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  1. drone wars
    The Drone Leaker“Second Snowden” Daniel Hale exposed the machinery of America’s clandestine warfare. Why did no one seem to care?
  2. aliens
    Edward Snowden Has Bad News for Anyone Trying to See Them AliensThe government’s intel networks have no evidence of alien life, the whistle-blower says.
  3. select all
    The NSA Took a Break From Spying on You to Join GitHubDo you think they’re fun now?
  4. edward snowden
    Oliver Stone Calls News Story That Russia Might Extradite Snowden ‘Ridiculous’“Let’s not indulge in fake news.”
  5. select all
    Russia Allows Edward Snowden to Stay a Little While LongerHe gets asylum until 2020.
  6. House Report Doesn’t Share Evidence That Snowden Cooperated With RussiaIt’s been redacted.
  7. confessions
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Had No Idea Who Edward Snowden Was Until He Played Him“Which one is he?”
  8. espionage
    That Dark Spot in the New York Skyline Is Probably a Top-Secret NSA Spy StationWe always knew there was something funny about that building.
  9. protesters
    Snowden Defends Shailene Woodley After ArrestOliver Stone would be so proud.
  10. creative uses for a rubik’s cube
    Edward Snowden Made Up the Best Scene in SnowdenWonder how Ernő Rubik feels about it?
  11. book excerpt
    Talking Snowden With Director Oliver StoneRead a chapter from Vulture TV critic Matt Zoller Seitz’s new book about the filmmaker.
  12. movie review
    Oliver Stone’s Snowden Takes Its Subject’s SideStone is so intent on making Snowden an icon that he scrubs him of his nuances, his individuality.
  13. surveillance
    House Intelligence Committee: Snowden ‘No Whistle-blower’As defenders of Snowden call for a presidential pardon, lawmakers insist he caused “tremendous damage” to national security.
  14. kremlin movie reviews
    The Kremlin Would Like to Recommend Snowden“What is most important, it is nearly a documentary.”
  15. Joseph Gordon-Levitt on That Snowden Voice“I felt compelled to at least sound a little bit like him.”
  16. satellite view
    Edward Snowden to Appear at Snowden EventBeam Snowden up, Scotty.
  17. twitter talk
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Directed Edward SnowdenThe former NSA employee is the internet’s most charming expat in exile.
  18. comic con 2016
    The Real Snowden Judged JGL’s SnowdenvoiceReal Snowden and fake Snowden, together at last.
  19. trailer mix
    See the Newest Trailer for JGL’s Snowden MovieDirected by Oliver Stone.
  20. Watch the Edward Snowden Robot Visit New York Magazine’s OfficesIt was a virtual tour.
  21. Edward Snowden’s Strangely Free Life – As a RobotHe is an exile like no other, able to slip the bonds of his banishment on wheels.
  22. surveillance
    Edward Snowden’s Strangely Free Life — As a RobotHe is an exile like no other, able to slip the bonds of his banishment on wheels.
  23. crimes and misdemeanors
    Eric Holder Admits Edward Snowden’s Leaks Were a ‘Public Service’But he still thinks Snowden should face “consequences.”
  24. snowned
    Is Edward Snowden Just Fishing for Compliments Now?The NSA whistle-blower is pretending he doesn’t know he’s a sex symbol.
  25. Edward Snowden’s Music Video Is Magnificent Hacker GarbageThis is not what hacking looks like, but who cares?
  26. Edward Snowden Made a Techno Track; Will He EGOT?Is there anything he can’t do?
  27. spy games
    The NSA Stopped Bulk-Collecting Americans’ Phone Records Last Night Two-and-a-half years after Edward Snowden revealed the existence of the practice.
  28. spy games
    European Union Countries Encouraged to Offer Snowden Asylum In a narrow vote.
  29. Edward Snowden to DOJ: Call Me Maybe?The NSA whistle-blower is ready to go to jail, if necessary.
  30. Twitter Comedian Defends NSA-Leaker Edward Scissorhands on HLNWho knew you can’t trust a man named @fart for earnest social commentary?
  31. Jon Hendren Went on HLN to Talk Edward Snowden But Talked About Edward […]If you’re looking for the perfect video to brighten your day, look no further. Jon Hendren aka @fart was a guest on the HLN show The Daily […]
  32. release dates
    Oliver Stone’s Snowden Is No Longer an Oscar MovieThe biopic was pushed back to 2016.
  33. fall preview 2015
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt on Meeting Edward Snowden and Learning to Walk a TightropeHe plays two real-life anarchist-heroes this fall, in Snowden and The Walk.
  34. spy games
    Obama Won’t Pardon Snowden Because Some People Signed an Online PetitionBut keep sending in those “We the People” queries.
  35. edward snowden
    Snowden Would Come Home If Politicians Promise Not to Hang Him“Edward loves America and he would definitely like to return home.”
  36. spy games
    Jeb Bush Is Strongly Opposed to Edward Snowden’s Theoretical HomecomingEric Holder, who is no longer in the Obama administration, said there’s a “possibility” for a plea deal.
  37. Looks Like the NSA Gets to Spy on Americans for a Little Bit LongerA court has allowed the NSA to collect metadata during a six-month grace period until the USA Freedom Act goes into full effect.
  38. spy games
    Edward Snowden Takes Victory Lap in New York Times Op-EdHe says we’re “witnessing the emergence of a post-terror generation.”
  39. metadata
    Will Today’s Court Ruling Kill NSA Phone Surveillance for Good? It may turn out to be a landmark court decision for a number of reasons. Plus, consider it a victory for Edward Snowden.
  40. Appeals Court Rules NSA Phone Surveillance Is Illegal“[I]f Congress chooses to authorize such a far-reaching and unprecedented program, it has every opportunity to do so, and to do so unambiguously.”
  41. Edward Snowden Teaches John Oliver About Password Security on ‘Last Week […]If you haven’t watched John Oliver’s in-depth dick pic-themed chat with Edward Snowden, do yourself a favor and go watch it immediately. If […]
  42. Senate Building Super-Secret Spy Encyclopedia“There are hundreds of programs we have found … sprinkled all over. Many people in the departments don’t even know [they] are going on.”
  43. John Oliver Travels to Russia to Talk Dick Pics with Edward SnowdenJohn Oliver took a closer look at the Patriot Act and government surveillance during last night’s Last Week Tonight, but to better understand […]
  44. spy games
    John Oliver Asks Edward Snowden If the NSA Can See Americans’ Dick PicsThe answer is usually “yes.”
  45. edward snowden
    Snowden’s Lawyer Says He’s in Talks to Return to the U.S.“He wants to return back home.”
  46. spy games
    British Spy Agency Collected Journalists’ EmailsAnd assessed reporters’ “potential threat to security” alongside those of terrorists and hackers.
  47. casting
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Will Play Edward SnowdenIn the Oliver Stone film.
  48. profile
    The Pierre Omidyar InsurgencyThe eBay founder was an Obama supporter looking for a way to spend his time and fortune. The Snowden leaks gave him a cause — and an enemy.
  49. movie review
    Movie Review: CitizenfourThe story of Edward Snowden, from one of his contacts on the inside.
  50. spy games
    Edward Snowden’s Girlfriend Has Been Living With Him in Moscow for a While As a new documentary reveals. 
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