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  1. 2018 midterms
    Democrats Pick Up Wisconsin State Senate Seat in District Trump Won by 17 PointsScott Walker, the state’s Republican governor, called it a “wake-up call” for his party.
  2. Could a Democratic Socialist Actually Win a Spot on City Council?Probably not, but Jabari Brisport’s campaign is still a sign of the post-Bernie new-left revival.
  3. elections
    New Zealand Elects Youngest-Ever Female Prime MinisterJacinda Ardern, the leader of the Labour Party, became prime minister this morning.
  4. city politic
    Scandal-Plagued Cy Vance Suddenly Has a Write-in ChallengerMarc Fliedner, a Brooklyn civil rights lawyer, has been drafted by Liberal Twitter to take on the Manhattan DA in November. He’s ready.
  5. Trump Congratulates Moore, Deletes Tweets Backing Alabama Senate Primary LoserThe defeat of Luther Strange shows Establishment candidates may be in trouble, even if they can secure the president’s endorsement.
  6. This Might Be the Best Idea for Turning Out More Voters in U.S. ElectionsA political scientist is arguing it’s time to put the party back in elections.
  7. select all
    One Way to Protect Elections From Hacking: Paper BallotsWe can’t guarantee election security, but we can guarantee election integrity.
  8. Moderate Rouhani Wins Iranian Election in LandslideIranians rejected a right-wing nationalist challenger and reaffirmed their desire for greater social freedom and international co-operation.
  9. WATCH: Here’s the Actual Data on How Third-Party Candidates Affect ElectionsIt tells an unexpected story.
  10. 2016 election
    Here Are All Your Favorite Celebrities’ Voting Selfies From Election DaySwift! Perry! Other people!
  11. select all
    What a Hacked Election Would Actually Look LikeMisinformation can be even more lethal than technical know-how.
  12. new york primaries
    A Roundup of N.Y. Primary-Election ResultsAdriano Espaillat won the Democratic primary for Rangel’s old seat, and more. 
  13. Please Don’t Vote Just Based on Your Tinder MatchNew campaign slogan: Swipe right for Sanders.
  14. power
    Republican Billionaires Just Can’t Seem to Buy This ElectionMoney has poured into the political system. And yet spending the cash haul effectively has never been more difficult.
  15. elections
    Houston Rejects LGBT Nondiscrimination Measure Due to Bathroom-Related FearsThe slogan “No Men in Women’s Bathrooms” was key.
  16. weed
    Ohio Voters Defy Nick Lachey, Reject Legalized MarijuanaAdvocates say people are against creating a corporate “marijuana monopoly,” not legalization itself.
  17. elections
    Tea Party Favorite Matt Bevin Wins Kentucky Governor RaceHe’s promised to roll back the Affordable Care Act in the state.
  18. election 2015
    8 Important — or Amusing — Things to Watch on Election Night 2015Pot and scandals and Nick Lachey, oh my!
  19. international affairs
    Liberals Sweep Canadian Election, Making Justin Trudeau Prime MinisterHe ousted Conservative Stephen Harper, who led Canada for nearly a decade.
  20. elections
    Santa Claus Hopes Voters Will Elect Him to Office in North PoleHis qualifications include being named Santa Claus.
  21. elections
    Netanyahu Forms a New Coalition Government at the Last Possible MomentGiven the makeup of the new coalition, it doesn’t look like politics in Israel are about to become any easier. 
  22. elections
    Prosecutor in Eric Garner Case Is Staten Island’s New CongressmanVoters found a less controversial candidate to replace Michael Grimm.
  23. international intrigue
    All Bets Are Off in Britain’s Messy ElectionWith Conservatives and Labour neck-and-neck, David Cameron and Ed Miliband have entered desperation mode.
  24. Ferguson Releases Copies of Racist EmailsOne features a photo of Ronald Reagan holding a chimpanzee labeled “Reagan babysitting Barack Obama.”
  25. What’s Going to Happen to Netanyahu Tomorrow?Talking over the possible outcomes of Tuesday’s parliamentary election in Israel.
  26. early and often
    Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Forced Into Runoff Election He failed to win more than 50 percent of the vote in his reelection bid.
  27. politics
    How the GOP Figured Out Talking to Women VotersStep 1: Weed out the candidate who’ll say something stupid. Step 2: Rewrite the whole message.
  28. elections
    Why the Midterms Were Bad News for WomenEven though some high-profile female candidates got elected.
  29. tv
    Your Guide to the Stolen Elections of Film and TVRigging an election often works (about half the time).
  30. elections
    How Will Women Voters Use Their Power This Election?Both parties want women’s votes — whether they know what women want is another question.
  31. o’ canada
    Rob Ford Is Out As Toronto Mayor, But His Political Career Isn’t OverHe left the mayoral race after being diagnosed with cancer.
  32. elections
    President Obama’s Tea-Partier Cousin Loses Primary ChallengeGiving incumbent senators another win.
  33. elections
    Tea Partier Claims He Won Mississippi PrimaryHe’d like to be named the winner, without another election.
  34. elections
    Espaillat Concedes, 2 Days After Rangel Declared VictoryRangel made a few more jabs, so it seems he’s still not over it.
  35. elections
    Cochran and Rangel Claim Victory, Foes Fight OnNo one got Cantored, but there was still primary-night drama.
  36. elections
    6 Primaries to Watch: Rangel’s Rematch and Who Might Be ‘Cantored’Everything you need to know about Tuesday’s elections.
  37. the clintons
    Chelsea Clinton’s Mother-in-Law Loses House BidThe Clinton dynasty isn’t unstoppable.
  38. elections
    Mitch McConnell Crushes Tea-Party Challenger in Kentucky PrimaryHe’s still facing a tough election in November.
  39. elections
    Ras Baraka Is the New Mayor of NewarkAnd he’s not a big Cory Booker fan.
  40. elections
    GOP Establishment Earns Early Primary Season Wins in North Carolina and Ohio Sorry, tea partiers.
  41. elections
    D.C. Loses Its Tolerance for Scandal-Plagued MayorsVincent Gray lost the Democratic primary.
  42. elections
    GOP Wins Florida Special Election With Anti-Obamacare StrategyOr at least, that’s how Republicans see it.
  43. elections
    The Texas Primary Was Not Kind to the Tea PartyTweets couldn’t topple Senator Cornyn.
  44. elections
    Rep. Markey Wins John Kerry’s Former Senate SeatNot the next Scott Brown.
  45. Stephen Colbert’s Sister Loses Congressional BidStephen Colbert’s sister, Elizabeth Colbert-Busch, announced she was throwing her hat into the ring for a congressional seat in South […]
  46. politics
    How Mark Sanford Won South Carolina BackThe former governor’s accessibility got him back into Congress after the Appalachian Trail.
  47. politics
    Bloomberg-Backed Chicago Democrat Is Headed to the HouseRobin Kelly is replacing Jesse Jackson Jr.
  48. Barbara Bush Is the New ‘Bronco Bamma’ Baby“I’m tired now of the elections,” says Bush.
  49. gallery
    Ninety-Two Years of Women Voting, in PicturesFrom suffragettes to Sarah Palin. Not a binder in sight.
  50. fontastic
    Board of Elections Slowly Making Progress on Absurdly Tiny Ballot FontWe’ve gained a whole two points!
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