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Drug Smuggling

  1. instacrime
    The ‘Cocaine Babe’ Was Sentenced to 8 Years in PrisonShe infamously posted all about her vacation on Instagram before getting busted for drug smuggling.
  2. Bronx DA Announces Largest Gang Takedown in Bronx HistoryShe called the four-gang conglomerate an “alliance of evil.” 
  3. Drug Smugglers Fail to Fool Feds by Hiding Marijuana in Fake CarrotsClever, but not clever enough.
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    DEA Says It Arrested a Real-Life Evil ‘A Team’Ex-soldiers working as contract killers.
  5. unintended uses
    Breast Implants a Bad Place to Stow Your CocaineOr anyone else’s cocaine.