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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. trailer mix
    Close Out Your MLK Day By Tearing Up Over HBO’s We Are The Dream TrailerThe documentary, executive produced by Mahershala Ali, debuts on February 18.
  2. history
    Today’s Google Doodle Is Dorothy Irene HeightThe search engine responds to criticism that their Doodles are sexist.
  3. people who are wrong
    Bill O’Reilly Peddles Debunked Claim About King CommemorationRepublicans were invited!
  4. juxtaposition of the day
    Matt Drudge Could Not Be More Wrong About Today’s Martin Luther King CeremonyMatt Drudge thinks the King family refused to let Republicans speak today. 
  5. things that happened a while ago
    15 Things You Might Not Know About the ‘I Have a Dream’ SpeechThe whole “dream” thing wasn’t even supposed to be in it. 
  6. the south
    Georgia GOPers Like Paula Deen More Than MLKThis is embarrassing. 
  7. in development
    Lee Daniels and Hugh Jackman Are Making an MLK Conspiracist BiopicJackman will play William Pepper, an attorney who has spent decades trying to prove James Earl Ray was not the shooter.
  8. early and often
    Race Finally Enters Campaign As Candidates Honor Dr. KingThey’re taking a break from their usual pandering to pander in a more serious, introspective fashion.