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Eat The Rich

  1. movie review
    Louise Linton’s Sex-Cannibal Comedy Is Here, and It Is Not GoodMe You Madness is a nonstop deluge of overwritten rants and underbaked humor.
  2. eat the rich
    Why Emma Is Still Jane Austen’s Most Pleasurable HeroineGo ahead. Judge the hell out of her. That’s the point.
  3. butt demons
    The Power of Christ Compels You to Watch Julianne Hough Get a Goop ExorcismAnd her brother Derek Hough rushes into the comments.
  4. tears for fears
    Sad Billionaire Cries Because He Feels So MisunderstoodWhy is everyone being so mean to Leon Cooperman?
  5. tv
    You Should Really Be Watching SuccessionThe delightfully dysfunctional drama for those who love to hate the one-percent.
  6. The Rise of the $6,000-a-Year (or $120-a-Year) GymHow income inequality is changing where you work off that Santa belly.
  7. eat the rich
    A Brief History of Social Networks for MillionairesSomehow, this never works.
  8. city politic
    De Blasio vs. Cuomo: The Next RoundThe mayor is headed to Albany, and the tussle over new taxes on the rich will be front and center.
  9. eat the rich
    Here’s What Oxfam Should Have Told the Billionaires of DavosA few suggestions for reforming plutocrats.
  10. white men with money
    Wall Street Bankers Dispense Advice for Living Like the Normals“9. Ski more cheaply.”