attractive Staffers?The master of T-shirt sleaze demands questionably legal cuts among his less-attractive floor staff.
  23. too real
    Dov Charney’s ‘Everyday Sexy’ Gets SkeweredThe Upright Citizens Brigade on Dov Charney and the sensuality of dental floss.
  24. charney explains it all
    American Apparel to Pay Woody Allen $5 MillionAnd Dov Charney is on his soapbox.
  25. charney explains it all
    Dov Charney Explains Why He Put Woody Allen on a BillboardThe American Apparel chief finally speaks (well, blogs) about the multi-million-dollar lawsuit.
  26. lawsuits
    Woody Allen’s Lawsuit Against American Apparel Becomes a Hissy Battle of Pot and KettleDov Charney’s lawyers are calling Woody Allen a perv.
  27. recession store-ies
    American Apparel Could Have Gone Bankrupt Without the $80 Million Loan It Just GotDov Charney’s hipster empire came thisclose to filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy today.
  28. dov smarmy
    American Apparel Slapped With Another LawsuitWrongful termination. Misappropriation of funds. Unfair favoring of select female employees. You know, the usual.
  29. ’tis the season to be broke
    American Apparel Lays Off HundredsNo one is safe in this economy, not even Dov.
  30. crime and punishment
    American Apparel Faces a Lawsuit Related to, But Not Filed Directly Because of, Sexual HarassmentAn ex-accountant alleges Dov Charney fired him after he refused to cook the books.
  31. lawsuits
    Dov Charney Headed to Court?Woody Allen sued Charney in April, and now it looks like the case will head to court.
  32. quotables
    Dov Charney Thinks He Understands Women“The pants! The pants! That’s all a beautiful woman wants! A pair of pants that takes her into a restaurant.”
  33. in other news
    The Truth About That Woody Allen American Apparel AdSo earlier we discussed how Woody Allen is suing American Apparel founder Dov Charney in the Jewishest lawsuit New York has ever seen. But then we found out a few things.
  34. in other news
    Woody Allen vs. Dov Charney? Jew Have Got to Be Kidding!The funnyman is suing the American Apparel founder for using his image without permission, and we think it is the Jewiest thing ever.
  35. company town
    At Least Sam Zell Is Pragmatic About the Fact That Most Journalists Are Functional AlcoholicsMEDIA • Sam Zell, the real-estate tycoon turned media mogul, took his brusque, fake-folksy style to his minions at the Tribune with a new employee manual. A few samples: “7.1. If you use or abuse alcohol or drugs and fail to perform the duties required by your job acceptably, you are likely to be terminated. … Coming to work drunk is bad judgment. 7.2. If you do not use or abuse alcohol or drugs and fail to perform the duties required by your job acceptably, you are likely to be terminated.” Also, “You may want to think twice before you enter into an intimate relationship with a co-worker. When you start, it might seem like a good idea. It’s when you stop, or the wrong people find out (and they will) that you could discover that perhaps it wasn’t.” [WP, Tribune] • Judith Regan on Giuliani: “Is he getting uglier? Is his face looking more twisted? What happened to him?” Don’t feel too bad, Rudy. You know what they say: When someone teases you like this, it means she likes you. [Mixed Media/Portfolio] • Facebook threatened to revoke Nick Denton’s account after the blog-lord posted pics of Steve Brill’s recent-college-grad daughter Emily. [Gawker, Daily Brief/Portfolio]
  36. company town
    Bush to Economy: ‘Hey, Did You Get a Haircut? Something’s Different.’FINANCE • Bush acknowledges slower economy, but he stops short of warning about recession. Still, will he go for another round of tax cuts? [NYT, NYT] • Financial titans Warren Buffett and Maurice Greenberg came under attack in the Gen Re trial. Neither stands as a defendant, but both were accused of being intimately involved in a fraudulent transaction worth $500 million. [NYT] • Now that Jimmy Cayne’s out of the picture, which hedge fund will step in to buy Bear Stearns? [Deal Journal/WSJ]