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  1. drama
    Eliot Spitzer Reportedly Threatened to Stab a Man in the GenitalsHe’s back!
  2. l'amour
    Eliot Spitzer Reportedly Has a New Girlfriend“Page Six” recently spotted them on a double date.
  3. Woman Accuses Eliot Spitzer of Assault The NYPD is investigating the claim.
  4. Eliot Spitzer Threw Away a Whole Bunch of Money on Martin O’MalleyBut was it spent on love?
  5. fresh starts
    Where Are They Now?: Disgraced Former Governor Eliot Spitzer EditionHe’s developing an apartment complex in Williamsburg and watching Aquarius.
  6. great break-ups
    Silda Wall Spitzer Is Having the Best Divorce EverAnd it is vicariously gratifying.
  7. Spitzer Paying $7.5 Million-Plus in DivorceA “lump sum” of $7.5 million, plus much more.
  8. Joan Rivers Sneaks a Creepy Selfie With Eliot SpitzerStars — they’re just like us.
  9. The Spitzers’ Divorce Is Finally FinalPity the New York Post.
  10. boy problems
    Cool Mayor de Blasio Weirdly Judgy About Former Aide’s BoyfriendOne Times columnist blames a sexist Post campaign for Lis Smith’s exclusion from de Blasio’s administration.
  11. The Spitzers Have Filed Their Divorce PapersAnonymously.”
  12. Lis Smith Forced to Deny Eliot Spitzer Sucked Her Toes in a Hot TubThe New York Post’s gossip crusade continues.
  13. early and awkward
    Eliot Spitzer’s Girlfriend Is Done Working for Bill de Blasio, Thank HeavensThe New York Post will be pleased to know that Lis Smith is not employed by the mayor.
  14. Eliot and Silda Wall Spitzer Are Finally Getting Divorced Not a major surprise.
  15. De Blasio Avoids Discussing Spokeswoman, SpitzerSo I’m not going to get any further into it.”
  16. Eliot Spitzer and Bill de Blasio’s Spokeswoman Need a New Favorite RestaurantFor romantic dates.
  17. Eliot Spitzer Sometimes Leaves Apartment, Post ReportsBombshell. 
  18. Eliot Spitzer May Be Plotting Another Run for OfficeDon’t forget all those Client 9 jokes.
  19. Spitzer, Catsimatidis Do Not Regret Spending $10 Million Each to LoseOh well.
  20. Spitzer Went to Nightclub for Avicii Album PartyWhy not?
  21. Eliot Spitzer Couldn’t Squeak Past Stringer for ComptrollerStringer picks up the nomination.
  22. The Most Brutal Burns in the Spitzer-Stringer Twitter WarSpokesperson vs. spokesperson.
  23. Could the Polls Be Underestimating Eliot Spitzer’s Support?What if voters just don’t want to admit that they’re voting for the hooker guy?
  24. Cuomo Won’t Endorse Anyone Owing to Love for Mayoral Candidates, Fear of SpitzerThough he did engage in some Bloomberg-bashing.
  25. Comptroller Race Really Coming Down to the WireA new poll shows Scott Stringer barely leading Eliot Spitzer.
  26. Scott Stringer Once Voted to Keep NAMBLA Tax-ExemptYes, NAMBLA. But it was for constitutional reasons. 
  27. Well, This Poll Shows Eliot Spitzer Up by 15 PointsPolls are crazy!
  28. Wall Street Hates Eliot Spitzer So Much It Raised $1,200 to Defeat HimYep, that should do it.
  29. Eliot Spitzer’s Huge Lead in the Polls Has VanishedHis nineteen-point lead two weeks ago is down to … zero.
  30. Third Spitzer-Stringer Debate Features More Personal Attacks, SingingIf you can call it that.
  31. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Even Neocons Disagree on Mideast InterventionThe Iraq consensus of yore is long gone.
  32. David Paterson Endorses Scott Stringer, But He Won’t Tell You WhyAwkward.
  33. Spitzer Is Guilty of Many Sins, But Not Money LaunderingDespite what Scott Stringer says.
  34. The Times and the Post Both Endorse Stringer And Stringer will make a “fine” comptroller anyway.
  35. Stringer Spokesperson Mocks Eliot Spitzer for His Crappy Book SalesSpitzer has only sold 70 copies. 
  36. Eliot Spitzer’s Comeback Is Going Far Better Than Anthony Weiner’sHe leads the comptroller race by 19 points in a new poll.
  37. Issues
    Scott Stringer Ate a Cronut This MorningThe race for city comptroller heats up with a pastry that has absolutely nothing to do with the position of city comptroller.
  38. Spitzer and Stringer Woo Liberal Drinkers in Hell’s KitchenThe boozy event was actually less combative than the debates.
  39. Serious Question
    Eliot Spitzer and Scott Stringer Have Not Eaten CronutsThey seem suspiciously proud of this, too.
  40. Round Two of Spitzer vs. Stringer Was Just As NastyYou don’t know right from wrong,” snapped Stringer.
  41. Not All New Yorkers Are ShamelessA majority of New Yorkers are embarrassed by Weiner and Spitzer.
  42. Eliot Spitzer’s Comeback Hasn’t Been CheapHe has already spent $2.6 million of his own money on his comptroller campaign.
  43. The 13 Nastiest Attacks in the Nasty Spitzer-Stringer Comptroller DebateThis was a heated hour. 
  44. Eliot Spitzer Finally Shows His Tax Returns [Updated]He showed two years’ worth to a Times reporter.
  45. New York Post Now Publishing Reader Fan Fiction About Spitzer, WeinerScoop, if true.”
  46. Lena Dunham Learns to Love Scott StringerThe hippest event ever for a comptroller candidate was held last night.
  47. Kristin Davis Charged With Selling Oxy, AdderallKristin Davis is probably not going to win.
  48. Eliot Spitzer Is the Hero of His Own StorySo he hasn’t read a novel in three decades.
  49. Eliot Spitzer Hounded About Possible Existence of GirlfriendI am so tired of the personal attacks and I’ve answered all those questions.”
  50. Anti-Spitzer Sentiment Spawns Two Super-PACsThanks again, Citizens United.
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