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  1. how i get it done
    A Supermodel Turned Entrepreneur on Managing Two Businesses“I find that co-dreaming with people who understand your your vision is really important.”
  2. wellness diary
    Elle MacPherson on Aging, Green Juice, and Porridge“I’ve gone from 20 to 50 in the public eye, and I’m going through a lot of the same things women are going through.”
  3. the body inc.
    Q&A: Elle Macpherson on Her New Lingerie Line, Turning 50, & MoreHer collection for JCPenney debuts tomorrow.
  4. birthdays
    Happy 50th Birthday, Elle Macpherson!“The Body” hits a milestone tomorrow.
  5. ins and outs
    Jessica Simpson’s Fashion Star Canceled by NBCR.I.P., latest Project Runway offshoot.
  6. baby names
    Uma Thurman’s Baby Has Seven Names, All WeirdShe will never be able to fit all these initials on an L.L. Bean backpack. 
  7. slash jobs
    Louise Roe Is Your New Fashion Star HostShe replaces Elle Macpherson.
  8. model tracker
    Reporter Goes in Search of the ‘Real Elle Macpherson’And finds “a beautiful robot.”
  9. slash jobs
    Host Elle Macpherson, H&M Out at Fashion StarMacpherson will remain one of the show’s executive producers, though.
  10. look of the day
    Elle Macpherson: What a Cutup!She wore a slashed outfit to a model-search launch yesterday.
  11. slash jobs
    Fashion Star to Return for a Second SeasonCue the fireworks.
  12. fashion yearbook
    Slideshow: Best and Worst of the White House Correspondents’ DinnerSee what happens when fashion and politics collide.
  13. loose threads
    KMid’s First Portrait; H&M Gets Thumbs-upPlus, Arizona Muse covers Chinese Vogue, more from the Gucci versus Guess lawsuit, and other fashion news.
  14. fashion star
    Fashion Star’s Ratings Went UpSay what?
  15. fashion star
    Will You Give Fashion Star a Second Shot?And not just for the pyrotechnics, that is.
  16. loose threads
    New McQueen Website; J. Lo’s Vogue MisquotesPlus, Demi Moore has a new makeup campaign, Susie Bubble takes on Topshop, and other fashion news.
  17. fashion star
    Fashion Star Harder to Parse Than a NovelSeriously, it’s confusing.
  18. break-ups
    Elle Macpherson Is Single NowSpring fever?
  19. wanna be on top
    Whitney Port and Tyson Beckford Join Top ModelThey’ll judge the UK version of the show next season.
  20. hackgate
    News of the World’s Hacking Cost Elle Macpherson’s Adviser Her JobAlso, she had to go to rehab.
  21. look of the day
    Elle Macpherson Works a Bell-BottomGroovy.
  22. quotables
    Elle Macpherson Fawns Over GiseleWell, really, who doesn’t?
  23. model tracker
    Elle Macpherson Eats ‘Like It’s Going Out of Fashion’Because this is what models do.
  24. beauty marks
    Elle MacPherson Eats Powdered Rhino Horns; Iran Bans MulletsAlso, Lindsay Lohan’s manicure gives the judicial system the finger.
  25. gossipmonger
    Britney Spears Would Love to Make a Cameo on Gossip GirlWe would love that, too.
  26. gossipmonger
    Someone Is Turning Joe Francis Into an Honest ManHe’s getting hitched! It’s an expression. You didn’t think he was actually turning “honest,” did you?
  27. look of the day
    Elle Macpherson Wears PVC Pants and Fetish PumpsShe certainly has the body for it.
  28. wanna be on top
    Britain’s Next Top Model Judge Julien MacDonald: ‘If You’re a Size 14 in a Room Full of Size Eights — You’re in the Wrong Room’He’s not so into the plus-size model trend.
  29. on the marc
    Marc Jacobs on Sex Appeal, Casting Louis Vuitton, and Getting Ready in the Morning“I don’t find clothes sexy at all,” he said at a talk last night.
  30. model tracker
    Jac Is Paris Fashion Week’s Top ModelThe runways in Paris were filled with unexpected surprises and some very special appearances, but Jac came out on top.
  31. paris at last
    Curvy, Adult, Diverse Models Walk Louis VuittonYes, really.
  32. loose threads
    Elle Macpherson to Host Britain’s Next Top Model; Alexa Chung Covers British VogueAlso, check out Henry Holland’s Levi’s collaboration.
  33. gossipmonger
    Angelina Jolie Gets So Angry That She Tears Brad Pitt’s Shirt OffThat’s what we do when we’re angry with Brad Pitt, too!
  34. failures
    Why The Beautiful Life Was DoomedA scripted show about modeling has no chance these days.
  35. puppies!!!!!!
    Elle Macpherson’s Dog Scores Modeling ContractThe supermodel’s labradoodle, Bella, is a star.
  36. beautiful living
    Nina Garcia to Guest-Star on The Beautiful Life’Project Runway’ just isn’t enough for her.
  37. loose threads
    Bloomingdale’s Expands; Elle Macpherson Wears Victoria Beckham AgainAlso, Henry Holland is now in love with hosiery.
  38. loose threads
    Spike Lee to Direct Rocawear Commercial; Alexa Chung’s Show RenewedAlso, Elle Macpherson wore a dress by Victoria Beckham on the set of her new CW show.
  39. gossipmonger
    Jeremy Piven Is Becoming HystericalA ribbing by Chris Kattan over his supposed mercury poisoning sent the ‘Entourage’ star into a tizzy.
  40. gossipmonger
    Gerard Butler Takes Off From Planet KellyThe ‘300’ star burns the ‘Real Housewife’ in favor of Rose Byrne.
  41. loose threads
    Christopher Bailey and Natalie Massenet Honored by the QueenAnd Michelle Obama and the Queen of England are BFFs.
  42. loose threads
    Fight to Save the Garment District Continues; Paula Abdul Duped by BrünoAlso, Elle Macpherson designs more panties and a jumpsuit.
  43. gossipmonger
    Kelly Killoren Bensimon Will No Longer Be the Face of SaksBut it has nothing to do with her legal problems, or the fact that she is becoming the most-reviled woman on ‘Real Housewives,’ Saks swears. And more in our gossip roundup.
  44. the industry
    Michael C. Hall, Rainn Wilson, and Sarah Silverman Are a FamilyPlus: Tristan Wilds is killing people again!
  45. gossipmonger
    Guy Ritchie Gets Himself a New Eighties Model GirlfriendMadge’s ex is spotted on a romantic date with renowned cougar Elle Macpherson. And more, in the gossip roundup.
  46. gossipmonger
    Beyoncé’s Searching for a New Sasha FierceAll that practicing you’ve done in your room is going to pay off! The singer is looking for the person with the best rendition of the dance from “Single Ladies.”
  47. gossipmonger
    Pete Wentz Envelops ‘Real World’ Kids in Warm Emo EmbraceBars in Brooklyn have shunned the cast members, so he lets them shoot at his East Village hangout. Plus, Meryl wants to do a Broadway show and Daniel Day-Lewis annoys. In Monday’s gossip roundup!
  48. loose threads
    Milan Shows Kick Off With Plus-Size Line and Juliette LewisAlso, See by Chloe makes jelly shoes for spring, and Elle Macpherson gives a very puzzling interview.
  49. gossipmonger
    Kelly Killoren Bensimon and Elle McPherson Share Taste in Husbands, UnderwearPlus, Britney’s mom shares her secrets, the mystery of Rosario Dawson’s appearance at the RNC, and more, in today’s gossip roundup!
  50. run through
    Kate Moss Dropped From ‘Grazia’ Best-Dressed ListAgyness Deyn landed the No. 1 spot, followed by Gwyneth Paltrow and Sarah Jessica Parker.
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