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Edgar Allan Poe

  1. movie review
    The Pale Blue Eye Is Grisly, Grim, and Surprisingly MovingChristian Bale and Harry Melling are pretty terrific in Scott Cooper’s atmospheric murder mystery.
  2. nevermore
    Nicolas Cage’s Pet Crow Thinks He’s an ‘Ass’But he likes “the goth element.”
  3. netflix
    Mike Flanagan Is Bringing Edgar Allan Poe Back in The Fall of the House of UsherThe king of Netflix horror is back.
  4. Neil Gaiman’s Halloween With Dickens’s Dead CatAmong other macabre curiosities. 
  5. fact-check
    What’s With The Following’s Poe Obsession?Very. We’ll take that Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” episode over this show any day.
  6. knicks
    As the Lockout Continues, Knicks Fan Edgar Allan Poe Checks InHe raises a valid question: “Where was the lockout when we had McDyess?”
  7. why the internet exists
    A Conversation With the Comedian Behind the Edgar Allan Poe Knicks VideosAlex Pereira talks about his own fandom, some painful Knicks memories, and how the videos came about.
  8. why the internet exists
    Knicks Fan Edgar Allan Poe Returns, Weighs In on the Carmelo TradeFake Edgar Allan Poe: a true local-hoops junkie.
  9. why the internet exists
    But, You’re Wondering, What Does a Guy in an Edgar Allan Poe Costume Think About the Knicks’ Recent Play?That would be an especially strange headline if it wasn’t followed by video of a guy in an Edgar Allan Poe costume discussing the Knicks’ recent play.
  10. books
    See Lost Footage of William Shatner Reading Edgar Allen Poe’s ‘The Raven’
  11. gossipmonger
    Madonna Stole Rihanna’s BootsThis just seems unfair. Hasn’t she been through enough?