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Elizabeth Smart

  1. crime
    Elizabeth Smart Says She Was Sexually Assaulted on a Plane“Do I just have, like, a big badge on my forehead that says ‘Easy prey’ or ‘Victim’? Because I am sick of it.”
  2. crime
    Elizabeth Smart Says Her Soon-to-Be-Released Kidnapper Is Still Dangerous“I do believe she is a threat.”
  3. too real
    Elizabeth Smart Never Wants to Watch Her Lifetime Movie Again“That’s how good it was.”
  4. abduction
    Watch the Chilling Trailer for I Am Elizabeth Smart“Get up and come with me or I will kill you and I will kill your family.”
  5. sexual assault
    Elizabeth Smart Is Challenging the Mormon Church’s Teachings on Women and SexShe called the church’s metaphors for sex — like a chewed piece of gum and a fence with nails in it — “terrible.”
  6. maryville
    Why Rape Victims Are Giving Up Their Right to PrivacyDaisy Coleman is part of a new generation of survivors using publicity as a tool for activism.
  7. quotables
    Elizabeth Smart Speaks Out Against Victim-Blaming In her candid new memoir.
  8. quotables
    Elizabeth Smart’s Abstinence Education Made Kidnapping Ordeal WorseThe abducted teen speaks out.
  9. media
    Glenn Beck-Backed Congressman-Elect to Ghostwrite Elizabeth Smart’s Memoir Chris Stewart is about to be very busy.
  10. in other news
    Elizabeth Smart to ABC News As Permanent Abduction ExpertGood morning, everybody.
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    Elizabeth Smart’s Kidnapper Gets Life in Prison“You will never affect me again.”