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  1. josh hawley
    Smug, Elitist Senator Attacks Middle-Class Journalist As a Smug ElitistJosh Hawley has a lot of damn nerve calling Greg Sargent an “elitist.”
  2. the ivy league
    The New Privilege: Loudly Denouncing Your PrivilegeParadoxes of elite populism.
  3. meritocracy
    Forget Sexism, Princeton Mom’s Offense Is Raging ElitismOn meritocracy and snobs.
  4. having it all
    Princeton Mom Went on TV in a Princeton OutfitHeld a dachshund in her lap.
  5. not having it all
    Princeton Mom to All Female Students: ‘Find a Husband’Horrifyingly retro advice in Daily Princetonian.
  6. The Bell Curve and the Mustard Jar
    Grey Poupon Emerges As Unlikely Savior of Good GrammarThey don’t want your Facebook ‘Likes’ if you keep splitting infinitives like that.
  7. elitism
    Want to Be a Member of the Native Society? You Don’t Even Have to Be Rich to Get In! (Necessarily)“I started on the premisis of getting all the natives together who grew up in New York City,” says its founder.
  8. the greatest depression
    Also, We Bailed Out the OzarksThat’s in Arkansas. Did you know that despite being toothless and inbred, they are just like us?
  9. things you already know
    Expensive, Exclusive Ivy League Club Accused of SnobberyYou’ll never believe this.
  10. early and often
    Schumer Lays the Smack Down on McCain’s ‘New York Elite’ Claim’Men in Gucci shoes who have seven glass houses,’ observes our dear senior senator, ‘should not cast stones.’
  11. early and often
    Insanely Wealthy, Titled Aristocrat Thinks Barack Obama Is ‘Elitist’Lady Lynn and Sir Evelyn de Rothschild, members of Britain’s legendary banking dynasty who once supported Hillary Clinton, are voting for McCain.