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  1. cyberstalking
    Ex-eBay Employees Accused of Wildly Bizarre Revenge PlotThey allegedly tormented a couple who wrote about the e-commerce website in their newsletter by mailing them roaches, spiders, and a bloody pig mask.
  2. technology
    Airbnb and eBay Follow Google’s Example, Change Sexual-Harassment PoliciesMeanwhile, a number of big tech companies declined to comment on their sexual-harassment policies.
  3. it’s complicated
    After a Breakup, I Bought Closure on eBayIt started when I found the listing for the tie I’d given him for Christmas.
  4. what is america?
    You Can Now Purchase the Waterboard Kit Signed by Dick Cheney on Who Is America?Proceeds will go to Amnesty International when you buy it, if that makes you feel any better about being an unmitigated weirdo.
  5. secondhand embarrassment
    The Melania Jacket Is Selling for $850 on eBayThe original retailed for $39.
  6. my two cents
    Is My Old Stuff Worth Selling Online?A guide to making cash while getting rid of old crap.
  7. Cheeto Shaped Like Harambe Sells for Low, Low Price of $99,900 on eBaySeriously.
  8. select all
    If You See Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Jersey on eBay, He’d Like It Back PleaseBrady says his jersey was stolen from the locker room following the Patriots Super Bowl win.
  9. This Year, Olive Garden Will Auction Off Its Own Damn Endless-Pasta PassesThe chain was not pleased when users resold them at a huge markup.
  10. select all
    I’m Addicted to Garbage GadgetsInexpensive components and online shipping have opened up a world of cheap, crappy bluetooth speakers and external hard drives. And I love it.
  11. jesus christie
    Chris Christie’s Signed Gym Shorts for Sale on eBayMusty.
  12. pay gap
    Even on eBay Women Make Less Money Than MenYou can’t escape the pay gap.
  13. The Chain Gang
    Someone Paid $96,000 for a Bottle of McDonald’s Special SauceThe only bottle available to the public in the U.K., or something.
  14. Crazes
    The Black Market Is Booming for Walmart’s Patti LaBelle PiesLucky eBay users are selling the massively popular pies with an 1,000 percent markup.
  15. Want to Fake Being an NYC Marathon Finisher? That’ll Be $90Enjoying the smug? Priceless.
  16. bidding wars
    Oh Good: Star Wars Tickets Are Already on eBayAll you need is $400.
  17. so much for our childhoods
    Rick Owens Designed a Goth My Little PonyPresenting the second-biggest Rick Owens story of the week.
  18. Recalls
    There’s a Black Market for Recalled Blue Bell Ice CreamContraband pints are priced at thousands of dollars.
  19. live free or tie
    Someone Paid $355 for Jeb Bush’s Old TieEven more strangely, someone paid $350 for George Pataki’s old tie.
  20. let’s get weir
    Eternally Fabulous Man Sells His Furs on eBay Buy Johnny Weir’s castoffs.
  21. annals of athleisure
    Lululemon Has a 1,000 Percent Resale Markup There’s gold in them thar leggings.
  22. Golden Egg
    Someone Paid $700 on eBay for a Perfectly Round EggIt wasn’t even Fabergé!
  23. You Have One Week to Bid on Rob Ford MemorabiliaCommence the bidding wars on Rob Ford’s infamous tie.
  24. extremely specific gift guides
    Buzz Bissinger Is eBaying His Sensuous LeathersHoliday shopping: solved!
  25. may the best bidder win
    You Can Now Buy a Met Gala Gown on eBayTopshop is auctioning off its designs for Kendall Jenner, Chanel Iman, and more.
  26. profile
    The Pierre Omidyar InsurgencyThe eBay founder was an Obama supporter looking for a way to spend his time and fortune. The Snowden leaks gave him a cause — and an enemy.
  27. stand clear of the closing doors
    Original Subway Car From 1935 for Sale on eBay, Should You Be in the MarketBidding starts at $24,000.
  28. buy it now
    After a 12-Year Marriage, PayPal and eBay Finally Call It QuitsIt’s an overdue divorce.
  29. holy moly
    Pope Francis’s Skullcap Is Going for $120,000 (and Rising) on eBayProceeds supposedly go to charity.
  30. Tips
    Bidding Is Up to $100K on eBay for NFL Player’s 20-Cent Tip ReceiptSix figures for a glorified autograph.
  31. the british
    Is London Fashion Making a Much-Needed Shift Toward Commerce?A new BFC program focuses on practicality.
  32. eBay and LVMH Finally Settled Their LawsuitAfter six years.
  33. Cupcakery
    ‘Last’ Crumbs Cupcake Is on eBay for a Mere $250You have less than a day.
  34. Buy It Now
    Food Truck With Worst Name Ever Goes Up on eBay for $80,000Just be ready for a website blocked by every workplace internet filter.
  35. extra virgin
    Lucky Purity Ring for Sale on eBay Will Get You LaidProceeds benefit Planned Parenthood.
  36. Paula Deen
    Unending Fallout From Paula Deen Scandal May at Least Help Some Old ElephantsOnline auction sites are filling up with random Paula Deen merchandise.
  37. quotables
    Roberto Cavalli’s Used Cigarette Was eBay GoldSomeone auctioned it for 250 British pounds.
  38. things to buy
    Is This Used Morgue Refrigerator Your Next Hot Weather Impulse Purchase? Sounds like a good way to cool down this summer.
  39. controversy
    Django Unchained Action Figures Exiled From eBayThey were starting to sell for more than $2,000.
  40. the future
    Many, Many People Shopped Online This Holiday SeasonUsing their computers.
  41. retail therapy
    How eBay Became a Fast-Fashion GraveyardIn which the collaboration-reselling bubble has burst.
  42. loose threads
    YSL Sample Sale Attracts 2,500; Nanette Lepore Designs NYC Ballet CostumesPlus, Gisele covers Harper’s Bazaar Brazil.
  43. History
    Own a Great Big Jug of History: McJordan Barbecue SauceA jug of McJordan BBQ sauce is for sale! Hurry!
  44. Condiments
    The Last Remaining Jug of McDonald’s McJordan Sauce Has Been SoldThere are just too many people who’d buy a $10,000 bottle of sauce to even speculate who nabbed this one.
  45. Step in Line: 30 Military-Style Pieces for FallAdd these weapons to your style arsenal.
  46. tastemakers
    Tastemaker: Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso Is Building an Indie Fashion EmpireFrom eBay power seller to indie fashion mogul.
  47. the internet
    EBay Will No Longer Deal in Magic You’ll have to get your hexes somewhere else. 
  48. loose threads
    Victoria Beckham Adding Eyewear; Another CR Fashion Book TeaserPlus, Lucky will soon introduce a shopping site.
  49. collaboration station
    EBay to Introduce Holiday Collective on November 12With gifts designed by Billy Reid, Chris Benz, Fallon, Jonathan Adler, Ruffian, Steven Alan, and Tibi.
  50. Bouley
    Slightly Stained Chairs From Bouley Available on eBay$380 a pop.
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