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  1. duh
    7 Dogs > 1 HusbandDemi Moore would rather fill her bed with dogs than men, and the math scans.
  2. duh
    Are You Horny for This Andy Samberg Pic?“100% chaotic good.”
  3. fetch
    It’s the Mean Girls Jewelry Line You Always WantedOn Wednesdays, we wear rose-gold.
  4. Overnights
    Top Chef NOLA Recap: Big Smile, Baby-doll“Everyone has to pretend they’re intimidated to serve the VIP Chase Sapphire cardholders, which is just the cutest thing you ever did see.”
  5. duh
    Poll: Taxis Don’t Share the Road WellYou don’t say …?
  6. supreme court
    The Country’s Brightest Legal Minds Are Preparing for a First-Grade Vocab QuizThe Supreme Court wants to know how to define words like ‘report’ and ‘delay.’
  7. trusting faces
    Report: People Wearing Glasses Seem Like People You Can TrustAccording to the law, even.
  8. rational explanations
    Female Trader Put Cleavage Shot on Website Because She Wants to Be Taken SeriouslyDuh.
  9. duh
    Peter Jackson Officially Directing The HobbitAs everyone knew he would.
  10. duh
    Joaquin’s I’m Still Here Totally Made UpNone of it’s true, says Casey Affleck.
  11. stuck on you
    The Real Truth Is Simply That Lloyd Blankfein Is NeedyGoldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein shows up on Tim Geithner’s calendar a lot.
  12. duh
    Lauryn Hill Scraps European TourWe wish we could say we’re surprised, but …
  13. dress code
    Kids’ Entire Future Hanging on Coolness of OutfitKids bully each other over clothes, and advertising and marketing is helping to create a generation of little label snobs. Well, obviously!