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  1. do you believe
    Cher Rescuing the World’s Loneliest Elephant Was Totally on Our 2020 Bingo CardsAs one does.
  2. animals
    They Think They Know Why the Elephants Are DyingFollowing the mysterious death of hundreds of elephants, scientists have narrowed in on two leading theories.
  3. animals
    Hundreds of Elephants Are Dying, and No One Knows Why“This is a mass die-off on a level that hasn’t been seen in a very, very long time.”
  4. vulture recommends
    Meghan Markle Makes Glorious Return to Acting by Narrating Elephant Farts“Oh, dear. Ah, who did that?”
  5. keeping up with the royals
    Meghan Markle to Join Disney Family With Charity Voiceover DealNo, she’s not voicing a Disney princess, but we can dream.
  6. the panopticon
    A List of Every Animal That Humans Can Spy on With Facial RecognitionIt’s way more than you think.
  7. elephants
    HBO Defends the Use of Elephants on Westworld After PETA AccusationThe animal-rights organization alleges one of the elephants used on the show can be seen being abused by its handlers in a video.
  8. nyfw fall 2018
    Doutzen Kroes and Tiffany Raise $1.5 Million for the ElephantsTiffany’s Save the Wild Collection is still available online.
  9. Trump Encourages Elephant Hunting by Lifting Ban on Trophy ImportsThe Interior Department has scrapped an Obama-era ban on bringing elephant remains back from Zimbabwe.
  10. elephants
    This Cool Elephant Has a Point to Prove About Elephant CognitionThis new kind of test will likely be able to give researchers novel insight into how different types of animals think.
  11. It’s a Horrible, Cruel Idea to Ride ElephantsDon’t be fooled by all those glamorous old films.
  12. no elephants on parade
    Ringling Bros to Feature Elephants for Last TimeElephants have been a part of the circus for over 200 years.
  13. the environment
    Kenya Lights the Largest Ivory Bonfire in HistoryThey torched more than 100 tons of confiscated ivory and rhino horns in an attempt to discourage poaching.
  14. The Ringling Bros. Elephants Are Retiring Ahead of ScheduleTheir pension plan? Peanuts!
  15. schadenfreude
    This Sad Elephant’s Love Life Sucks More Than YoursTake comfort in his plight.
  16. elephants
    Kim Kardashian Scurries Away From Elephant After Selfie AttemptSelephantie. Nope. 
  17. the sports section
    Gifts From the Yankees Throughout HistoryWith a ceremony set for the retiring Mariano Rivera, a look at the gifts given to other notable Yankees.
  18. the elephant in the room
    Naomi Campbell Sues Over Reported Elephant Polo PlansShe “did not cancel it because it was never going to happen in the first place.”
  19. Booze You Can Use
    Vodka Saves Stranded Siberian Elephants’ LivesSomething to keep in mind as winter descends?
  20. Baby Elephant Loves Wood Shavings More Than You Love AnythingMommy & Me looks like fun!
  21. animanhattan
    NYC Won’t Stand for Elephant AbuseTwo local jewelers have pleaded guilty to peddling ivory.
  22. model tracker
    See Gisele Feeding a Baby ElephantNo word on whether the elephant’s self-esteem was affected.
  23. nature’s fury
    An Elephant Is Cleaning Up Joplin, MissouriIs this awesome or sad?
  24. tough guys
    Go Daddy’s CEO Killed an ElephantHe’s very proud of this.
  25. clickables
    See Robert Pattinson Seduce an ElephantWork it.
  26. animanhattan
    New York Firefighters Did Not Enjoy Giving This Elephant a Bath!It may look like this member of FDNY Engine 245 is smiling as he soaps up Suzie the Ringling Brothers Elephant, but in reality it is a grimace of pain.
  27. made-off
    Today in Madoff: The Senate Banking Committee Confronts the Elephant in the RoomHow did they not notice Bernie Madoff, they asked themselves, when he was standing right there, breathing his hot, sticky peanut breath all over them?