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  1. the city
    Shafted: NYCHA Elevator Chief SuspendedPosters went up barring Ivo Nikolic from NYCHA properties in an ongoing probe into elevator maintenance in the city’s sprawling public housing system.
  2. horror stories
    Woman Spends a Weekend Trapped in an ElevatorThe ultimate NYC nightmare.
  3. science of us
    The Quest to Cure Myself of My Longtime Elevator PhobiaWith the help of a building inspector, a hypnotist, and a lot of statistics.
  4. hot shot
    Here’s Beyoncé and Jay-Z Posing in an Elevator on His 48th BirthdayThree years after the incident with Solange, they allowed paparazzi to take elevator pics.
  5. I Know How to Push the Button for the ElevatorA note to men.
  6. a$ap defense squad
    Report: A$AP Rocky Attacked in Hotel Elevator“Everybody good.”
  7. elevators
    Taylor Swift Is Trick-or-Treating in an Elevator NowCostumed as a Pegacorn. 
  8. awful things
    Bronx Man May Have Been Killed While ‘Elevator Surfing’Though his girlfriend says he was just trying to get out of a stuck car.
  9. family affairs
    Solange, Jay Z, and Beyoncé Made an Elevator StatementIt does not explain what happened.
  10. fancy people in elevators
    No One Knows How to Pronounce DelevingneCertainly not Reese Witherspoon.
  11. the hit list
    11 Delirious Moments From Tuesday at Fashion WeekYodas, bacon, and broken elevators.
  12. the third terminator
    Mayor Bloomberg Wants You to Take the StairsHe’s introducing two new laws to make it happen. 
  13. Elevator Prank Is So Scary and Mean, People CryNote to self: Always take the stairs.
  14. The Complete Guide to Everything: Fears: ElevatorsWe can all agree that one of the biggest fears in the civilized world is falling from an elevator right? This week in one of their rare times […]
  15. Do People Ever Do This in the Elevator?Face the wrong way?
  16. sad things
    Elevator Mechanic Electrocuted in Midtown Office Building [Updated]He was pronounced dead at the scene.
  17. scary things
    Witness to Elevator Accident SuingShe’s too traumatized to ride an elevator “out of fear of bodily injury and/or death.”
  18. scary things
    Are You Afraid of Elevators Now?A gruesome elevator death can do that sort of thing.
  19. clickables
    Watch Ricky Gervais Mock Louis C.K. in an ElevatorAw, he’s embarrassed.
  20. Ricky Gervais Makes Fun of Louis CK in an Elevator In this video by Opie from Opie and Anthony, Ricky Gervais makes fun of Louis CK for making a fool of himself in front of John Oates of Hall […]
  21. rulings
    Kosher Elevators Are No Longer Kosher, Say RabbisA ruling in Israel about Shabbos elevators trickles down to NYC’s Orthodox community.