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  1. public health
    Who Thought Sucking on a Battery Was a Good Idea?Millions of Americans, some of them teens who never would’ve picked up a cigarette, are vaping. Last year’s panic might be the least of our worries.
  2. vaping
    Trump Sours on E-Cig Flavor Ban Amid Fear of Losing the Vaper VoteTeens don’t vote, but vapers do and Trump doesn’t want to lose them.
  3. vape life
    New York Teens Created the Biggest Vape Trend (and Now They’re Over It)The rise and fall of the Juul.
  4. vaping
    Are People Dying Because Vaping Is Being Demonized?Many experts think vaping is significantly safer than cigarette smoking, but you wouldn’t know it if you listened to American authorities.
  5. bad science
    E-Cigarettes Sure Are Making a Lot of Health ClaimsA new paper suggests the FDA is about to be inundated.
  6. e-cigarettes
    Teens Will Soon Need to Ask a Cool Older Friend to Buy Them E-CigarettesThe FDA announced sweeping new rules for the previously unregulated industry today.
  7. wordless novels
    Art Spiegelman Talks Graphic Novels and E-CigsThe comics artist has a live show this weekend.
  8. employment
    Mischa Barton Takes a Long Drag on Her E-cig, Thinks About the PastRegretting The O.C., basking in e-cigarette employment. 
  9. Empty Calories
    Cherry Cheesecake-Flavored E-Cigarettes Are Apparently Just the BeginningThey’re cranking varieties out by the hundreds every month.
  10. smoke show
    E-Cigarettes Are Pulling an Uber on the Tobacco IndustryA new merger sheds light on Big Tobacco’s e-cig fears.
  11. 100 person poll
    How 100 New Yorkers Feel About E-Cigarettes and Vaping in PublicNearly 40 percent of locals have vaped, based on our survey.
  12. smokin'!
    ‘Vaping’ Is Now As Inconvenient As Smoking New York’s e-cigarette ban begins today.
  13. smokin'!
    The FDA Is Finally Cracking Down on E-CigarettesIt’s banning sales to minors, adding warnings, and requiring product approval.
  14. smokin'!
    Now You’ll Have to Freeze Your Fingers Off for an E-Cigarette, TooBan voted in just in time for winter.
  15. smokin'!
    Soon You May Have to Be 21 to Buy E-Cigarettes in New York CityPer an amended City Council bill.
  16. e-things
    Fashion Week and E-cigarettes: The Jury’s Still OutInsiders are indifferent, even skeptical.
  17. ze french
    Carla Bruni on Smoking E-Cigarettes: ‘It’s Delicious’She prefers the mint-flavored variety.